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Xbox’s PS5-bound exclusives may shockingly include Gears of War

Nothing seems holy anymore for Xbox as Gears of War joins the rapidly growing list of exclusives that are rumored for a PS5 debut.

Xbox Gears of War PS5 rumor: Marcus Fenix in a black bandana and light grey armor

Marcus Fenix and his Delta Squad compatriots could soon up sticks and make their way over to PlayStation. According to Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grub, Microsoft is weighing up the possibility of bringing the Gears of War series to PS5 as part of a reported shift in Xbox‘s first-party strategy.

Speaking on the Game Mess Mornings podcast, Grubb reveals that Gears could be making the move while discussing other Xbox exclusives that are reportedly going multi-platform with co-host Mike Minotti of GamesBeat. “One that I heard that is under consideration – doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, but it’s in talks – is Gears of War,” Grubb says.

As Grubb and Minotti note, Gears is barely a tier below Halo in terms of Xbox iconography. The prospect of Marcus and co. coming to PlayStation is – and this writer feels they’re going to be using this word a lot over the coming days and weeks – unprecedented. If Gears does come to PS5, then where does that leave Master Chief, Xbox’s de facto mascot?

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This also begs the question as to what will happen with the rumored Unreal Engine 5 Gears of War Collection that’s supposedly close to completion. It’s certainly not a big enough first-party launch to merit timed exclusivity – something we’d hope Microsoft continues to offer to give its player base something. As such, there’s every chance that it could serve as the perfect introduction to the franchise not only for a new generation of Xbox players but for PS5 players, too.

Should Gears get the blue light, then PlayStation enjoyers are in for a treat. There are already whispers regarding the likes of Starfield, Indiana Jones, and Hellblade 2 coming to the platform, and some light Locust slaying would make for the perfect cherry on top. The GoW collection’s already at the top of this writer’s 2024 Xbox wishlist, and it could soon be at the top of the PS5 one, too.

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