Xbox consoles aren’t going away just yet, according to Phil Spencer

Speculation is running about Xbox games heading to PS5, but Phil Spencer is reportedly ensuring that new Xbox consoles are still happening.

Phil Spencer New Xbox Consoles: An image of Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer.

With so many rumors flying around about the future of Xbox, including games like Starfield heading to PS5, many are wondering if Microsoft is staying in the console market. Now, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer is allegedly reassuring employees that Microsoft’s flagship platform is here to stay, despite increased speculation about its future.

According to Inverse reporter Shannon Liao, Spencer has been speaking to Microsoft employees about plans to continue making new Xbox consoles, ahead of a potential next-gen refresh. During an internal town hall meeting held earlier this week, Liao claims in her latest newsletter that “Spencer told employees that there were no plans to stop making consoles and that Xbox would continue to be part of a strategy that involves multiple kinds of devices.”

Beyond this, Spencer has yet to detail exactly what this strategy is, though we can expect more clarity in a forthcoming business update. The prompt to hold this presentation comes after rumors that several new Xbox games and Xbox exclusives like Starfield, Hi-Fi Rush, and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle would be heading to PS5. Furthermore, the acclaimed Xbox franchise Gears of War is also rumored for PlayStation 5 players.

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Should these claims come to fruition, it would mark a major landscape change for either console. Uniting players has always been a core goal for Phil Spencer – though it does seem like Microsoft is giving up in some respects.

Spencer’s outlook on Xbox has been the subject of debate for months, especially since he said that Xbox will never “out console” Sony or Nintendo. With so many promising titles primed for Xbox, drastically shifting Microsoft’s release strategy could be a problem, as Sony needs healthy competition in the market.

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Sony’s array of PS5 exclusives like Spider-Man 2 have become system sellers, prompting players to willingly spend upwards of $400 to acquire a PlayStation 5. The sales for Spider-Man 2 back this up too, and new PS5 games like Helldivers 2 are proof that Sony can keep adding worthwhile additions to its multiplayer game portfolio. On the Xbox front, porting over its biggest titles could shift the tides when it comes to considering owning an Xbox.

Plans for a next-gen Xbox are reportedly happening, and it could borrow this feature from Sony.