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Final Fantasy 16 rumor may finally see Xbox players jive with Clive

Final Fantasy fans on Xbox have been clamoring for an FF16 port since it released as a timed PS5 exclusive last year, and they may be in luck.

Final Fantasy 16 Xbox rumor: Clive, a long-haired man wearing black

It was one of the top games of 2023 and an enviable PS5 exclusive, but Final Fantasy 16 could be making its way to Xbox Series X|S in the future. That is, according to a source close to XboxEra’s ‘Shpeshal Nick’, adding more fuel to the fires that an FF16 Xbox version is in the works as Microsoft looks to strengthen its relationship with developer Square Enix.

Speaking on The Xbox Infinite Podcast, Nick notes that the source didn’t specify when Clive’s grand quest for vengeance will be arriving on Microsoft’s latest and greatest consoles. While we’ve seen our fair share of FF16 to Xbox rumors since its launch last June, there may be something here considering this is the same source that accurately revealed that Visions of Mana – also developed by Square Enix – would be the surprise guest at the recent Xbox Developer Direct. Windows Central’s Jez Corden has also cryptically commented that “more is coming” regarding Square’s growing presence on Xbox this year.

Speaking in a PlayStation Blog last February (translated from Japanese to English, via Google), Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed that the PlayStation exclusivity deal for the game was only valid for six months. Considering most console-based FF games are now available on Xbox – the FF13 series and FF15 co-launched on the platform – it’s unsurprising that one of the best PS5 exclusives may now be en route.

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As for when the FF16 Xbox port may materialize, we can only extrapolate that we’ll be hearing more when the Xbox Summer Showcase rolls around. The event would conveniently fall around the first anniversary of FF16’s launch, and we know from that same PlayStation Blog post that Yoshi-P won’t be rushing any sort of port out of the door until it’s been given all the love it needs.

Square and Xbox certainly seem to be deepening their relationship this year. Though the Japanese developer has traditionally favored PlayStation over the years, a shift is clearly taking place. Speaking to IGN back at Gamescom 2023, Xbox head Phil Spencer said that he and corporate VP Sarah Bond have “spent a lot of time with Square,” and he remained coy when asked about FF16 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It’s clear that they’ve been cooking something, and we may soon get another peek inside the pot.

With Final Fantasy 14 and now Visions of Mana coming to the platform, the writing’s seemingly on the wall for FF16 at this point. Though we can’t imagine Sony will let FF7 Remake, nor the upcoming FF7 Rebirth, go without a fight, the ball’s very much in Square’s court.

If you’re trying to get your Final Fantasy fix over on Xbox ahead of FF16’s possible arrival, then Apex Legends’ FF7 Rebirth event is still active until January 30. If one of the best FPS games doesn’t do it for you, then go rogue with one of the other best Xbox RPG games out there.