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Destiny 2 Into The Light sounds like it’s more thriller than filler

Revealing three developer livestreams with Datto and juicy new artwork, Destiny 2 Into the Light is shaping up to be much bigger than you thought.

Destiny 2 Into the Light reveal: A split image with a Warlock posing with their arms outstretched on the left side, and a group of Guardians fighting Hive in the Last City on the right side.

When Bungie announced that the major Destiny 2 expansion The Final Shape was delayed and revealed the last-minute addition of the Into the Light event, many assumed that it would be a small, filler event just to plug the gap. However, with three developer livestreams booked in to talk about the update, as well as some spicy new art, Destiny 2 Into the Light looks much bigger than we all expected.

Kicking off on Tuesday, April 9, 2024, the Destiny 2 Into the Light update will deliver “new game content” free for all players in a two-month-long event. While the goal certainly is still to tide us over until the pivotal Destiny 2 The Final Shape release date in June, Into the Light promises much more substantial features for one of the best FPS games on PS5 and Xbox.

How do we know? Well, Bungie will be hosting three developer livestreams with popular Destiny YouTuber ‘Datto’. Yes, it will take whole livestreams to discuss everything Into the Light is bringing to the table, suggesting it’s a lot more than simply changing the Core Playlists with fresh modifiers like many assumed. “[I’m] surprised Bungie needs three [livestreams] to talk about it all, but alright, I’m in, talk to me,” Datto says.

The Destiny 2 Into the Light livestreams dates are as follows:

  • Livestream 1 – Tuesday, March 19, 10am PT
  • Livestream 2 – Tuesday, March 26, 10am PT
  • Livestream 3 – Tuesday, April 2, 10am PT

It’s worth pointing out that there are unique emblems up for grabs too. If you watch any of the three livestreams for at least 30 minutes, you will earn the ‘Those Held Dear’ emblem. Watching for at least two hours total, you will also earn an additional emblem called ‘Echo Diamond’.

While Bungie did not elaborate more specifically on what Into the Light brings – or the livestreams – in the latest This Week in Destiny blog post, it did showcase some eye-catching artwork teasing the event.

Destiny 2 Into the Light: Artwork showcasing the Into the Light update, with three Guardians fighting Hive in the Last City with pyramid ships overhead.

From the image, it’s clear that Into the Light takes place close to home. We see Guardians battling it out against Hive in the Last City with the Witness’ pyramids overhead. It’s been a very long time since substantial content took us back to the Last City, so it’s a welcome surprise. However, in the distance, we can also see that the iconic Destiny 1 Tower is fixed. Since its destruction at the start of Destiny 2’s story back in 2017, the old Tower has been inaccessible. After seven long years, we may finally get to wander around its plaza once more. After all, a key theme of The Final Shape is returning fan-favorite areas, so there’s no better time to bring back this location than in the content leading up to it.

For all the Guardians into fashion, this teaser image also reveals the new armor set available during Into the Light. Destiny 2 veterans will no doubt recognize the style, taking the starting armor for each class and sprucing it up. While dressing to impress isn’t essential to the endgame, it’s only natural that you’ll want to flaunt your looks in one of the best multiplayer games around. Your best Destiny 2 Titan builds, Hunter builds, and Warlock builds will have never looked this good before.

YouTube Thumbnail

Alongside the launch of Into the Light, you’ll also get to sink your teeth into update 7.3.6, which includes further tuning to the sandbox and quality-of-life updates. While we don’t have specifics yet, it can surely only make one of the best games better ahead of its all-important expansion to cap off the decade-long saga.

While we’re still holding out for the Halo-inspired Big Team Battle mode in Destiny 2 that was teased by Bungie, there’s plenty more going on, such as the unusual Destiny 2 x Ghostbusters collaboration. Outside of Destiny, check out our The Finals Season 2 preview to find out how it proves it’s the current king of PvP shooters.