XDefiant meta, top weapons and classes

Find out the latest in the XDefiant meta to stay at the top of your game, including all the strongest weapons, classes, and Factions on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

XDefiant meta: A Cleaner wearing a hi-vis coat, body armor, and gas mask against a blurred background.

The XDefiant meta is always changing, with weapons seeing buffs and nerfs, as well new weapons and classes arriving throughout the year. As such, it can be hard to know exactly what’s meta in XDefiant right now. Luckily for you, we’ve got an overview of the XDefiant meta, including the best weapons, classes, and equipment so you always have an idea of what to use.

The XDefiant meta has lots of moving parts, though you’ll want to have a solid understanding of the best XDefiant guns and best XDefiant loadouts first and foremost. This will set you up well for success in Ubisoft’s free-to-play arena shooter.

What is the XDefiant meta?

The current XDefiant meta is:

  • ACR, MP7, AK-47 – meta weapons
  • Libertad BioVida Boost, DedSec Spiderbot, Echelon Intel Suit – meta abilities, classes and Factions
  • Frag Grenade, EMP grenade – meta equipment

These are the top weapons, classes, and equipment currently in the game which can be used to make great class setups and loadouts. While these will undoubtedly change as more items are added and old ones are updated, these are the ones you want to be using right now.

XDefiant meta: The ACR weapon customization interface.

XDefiant meta weapons – ACR, MP7, AK-47

Weapons are at the forefront of the gameplay in XDefiant, so having the meta weapons puts you in the best spot to destroy the opposition. Right now, the ACR assault rifle is arguably the best of the XDefiant weapons, boasting laser beam accuracy and incredibly fast time-to-kill. With the right class setup, the power of the ACR is taken even further. We’ve got the best XDefiant ACR loadout already prepared for you too, so you can quickly try out this meta weapon.

Next up, the MP7 is a deadly SMG. While it’s lacking at range, the MP7 will destroy anyone in its path thanks to a high fire rate and time-to-kill. What’s more, with the right attachments, the main flaw of the MP7 – its range – can be improved upon. While it won’t beat the ACR outside of close-range, it’s a force to be reckoned with in the more close-quarters maps. Check out the best XDefiant MP7 loadout if you’re looking for a close-range beast.

The AK-47 also offers strong competition, so long as you have the best attachments to control the rather intense recoil. This weapon has a slower rate of fire but boasts high damage, so once you’ve got the recoil under control all you need is a few shots on target to quickly drop your opponent. Take a look at the best XDefiant AK-47 loadout to find out how to equip yourself for success with this meta weapon.

It’s not all about the guns though, the XDefiant classes and XDefiant Factions also play a key role in the meta.

XDefiant meta: A Libertad character using the BioVida healing ability in first-person.

XDefiant meta classes, abilities, and factions

The meta class setup in XDefiant is undoubtedly the Libertad Faction and its BioVida Boost ability. This not only boosts total health and provides health regeneration, but it also affects nearby allies. If you’re fighting alongside your team, all it takes is one BioVida Boost to instantly improve the survivability of your team. It’s great for recovering quickly between fights and turning the tide of battles as well, making it the best class right now.

The DedSec Spiderbot is another strong class and ability thanks to a long stun it can apply to allies, giving you the leg up in a tough fight. If someone has a corridor on lockdown or a particular enemy is getting on your nerves, simply set your Spiderbot after them to open them up for push.

Everyone loves stealth classes, so it’s no surprise that the Echelon Intel Suit is a strong and popular class setup. The Echelon passive, Low Profile, hides you from enemy mini maps, making flanking opponents a much easier prospect. This goes great with the Intel Suit which marks the location of enemies with your whole team, giving you a tactical edge for a short duration.

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XDefiant meta equipment – Frag Grenade and EMP Grenade

The current reigning champions of the XDefiant meta equipment is the standard Frag Grenade and the more tactical EMP Grenade. The Frag is great for flushing enemies out of cover and into your line of sight, or simply for wiping out tight-knit groups.

Similarly, the EMP can shut down whole groups of enemies by temporarily disabling devices and abilities. This is great if your team is having a hard time pushing an objective as enemies will have a harder time fighting back.

So, that’s an overview of the current XDefiant meta. Now you know all the best weapons, classes, and equipment to take with you into the various XDefiant game modes and XDefiant maps. Get out there and destroy the enemy with these meta options, and keep your eyes out for updates that change the meta of one of the best competitive FPS games on the market.