Palworld devs admit hit Xbox game is “severely lacking” staff

Pocketpair continue to welcome over 19 million Palworld players across Xbox and PC, but the studio is "severely lacking" resources.

Palworld Pocket Pair Staff Jobs: An image of a Pal in Palworld on Xbox.

Palworld has been available for Xbox and PC players for just under a month now, and the game’s success is nothing to be scoffed at. The game’s launch weekend quickly culminated with over 19 million players across each platform, but the unexpected rise to the top might be proving too much to handle for Pocketpair.

In a recent social media post, Palworld studio Pocketpair expresses that “there are still many things we want to do in Palworld, but we are severely lacking in friends.” In other words, Pocketpair requires new staff members to join its ranks amid Palworld’s surge in popularity.

Furthermore, the studio says “we are recruiting for all positions, but we are especially looking for planning/engineering positions.” Pocketpair isn’t looking for just gaming industry veterans, either, to help with its new Xbox game.

The post also details that “it doesn’t matter what engine you have experience with, if you are interested in creating a completely new game, please apply.” It sounds like Pocketpair is referring to Palworld’s fresh RPG experience, rather than an entirely new project.

An image of Pocket Pair talking about Palworld jobs on social media.

Since the launch of Palworld on Xbox and PC, the Palworld servers have struggled to cope with the sheer volume of players, alongside a myriad of bugs hindering the overall experience. Even with rising costs to keep the game’s servers afloat, Pocketpair now has the official backing of Microsoft to help squash out issues both existing and new. Palworld’s technical issues could be the least of Pocketpair’s problems, though.

Nintendo is potentially taking action to investigate Palworld, as claims of copyright infringement and supposedly AI-generated assets are called into question. In the background, Pocketpair is also working on another game, which these jobs may be geared toward.

In a statement about the untitled game, KLab Games clarifies it is a “hybrid-casual game” that will combine “the simplicity of casual games with the mechanics of online games that can be played for longer periods of time to generate revenue from both in-game purchases and advertisements.”

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So, that’s a long-winded way of saying it’s a live-service game. The coming months will be interesting for Palworld’s success, but more so for Xbox titles in general. Amid claims that major Xbox games are headed to PS5, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer allegedly is telling employees that Xbox consoles are here to stay.