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XDefiant best guns - the top weapons ranked

Find out all of the XDefiant best guns to add to your loadout so you can dominate multiplayer matches, rack up kills, and top leaderboards.

XDefiant best guns: Two soldiers wearing dark uniforms aiming weapons.

XDefiant has a pretty long list of weapons and guns to choose from, so you’ll want the XDefiant best guns in your loadouts. From long-range sniper rifles to close-range shotguns and SMGs that can obliterate opponents, there is a lot of diversity in the range of guns in the game, most of which you will recognize from other modern military shooters.

But, which really stands out from the pack? Well, thankfully, even during the most recent beta period and the current test a few guns have emerged as standout options within multiplayer, no matter which of the XDefiant maps you’re on. Below, you can find a full list of those guns in XDefiant ranked so you know which are the best for players looking to hone their skills in any of the XDefiant game modes.

XDefiant best guns – the top weapons ranked

The best guns and weapons in XDefiant are:

  • 1 – M4A1
  • 2 – ACR 6.8
  • 3 – RPK-74
  • 4 – Vector .45 ACP
  • 5 – AK-47
  • 6 – MP7
  • 7 – M16A4
  • 8 – AA-12
  • 9 – TAC-50
  • 10 – SVD

You can see a deeper dive into each weapon and its strengths below:

XDefiant Best Weapons: The M4A1 can be seen

1 – M4A1

The M4A1 is the default option for many in XDefiant and there is a reason for that. Its accuracy, precision, ability to reliably land kills, and range all make it a great all-around rifle that is good for beginners and experienced shooter players. While it doesn’t necessarily excel anywhere, its jack-of-all-trades qualities are worth spotlighting somewhere in your core loadouts.

XDefiant Best Weapons: The ACR 6.8 can be seen

2 – ACR 6.8

Much like the M4A1, the other laser in the game, the ACR 6.8 boasts even more accuracy and reliability. Its firepower is a little worse, but you will never have to worry about being knocked off target with this gun in your hands. It lives up to its reputation and is one of the strongest options in XDefiant.

XDefiant Best Weapons: The RPK can be seen

3 – RPK-74

If you are looking for an option that has a little bit more stopping power, don’t pass up the RPK-74. This LMG comes packed with ammo and a lot of damage to take out enemies as you watch guard over a capture point or aim down a lane of one of the many XDefiant maps. While a bit rickety, it is the top LMG in the game right now.

XDefiant Best Weapons: The Vector 45 .ACP can be seen

4 – Vector .45 ACP

SMGs don’t have as wide a range of uses in the various XDefiant game modes as assault rifles. A lot of maps have long-range sightlines or are quite open, which can leave you exposed with the weapon type. However, if you are opting for one, the Vector is the best to use.

XDefiant Best Weapons: The AK-47 can be seen

5 – AK-47

The third assault rifle? Yes, the third assault rifle. While not quite as accurate as its brothers earlier on in this XDeifant best weapons and guns list, the AK-47 is still a showpiece part of any arsenal. Its damage and range are where it stands out and it can drop people quicker than you can say XDefiant.

XDefiant Best Weapons: The MP7 can be seen

6 – MP7

The MP7 comes in just behind the Vector. While still a good SMG, its slower fire rate can’t quite drop people as quickly as the Vector can. It does, however, come with significantly more ammo and a smidge more mobility. So, if you are looking for an agile weapon, the MP7 isn’t a bad choice.

XDefiant Best Guns and Weapons: The M16A4 can be seen

7. M16A4

Rounding out the full assault rifles list in this article is the M16A4. While still an ok option, it definitely doesn’t have the qualities present in the other weapons in the category, no matter how well-known the gun is among FPS fans and players of the best FPS games.

XDefiant Best Weapons: The AA-12 can be seen

8 – AA-12

The only shotgun that makes it onto this list is the AA-12 due to how much damage you can pump out with it in your hands. This gun is great on close-quarters maps or with a mobile loadout and using one of the XDefiant classes that has stealth options and spotting abilities.

XDefiant Best Weapons: The TAC 50 can be seen

9 – TAC-50

The top sniper of the two in the game currently is the TAC-50. While not quite as versatile as the weapons above, if you are looking for a long-range option, this is definitely the gun to choose in your loadout. It is also great for a quick-scoping build.

XDefiant Best Weapons: The SVD can be seen

10 – SVD

Finally, rounding out this list of best weapons and guns in XDefiant, we have the SVR. The solitary marksman rifle on this list is a solid option for those wanting a sniper rifle that can be used in a more run-and-gun playstyle. However, it definitely won’t outdo some of the SMGs and shotguns, or even the assault rifles further up this list.

That covers the full XDefiant best weapons and guns list, with all the top-tier ones ranked! Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the XDefiant Factions, you’ll have a complete loadout ready to go. However, be sure to use the best XDefiant controller settings to really shine in matches.