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New Helldivers 2 armor turns you into an electrifying super weapon

If you’re willing to be the test dummy, this crafty Helldivers 2 strategy using the new Cutting Edge armor is as strong as it is stupid.

Helldivers 2 Cutting Edge armor: A diagonally split image with a character on the left wearing the new EX Prototype armor, while on the right is a player looking at a large explosion in an Automaton base.

Helldivers 2 has just got its first post-launch Warbond, Cutting Edge, and it’s blessed players with heaps of new equipment to test out. While the weapons are undeniably the star of the show, don’t overlook the Helldivers 2 Cutting Edge armor. Using a crafty (and slightly ridiculous) new strategy, you can turn your own body into a powerful, electrifying weapon.

Hot from the oven, the new Helldivers 2 Cutting Edge Warbond has added four new weapons, a grenade, a booster, and three armor sets boasting an unexpectedly powerful perk. With all this content already, especially on the back of the exciting mech update, it’s no wonder that Helldivers 2 has quickly become one of the best co-op games on PS5. Despite only being live for around 24 hours, at the time of writing, devious ‘divers have already devised a surprisingly effective new strategy that involves some friendly fire to pull off. If you want to bring some Thor vibes to one of the best PS5 games, though, it’s worth the effort.

Taking advantage of the EX Prototype armor’s unique Electrical Conduit perk – which reduces arc damage by a staggering 95% – it’s now viable to pair your body with the electrifying charge of the Arc Thrower. As discovered over on the Helldivers 2 Reddit page, user ‘Frost_King907’ “figured out that if you’re wearing it, you can effectively double your arc gunner’s range”.

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That’s right, since the EX Prototype set reduces arc damage by such a significant amount, you can safely absorb the damage to chain the Arc Thrower to more targets at a further range. Simply charge headstrong into a group of Terminid (it’s best to keep far away from Automaton, though) and have your friend fire away. The lightning bolt will chain between yourself and the nearby enemies, turning loyal Helldivers into a ball of explosive electricity if you’re willing to be the test subject. Though, it’s all in the best interest of Super Earth, right?

It’s bizarre moments of teamwork like this that make Helldivers 2 one of the best multiplayer games out there right now – though many of its unique co-op mechanics have an unexpected origin.

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Though it’s not quite as amusing as frying your friends intentionally, the EX Prototype armor set is a good choice in the current meta. With tesla towers being a popular setup for defense missions, it’s not uncommon to be zapped by allies’ poor Stratagem placement. Likewise, the Arc Thrower is now one of the best weapons for most missions. As a result, it’s easy to get wiped out by a stray bolt of lightning if the wielder isn’t careful – or if you’re not wearing the new armor.

Nevertheless, with the odds weighing increasingly in the enemy’s favor with the arrival of flying bugs, teases of a Dune-like mega-worm to ruin your day, and even the return of the Illuminate faction, you’ll need every trick up your sleeve. Away from Helldivers 2, check out our Rise of the Ronin preview to find out all about the promising PS5 exclusive RPG.