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Grab FC 24 at its lowest ever price in new Xbox Store sale

FC 24, Alan Wake 2, RDR2, and many more epic games are currently discounted as part of the Xbox Lunar New Year sale - here are our highlights.

Xbox sale FC 24: Jude Bellingham in a white football shirt with a gold Xbox logo floating next to him. A green background with white dollar signs is behind him

As soon as one mega Xbox Store sale ends, another one seems to begin at the moment. The new Xbox Lunar New Year Sale has just gone live, and there are hundreds of savings to be had on everything from classic Xbox 360 games to some of 2023’s top titles. These include FC 24, which is at it’s lowest ever price on the Xbox store, and The Loadout’s very own Game of the Year, Alan Wake 2.

Let’s start with Remedy’s latest masterpiece, shall we? There’s no denying that Alan Wake 2 is one of the best horror games ever, and despite last year being completely stacked with critically-acclaimed games, we felt this long-awaited sequel was worthy of our GOTY crown. Right now, Xbox Series X|S players can grab Alan Wake 2 for $47.99 (or £39.99 in the UK), which is a discount of 20%. If there’s any game in this sale that we’d recommend picking up while it’s cheaper, it’s this one.

If you want to play the original Alan Wake as well, both the original Xbox 360 version and the remastered version for Xbox One and X|S are discounted in the sale as well.

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While most hardcore soccer fans have probably picked up FC 24 by now, those that are considering jumping into EA Sports’ historic series find themselves in the perfect time to do so. There are massive savings to be had on both editions, but we recommend picking up the Ultimate Edition, which is currently 60% off. That makes it $39.99 in the US and £39.99 in the UK – the lowest price its ever been on the Xbox Store.

Another banger from 2023 featured in the Lunar New Year Sale is Armored Core 6. This excellent third-person action game – created by the geniuses at Elden Ring developer, FromSoftware – sees you hop into a weapon-laden mecha and blast your way through dozens of single-player missions and PvP combat. Our AC6 review gave it a hearty 9/10, and you can grab it for 30% off.

The last game we wanted to highlight was Red Dead Redemption 2 – one of the best open world games ever made. If you’ve never played it, now’s your chance. Confusingly, there are several carved up versions of RDR2 in the sale, but this is the one you want: it’s just under 20 bucks in the US, and just over £18 in the UK. This version bundles the base game with Red Dead Online.

There are hundreds more discounts in this behemoth of a sale, so if you’re looking for new Xbox games to play or want to finally catch up with some of last year’s best games, we’d recommend taking an extensive look at the Lunar New Year Sale. It’ll wrap up on February 14, so make sure you take advantage of the deals before they’re gone!

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