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Best XDefiant controller settings

Fine-tune your settings to perform to the best of your ability in casual and competitive online matches by using our best XDefiant controller settings.

XDefiant Controller Settings: A Echelon character can be seen holding a gun

What are the best XDefiant controller settings? If you are just jumping into XDefiant, or looking to hone your skills, you are going to want to adjust your settings to best fit your playstyle. Finding the best XDefiant controller settings if you are using a controller isn’t a simple task, with a lot of options and ways to really tweak almost every aspect of how the guns in the game feel.

But, to save you from doing a whole lot of experimenting in public matches, we have a good starting point for a great controller setup in XDefiant. Below, you can find a deep dive into these settings and why you should make some of the changes as you are playing on the different XDefiant maps.

Best XDefiant controller settings

The best XDefiant controller settings are:

  • Button layout: Skill Thumb Brawler
  • Stick layout: Default
  • Aim assist: Standard
  • Aim assist strength adjustment: 0
  • Aim assist follow adjustment: 0
  • Aim response curve type: Reverse S-Curve
  • ADS sensitivity multiplier (Low Zoom): 0.90x
  • ADS sensitivity multiplier (High Zoom): 0.90x
  • Invert horizontal Axis: Personal preference
  • Invert vertical axis: Personal preference
  • Horizontal Sensitivity: 30-40
  • Vertical Sensitivity: 30-40
  • Acceleration Speed Multiplier: 1.00x
  • Dead Zone – Left Stick: Personal preference
  • Dead Zone – Right stick: Personal preference
  • Controller Vibration: Off

As you can see a lot of these options, you want to leave as they come out of the box. However, one big change you should make is the Aim response curve type. This will change how the camera reacts to movements and the type of sensitivity you get when moving the camera. The Standard option does the job and Linear removes any boost or dampening effect.

However, the Reverse S-Curve type really allows you to boost your accuracy. It enhances small and large camera movements while reducing the effect of moderate movement. This allows you to better react to being surprised or having someone creep up on you, or better aim at longer distances. It’s also good for high mobility loadouts using the XDefiant weapons and guns, which is how you really want to be playing the game.

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The second biggest change on this list is the button layout. In order to really get access to your core movement options, like a jump, and abilities opt for Skill Thumb Brawler.

This will put your jump button right next to your aim down sight button, allowing you to transition seamlessly from a jump shot to aiming down sight. In addition, the crouch button is prioritised on a stick press rather than a melee attack.

Some of the other options here though are based on your personal preference and what suits your gameplay style more. For example, turn on inverted axes if you play with them inverted.

These XDefiant controller settings should help you top the leaderboard, get some spotlights, and of course, turn the tide of a match and give you some wins. If you are looking for even more information before you jump into the game, be sure to check out our roundup of everything that has been announced, ahead of the XDefiant release date later this year.