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XDefiant ACR loadout best attachments and class setup

If you want to dominate in Ubisoft's FPS game, this XDefiant ACR build will make for the perfect long-range loadout on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

XDefiant ACR loadout: The ACR equipped with attachments against a blurred background.

If you want to dominate the opposition right now, then all you need is the best XDefiant ACR loadout at the ready. Assault rifles are the most consistent and reliable weapons in the game currently, and the ACR 6.8 ranks at the top of the food chain. So, to help you figure out all the moving parts, we’ve prepared the best ACR build in XDefiant.

This XDefiant ACR build is dominating the XDefiant meta as one of the best XDefiant guns. Once you’re set up with all the right attachments and equipment, you’ll be ready for whatever the game throws at you in the diverse XDefiant game modes and XDefiant maps on offer.

XDefiant ACR loadout

The best XDefiant ACR loadout is:

  • Muzzle – Brake
  • Front Rail – Small Vertical Grip
  • Optics – Reflex
  • Rear Grip – Quick Draw
  • Stock – Lightweight

As the favored ACR build of ‘Parasite’, a former Call of Duty pro player, this weapon is a force to be reckoned with. Boasting a relatively high rate of fire and pin-point accuracy, this ACR loadout is easy to use with a great time-to-kill.

XDefiant ACR loadout: The ACR in the weapon customization screen.

The Brake muzzle attachment is great for improving the control of more unwieldy weapons like the ACR 6.8 and AK47, so it’s a great first pick. This attachment improves horizontal recoil, though it does reduce the short and medium range effectiveness. However, with the ACR being an assault rifle and maps generally being close quarters, this trade-off is worth it.

The Small Vertical Grip adds aim walking speed and ADS time at the cost of maximum and minimum spread. This will help us stay mobile, especially against the more sprightly SMGs in close range.

The optics are largely personal preference, but the Reflex sight is a simple, effective optic just to give us greater visibility of targets in our sights. It’s perhaps the most used optic in the game currently thanks to its ease of use compared to the more magnifying and bulky options.

As for the rear grip, the Quick Draw grip provides sprint-shoot time and ADS time at the cost of aim stability. Again, this is great at letting us stay mobile and competitive against SMGs and shotguns in close range. It’s so effective at improving the run-and-gun playstyle that it’s used on many of the best weapon loadouts.

The Lightweight stock takes the last spot, improves aim walking speed and movement speed while reducing aim stability and ADS time. This synergizes perfectly with the rest of the loadout, making it the best choice. However, this could be swapped for the Padded or Folded stock if you’d prefer.

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With this loadout, the ACR is effective at nearly all ranges, able to compete with SMGs and snipers alike, making for a deadly and adaptable loadout in the various game modes available. While an SMG like the XDefiant MP7 loadout or a sniper such as the XDefiant TAC-50 loadout might be better suited for their respective ranges, they’re not nearly as versatile as the ACR build.

XDefiant ACR loadout: A custom loadout with the ACR, 93R, and Frag Grenade.

XDefiant ACR class setup

As for the ACR class setup, we’ve opted for the 93R sidearm and a Frag Grenade. With the ACR 6.8 being effective at nearly all ranges, the 93R is a great backup for those chaotic moments when there’s an enemy in your face and you have no ammo.

Firing in a three-round burst, the 93R is highly effective at close range. We’ve equipped the Barrel Extender to increase this range and a Reflex sight to improve target acquisition. The Extended Mag will give us more wiggle room if we frantically miss shots, while the Quick Draw grip and Lightweight stock let us quickly get the weapon at the ready. It’s the best backup you could ask for when push comes to shove.

To round off the class, we’ve chosen the Frag Grenade. As the ACR is an aggressive weapon, the Frag will help you clear out objectives or push enemies, drawing them out of cover or killing them outright. If you’d rather, you could use a Stun Grenade or EMP Grenade for a more tactical approach.

And that’s the best XDefiant ACR loadout in the game right now. Once you’ve got it setup correctly, choose one of the XDefiant classes and XDefiant Factions and test it out in multiplayer battles.