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Phil Spencer breaks silence on PS5 port rumors for Xbox exclusives

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer says Microsoft is “listening” following rumors of exclusive games heading to PlayStation, confirming a business update next week.

Xbox exclusives on PS5 Phil Spencer: Head of Xbox Phil Spencer smiling at the camera wearing an Xbox jacket. To the right is an edited image of a Halo PS5 console bundle.

One thing Xbox has always prided itself on is its slate of long-standing exclusive games, from Halo to Gears of War. With its various acquisitions over recent years, it’s added even more to its catalog, such as Starfield and the upcoming Avowed. After a series of extraordinary rumors that many of these Xbox exclusives would be heading to PS5, Xbox head Phil Spencer has spoken out, saying fans will hear more from Microsoft on the matter very soon”.

“We’re listening and we hear you”, Spencer claims. “We’ve been planning a business update event for next week, where we look forward to sharing more details with you about our vision for the future of Xbox”.

This reactionary post is in response to leaks that Xbox exclusives are heading to PlayStation, including Starfield, Indiana Jones, Gears of War, and more new Xbox games. No doubt, having this news spread like wildfire among the Xbox and PS5 communities prompted the figurehead to speak up on the topic.

While Spencer’s post does not confirm if the rumors of Xbox exclusives coming to competitors are true, this planned “business update” coinciding with the new rumors seems to support such a strategic change. Many are expecting Spencer to announce that Xbox will be taking many of its important IPs and making them multiplatform, though we’ll have to wait until the official update to learn the ins and outs of it. After all, the rumors suggest that Microsoft is taking a case-by-case approach, meaning some of its iconic games and franchises will remain exclusive, while others will not.

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Most importantly, Microsoft will need to reassure its devoted fanbase and those who have invested in its ecosystem. If Xbox exclusives are indeed arriving on PS5, Xbox fans will no doubt feel burned given PlayStation’s iconic and acclaimed titles are not available to them.

Nevertheless, this is shaping up to be a landmark occasion not just for Xbox, but for the gaming industry as a whole. If many of the best Xbox games make the move to multiplatform, PlayStation gamers get the best of both worlds. Who could say no to the likes of Gears of War and Starfield on top of the best PS5 games? While we wait for further information, you need to see these new Vapor Xbox controllers to up your fashion game.