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Xbox Game Pass won’t be getting Visions of Mana after all

Microsoft has clarified the future of Visions of Mana after mentions of it coming to Xbox Game Pass were spotted on the game’s store page.

Xbox Game Pass Visions of Mana not coming: a boy with orange hair and a red cloak

Microsoft has confirmed that mentions of Visions of Mana coming to Xbox Game Pass on its site were an “error,” and that it has no existing plans to bring Square Enix’s upcoming RPG to the subscription service.

In a statement given to Eurogamer, Microsoft says that it’s “aware that Xbox.com included language that indicated Visions of Mana was coming to Xbox Game Pass and can confirm this was an error.”

Following its surprise feature at the recent Xbox Developer Direct as the secret fifth game, many were quick to spot that it would join the best Xbox Game Pass games on day one when it arrives this summer. Up until this past weekend, you could see this for yourself via its Xbox store page.

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The first major instalment in the Mana series for over 15 years, getting Visions of Mana onto Game Pass would’ve been a major coup for Xbox, seeing as Square has traditionally operated more closely with PlayStation. It’s unclear if it’ll ever come to the service, but for now, at least, Microsoft says that it doesn’t “have plans to bring Visions of Mana to Game Pass at this time” – bummer.

At the very least, there’s plenty of exciting Square goodness coming to Xbox this year – even if there aren’t any new additions to the list of Xbox Game Pass games. Alongside Visions of Mana, the long-confirmed Final Fantasy 14 port isn’t too far away now. Meanwhile, heavy rumors are circulating that Final Fantasy 16 is finally making the jump – something we expect to happen at some point considering most of the other mainline games are now on the platform.

Indeed, it’s an exciting time for Square enjoyers on Xbox as some of the best PS5 games are soon to also become some of the best Xbox games. But while we’re patiently awaiting further updates on what Square’s catalog is going to look like for Xbox, be sure to check out more of the latest Xbox news, including how the next-gen Xbox could spell the end for physical discs.