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A mid-tier Destiny 2 perk is now breaking the game thanks to a new bug

A new Destiny 2 Cascade Point bug lets you turn boring weapons into miniguns that can melt through any boss' healthbar on PS5 and Xbox.

Destiny 2 Cascade Point bug: A split image with the Hullabaloo grenade launcher on the left, and the Drifter posing with his hand up to his face on the right side, almost wincing.

Destiny 2 is no stranger to game-breaking bugs. We think back fondly on the ‘Craftening’ exploit that let players craft weapons with any perk (yes, even Exotic perks), or Telesto’s game-breaking shenanigans that have become a Bungie-endorsed meme. Well, this new Destiny 2 bug involving the Cascade Point perk is letting you turn your favorite weapons into miniguns that can melt even the tankiest of enemies.

The Cascade Point perk rewards you for bagging a kill or landing multiple precision hits in quick succession by granting your other weapon a handy buff that reduces firing delay. In action, it’s a neat way to increase your fire rate with certain weapons. However, its awkwardness to activate often sees players choose other perks instead. After all, a key part of the endgame is efficiency. However, this new Destiny 2 bug amps up this overlooked perk to make it the hottest commodity right now in one of the best multiplayer games.

So, before it inevitably gets patched, do you fancy breaking one of the best FPS games? First, you’ll need a weapon with Cascade Point and a second perk in the same column. Something like Randy’s Throwing Knife or Hullabaloo are great choices here, though anything that fits the bill will do the trick. Pairing the bug with slower-firing, high-damage weapons like scouts, snipers, and grenade launchers will give you the best results.

To kickstart this Destiny 2 Cascade Point bug, all you have to do is activate the perk on a weapon as normal, quickly open the weapon’s perk page in your inventory, select the perk to turn it off and back on again, and voilà – infinite Cascade Point. In fact, you can even keep this superpower in your back pocket by not reactivating Cascade Point until you’re ready – such as a boss damage phase.

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While having the best Destiny 2 Titan build, Hunter build, or Warlock build is still recommended if you’re heading into activities like raids or competitive PvP, a rapid-firing grenade launcher packs quite a punch – as you can no doubt imagine.

Given how much power this bug is currently dishing out in the hands of crafty Guardians, we don’t think it will be too long before Bungie comes up with a solution. However, chances are you’ll be able to bring it into the exciting new Destiny 2 Into the Light content when it goes live on April 9, which will help you reach the higher waves in the new Onslaught mode. Unfortunately for new players, it’s unlikely that the surprisingly great New Light Kits will serve up a weapon with the necessary perks, though it’s a great addition all the same.

While it’s not quite as absurd as the ‘Craftening’ bug from late 2023, which let you play around with illegal Exotic perk combos, this Cascade Point bug is undeniably fun when you get the ball rolling.

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With the clock ticking for this game-breaking bug, we still recommend taking a look at the best Destiny 2 weapons. Not only will you need them to take on the boss-rush Pantheon mode coming on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, for PS5 and Xbox players to enjoy, but they will also come in clutch against the Witness when the Destiny 2 The Final Shape release date arrives at long last.