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XDefiant best loadouts and class setups for pre-season

If you’re looking for the best XDefiant loadouts and class setups, then you’ve come to the right place to dominate the arena on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

XDefiant best loadouts: A split image showing a woman running with an assault rifle and a close up of a man in a tropical shirt with a gun resting on his shoulder

What is the best loadout in XDefiant? From submachine guns to snipers, there’s a generously-sized arsenal of weapons to choose from in Ubisoft’s new shooter. There are also dozens of attachments at your disposal too, allowing you to elevate weapons to new heights. Here, we’ll be giving you our recommendations for the best XDefiant loadouts, based on over 50 hours of in-game action.

As the XDefiant meta shifts over time, the very best loadout choices will shift too. But for now, these are the loadouts that are top-tier in the FPS game, complete with details on how to set up each class and what secondary and throwable to use too.

Best XDefiant loadouts

The best XDefiant loadouts are:

  • ACR loadout with 93R and Frag Grenade
  • MP7 loadout with 686 Magnum and Flashbang
  • P90 loadout with 686 Magnum and Flashbang
  • MK 20 SSR loadout with 93R and EMP Grenade
  • TAC 50 loadout with 93R and Proximity Mine

From the extensive time we’ve spent playing the game, these are the loadouts that we have fried with (or been fried by) the most. While you can have a great time with any weapon in XDefiant’s arsenal, assault rifles and SMGs are especially strong. However, we’ve found sniping with the TAC 50 and pinging enemies with the MK 20 SSR marksman rifle to be extremely satisfying and viable as well.

Below you can find detailed breakdowns of each of our five recommended loadouts.

Best XDefiant loadout: An assault rifle decorated in a black and red camo

ACR loadout

In our view, the best XDefiant loadout you can use involves the ACR. In terms of attachments for this assault rifle, you’ll want the Brake muzzle, Small Vertical Grip front rail, Reflex optic, Quick Draw rear grip, and Lightweight stock.

The Brake muzzle attachment is great for improving the control of more unwieldy weapons like the ACR and AK47, so it’s a must-have pick. The Small Vertical Grip adds aim walking speed and ADS time at the cost of maximum and minimum spread – a worthy trade-off for improved mobility. The Reflex sight is a simple but effective optic just to give us greater visibility of targets in our sights, but can be swapped for a different sight if there’s another you prefer. The Quick Draw grip provides better sprint-shoot time and ADS time at the cost of aim stability, letting us stay agile. And last but not least, the Lightweight stock improves aim walking speed and movement speed while reducing aim stability and ADS time. This could be swapped for the Folded stock if you’d prefer.

Best XDefiant loadouts: ACR weapon customization screen.

While the weapon will take a small knock to firepower, you’ll gain lots of mobility to stay agile. With it being such a fast-paced game, the best XDefiant loadouts often emphasize agility to go in and out of gunfights with rapid lethality, which is what this ACR loadout excels at. As an assault rifle, the ACR is also more effective at longer ranges than SMGs, making for a deadly and adaptable loadout.

Check out our XDefiant ACR loadout for more on one of the best XDefiant loadouts.

Best XDefiant loadout: A submachine gun with a vibrant multicolored skin

MP7 loadout

While it does drop off at quite a short distance, the MP7 is absolutely devastating in close-range thanks to a high rate of fire and TTK. To enhance it, use the Barrel Extender muzzle, Superlight front rail, Quick Mag, Quick Draw rear grip, and the Collapsed stock for a lethal concoction.

The Barrel Extender gives us some much needed range, though it does reduce sprint-to-shoot time so we’ll compensate for this elsewhere. Next, the Superlight Grip grants ADS time and movement speed at the cost of recoil recovery, a good trade-off for an agile SMG.

Best XDefiant loadouts: MP7 weapon customization screen.

Quick Mag lets us stay on the offensive with five extra bullets and 15% increased reload speed. The Quick Draw rear grip makes up for the sprint-shoot time reduction of the Barrel Extender while also providing further increased ADS time. Lastly, the Collapsed stock is a perfect match for a lightweight SMG, boasting enhanced movement speed alongside minimum and maximum spread.

If you’re looking for a scrappy, close-range weapon setup, then this is one of the best XDefiant loadouts for you. And if you want to put it together, check out our XDefiant MP7 loadout guide for all the details.


Best XDefiant loadout: A white, gold and purple painted submachine gun

P90 loadout

Thanks to a headshot multiplier buff that was dished out during the open beta last summer, this P90 loadout rose up the ranks to become one of the best XDefiant loadouts. While the game’s executive producer Mark Rubin has their own favorite setup, we’ve put together an even stronger one using the Barrel Extender, Reflex sight, Quick Draw rear grip, Superlight front rail, and Quick Mag.

As an SMG, the P90 can lack damage at range. That makes the Barrel Extender the best muzzle attachment, amplifying both short and medium range effectiveness, though it does hurt our mobility. Thankfully, the Superlight front rail is the perfect follow up, improving ADS time and movement speed. The Reflex sight provides a clean optic to make keeping track of targets in hectic gunfights a little easier.

Best XDefiant loadouts: P90 weapon customization screen.

While Fast Mag provides a whopping 40% increase to reload speed, it does so at the cost of ADS time and ADS flinch. That’s why we have opted for the Quick Mag to gain a no-negatives 15% bonus reload speed. Lastly, the Quick Draw grip, perhaps the best rear grip attachment right now, gives us even more agility through bonus sprint-shoot time and ADS time.

With a high ammo count and rate of fire, this P90 class setup is a lot of fun in close-quarter maps. Be sure to check out the best XDefiant P90 loadout for all the info before you get stuck in.

Best XDefiant loadout: A rifle decorated in a red and black skin

MK 20 SSR loadout

It’s rare that marksman rifles are considered meta in FPS games – if you want deadly accuracy, you go for a sniper, and if you want mid-range grunt, you’d obviously go for an assault rifle or LMG. However, the MK 20 SSR is different. This thing absolute evaporates opponents, often in two bullets, and with this class setup it’ll be deadly accurate too.

We recommend building it out with the Compensator muzzle, the Pistol front rail, a Reflex sight, the Lightweight stock, and the Heavy Grip rear grip. This combination of attachments cranks up your mobility and accuracy, all while keeping your rate of fire nice and high (which is a crucial aspect to the MK 20 winning gun fights against fast-firing assault rifles and SMGs) and not sacrificing any damage output.

The 93R burst pistol is the perfect companion for this loadout, as it will give you that close-range firepower if you ever find yourself drawn into close quarters combat (ideally though, stick to mid or long range with the MK 20).

An EMP Grenade is also handy in this loadout, as if you ever find yourself in a long-range battle with a Phantom behind a shield, you can launch it over to wipe out their barricade. And, of course, it can shut down other annoying abilities like Intel Suits as well.

Take a look at our best XDefiant MK 20 loadout guide for more info.

Best XDefiant loadout: A golden sniper rifle

TAC 50 loadout

A list of best XDefiant loadouts would not be complete without a deadly sniper setup, and that’s where the TAC 50 comes in. After all, a fast-paced arena shooter would be nothing without snipers being used like shotguns. Aiming to increase agility as much as possible, we’ll be using the Lightweight barrel, CQBSS (8x) optic, Quick Mag, Quick Draw rear grip, and Padded stock.

The Lightweight barrel is the perfect starting point, enhancing ADS time and movement speed. Having as much ADS time as possible will let us quick-scope, dropping enemies with powerful shots no matter how close they get. The default 12x scope is overkill, so we’re opting for the CQBSS 8x variant. However, you could go with the Variable Zoom optic as well.

Best XDefiant loadouts: TAC-50 weapon customization screen.

As we’ll be getting into the thick of the action with a sniper, Quick Mag is vital, increasing reload speed by 15% without any downsides. Next, Quick Draw grip is a no-brainer for a quick-scoping TAC 50 loadout, providing bonus sprint-shoot time and further ADS time to increase our effectiveness at close-range. Last but not least, the Padded stock offers improved recoil recovery, aim stability, and ADS hit flinch so we can land our shots more often. Unlike the other stocks, this one also doesn’t have any downsides.

Now get out there and score some clean quick-scope headshots to put your foes in the ground, though not before you’ve got a full overview of the best XDefiant TAC 50 loadout.

And there you have it, the very best XDefiant loadouts and class setups you should be using. For more on one of our favorite free shooting games, check out our guide to all the XDefiant game modes that Ubisoft has cooked up so far.