All XDefiant classes

Head into the chaotic arena with the knowledge of all the different operators you can play as and against with our XDefiant classes guide.

XDefiant classes: Four characters from the different classes standing in a line-up.

Whether you like to play a healer or a stealthy spy, there’s lots of variety in the XDefiant classes. Ubisoft’s break-out arena shooter has a bit for everyone, no matter what playstyle is your favourite. With all the variety though, it might be hard to pick or understand the playstyles. Fret not, this guide has all the details you need on the XDefiant classes, including what they are and their abilities.

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All XDefiant classes

The XDefiant classes are:

  • Healer – Libertad
  • Control – Phantoms
  • Spy – Echelon
  • Damage – Cleaners
  • Hacker – DedSec

These are based on the XDefiant Factions, each of which specialises in a certain role. When thinking about your class, consider the Factions and the abilities you can choose from to define your role. Teams will no doubt want a combination of each of the classes if they want to be successful.

You can see the XDefiant classes in action in this gameplay overview.

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Below you can find more information about the classes, including the ultra, passive trait, and abilities of each class.

Healer – Libertad abilities

The Libertad freedom fighters are expert medics, no doubt thanks to the BioVida therapies they adapted for battlefield situations. You’ll need them on your team to stay alive and in the fight.

Here are the Libertad abilities:

  • Médico Supremo (Ultra) – provides a large health and healing boost for a limited time
  • Espíritu de Libertad (Passive) – slowly heals you and nearby allies
  • El Remedio (Ability) – heals allies until it is destroyed or cancelled
  • BioVida Boost (Ability) – boosts total health and regen for you and nearby allies

Control – Phantom abilities

The Phantoms are ex-Ghosts who specialise in battlefield control. Through tanky and defensive abilities, Phantoms are the perfect control class.

Here are the Phantom abilities:

  • Aegis (Ultra) – plasma shield with an electro-scattergun for close-quarters combat
  • Hardened (Passive) – increased health
  • Mag Barrier (Ability) – blocks incoming enemy fire and grenades
  • Blitz Shield (Ability) – equip a tactical shield to block and melee enemies

Spy – Echelon abilities

The Echelon are expert spies adept in reconnaissance and subterfuge. This makes them an exciting stealth and spy class in XDefiant. If helping your team out through utility and stealth is your style, then the Echelon spy class is for you.

Here are the Echelon abilities:

  • Sonar Goggles (Ultra) – reveal enemies and hunt them down with the classic Third Echelon 5.7 pistol
  • Low Profile (Passive) – agent does not appear on enemy minimaps
  • Intel Suit (Ability) – shares the location of nearby enemies with your team
  • Digital Ghillie Suit (Ability) – renders the agent nearly invisible, but movement and aiming reduce the effect

Damage – Cleaner abilities

The Cleaners use fire as their solution to everything, making them the main assault and damage class in XDefiant. You’ll need a Cleaner on your team to stay on the offensive and push enemies out of strong positions.

Here are the Cleaner abilities:

  • The Purifier (Ultra) – wield a flamethrower
  • Incendiary Rounds (Passive) – inflicts extra burn damage but decreases weapon range
  • Incinerator Drone (Ability) – a napalm-delivering drone burns everything in its path
  • Firebomb (Ability) – detonate a Molotov to cause explosive damage and ignite the surrounding area

Hacker – DedSec abilities

DedSec are renowned hackers, experts in all things chaos and disruption. This class disrupts the enemy in several ways, giving your team the advantage in a gunfight.

Here are the DedSec abilities:

  • Lockout (Ultra) – disable the enemies’ HUD, minimap, and abilities in the affected area
  • Fabricator (Passive) – after a device is deployed, the Fabricator prints a new one
  • Spiderbot (Ability) – deploy a SpiderBot that will target and stun the nearest enemy
  • Hijack (Ability) – hack enemy-deployed abilities and make them your own

And that’s all the XDefiant classes you can play as, from sneaky super spies to stalwart defensive operators. Don’t miss out on the XDefiant Twitch Drops that can give you exclusive in-game rewards to customise your style.