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New PS5 Slim plates rock, but Sony’s customization lags behind Xbox

Sony unveils its new range of colorful PS5 Slim plates at CES 2024, but Xbox is still strides ahead when it comes to console customization.

new ps5 slim plate colors

The CES 2024 has plenty of exciting tech wonders to drool over, but we were most happy to see a fresh look at the vibrant new PS5 Slim plates. Giving PS5 Slim model owners a chance to move away from the stock issue white, we’re loving just how sleek they look. However, while these new designs are excellent, Sony is still playing it far too safe when it comes to PS5 customization options. 

When the PS5 first launched, its design was met with criticism, lambasting its dominating stature and bulky nature. However, with the added benefit of diving into amazing PS5 exclusives and free PS Plus games since 2020, many of us have warmed to its futuristic aesthetic. Now, the PS5 Slim model improves upon it, with a stylish bezel and a size reduction that is perfect for your entertainment unit at home. It is still going to look, dare we say, boring though – no matter where it is in your home. 

The launch of the Deep Earth Collection for PS5 accessories is a god-send, taking the already pleasing bunch of colors to the next level. Our man on the ground at CES sent us back these delicious snaps of the new Slim skins, and they’re certainly impressive. Volcanic Red in particular looks fantastic. 

However, we want Sony to start going the extra mile with new PS5 game-centric designs. The delicious Spider-Man 2 PS5 bundle was a step in this direction, but collaborations with the best PS5 games available shouldn’t be limited to launching huge titles. Microsoft knows this all too well, as it provides Xbox owners with an array of console wraps for the Series X, including a Starfield influenced design. It ties together well with the gorgeous Starfield controller and headset, which are still available to get hold of now. 

There are plenty of IPs in the Sony library ready to be adorned on PS5 and PS5 Slim model plates. Ghost of Tsushima, inFamous, The Last of Us, and God of War, just to name a few. But outside of Sony’s solid library of first party hits, these forthcoming plates could also represent the console’s lineage. We know virtually every PS5 owner is begging for a PS1 style makeover to happen – and Jim Ryan’s farewell bash at the end of last year gives us hope that it’ll arrive sometime soon. Sure, it is probably more lucrative to release a PS1-themed console bundle. Though, like Spider-Man 2, selling these hypothetical plates separately would go a long way, too. Just look at how quickly the Spidey range of cosmetics sold out. 

Imagine the kind of potential that would be possible with Sony’s own version of Xbox’s Design Labs? Add customizable plates in there, which Xbox currently isn’t doing for the Series X and S, and there’s a recipe for success ready to slap in the oven. We’re talking a range of custom color swatches to use for both plates and controllers, offering bolder combinations that aren’t present in the current retail selection of accessories.

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Or, if the process needs to be more streamlined, Sony could offer multiple themed presets, similar to that glorious Spider-Man kit. It’d be the cherry on top if these customization plates didn’t just change colors, but also allowed customers to add logos/images from games in PlayStation’s oeuvre. 

Nevertheless, if the standard plates do take your fancy, don’t forget to pair them with our picks for the best PS5 controllers and best PS5 headsets.