These new Vapor Xbox controllers are beautiful

Microsoft has launched several new colorways for its Xbox Vapor controller collection, and each one makes for a truly unique gaming pad.

Xbox Vapor controllers: the pink and purple Dream Vapor colorway controller

Microsoft has unveiled its stunning new Vapor Xbox controllers, bringing five new smokey top case options to its Design Lab. It’s also introducing a brand new pre-configured model, Dream Vapor, which will sit alongside the Stormcloud Vapor Special Edition controller that launched last year.

If you head over to the Lab right now you’ll be able to check out the full suite of patterns available, including the aforementioned Dream Vapor and Stormcloud, alongside Cyber, Fire, Electric, and Nocturnal. According to Microsoft, “each top case features a dynamic pattern that is unique to every controller” – a neat touch if you’re looking for one of the best Xbox controllers to truly call your own.

The controllers are, as the headline states, beautiful. Honestly, we’re stuck for choice between the available options when it comes to choosing our favorite of the bunch. That being said, this writer is eagerly eyeing up either the green-hued Nocturnal or that pinky-purple Dream – can’t say no to a good pastel.

Xbox Vapor controllers: the full selection of Vapor controllers in multiple colors and swirls

As for the pre-configured Dream Vapor controller, you can pre-order it ahead of its February 6 launch for $69.99. Microsoft says that it’ll also include “purple rubberized side grips, soft pink ABXY buttons with purple accents, and an exclusive Dynamic Background that brings this amazing design over to your Xbox Series X|S console.” You won’t be able to get those bespoke ABXY buttons via Design Lab, so if you’re looking to go pink then this is the way we’d recommend you do so.

The temptation of a shiny new controller to play your shiny new Xbox games with is hard to resist – especially when they’re this pretty. However, it’s worth remembering that Xbox’s Sebile controller is reportedly set to launch in the first half of this year with a feature set that’s expected to rival the PS5’s DualSense pad. This writer’s already mused on how it can help elevate Avowed’s combat from what we’ve seen so far, so that’s worth bearing in mind before you pull the trigger.

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