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XDefiant MP7 loadout best build and class setup

Outmatch your opponents with the best XDefiant MP7 build right now, a deadly close-range loadout and class setup on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

The best XDefiant MP7 loadout is all you will need to demolish the enemy at close range, as it’s an extremely potent SMG right now. While you will find yourself outmatched at long range, this powerful SMG will be your new best friend in close quarters combat, so look no further than the best MP7 build in XDefiant.

While this XDefiant MP7 build is up against stiff competition in the XDefiant meta, it’s undoubtedly one of the best XDefiant guns you can use. Right now, it’s the only loadout you’ll need in one of the best FPS games on the market.

XDefiant MP7 loadout

The best XDefiant MP7 loadout is:

  • Muzzle – Barrel Extender
  • Front Rail – Superlight
  • Magazine – Quick Mag
  • Rear Grip – Quick Draw
  • Stock – Collapsed

Inspired by a setup by content creator ‘Wacke’, this MP7 build is all about close range superiority and a lightning quick playstyle. While we won’t have the range to compete with the likes of the best XDefiant ACR loadout further out, enemies won’t stand a chance once they’re in range. As such, it’s great for pushing objectives in XDefiant game modes like Zone Control.

XDefiant MP7 loadout: The weapon customization screen for the MP7.

The Barrel Extender gives us a much needed range boost, though it does reduce sprint-shoot time. As we’re aiming for a run-and-gun playstyle, we’ll compensate for these drawbacks elsewhere. Nothing else comes close to the effectiveness of the Barrel Extender for SMGs, though you could opt for the Lightweight Suppressor if you’d rather the added stealthiness of a suppressed weapon over the increased range.

Next, the Superlight Grip grants ADS time and movement speed at the cost of recoil recovery, a perfect trade-off for this agile SMG. ADS time and movement speed will let us quickly get at the ready when we spot an enemy, and even help us race around the map when needed. The goal is to never stay in one spot too long, and these attachments are the perfect match.

Quick Mag lets us stay on the offensive with five extra bullets and 15% increased reload speed. While Fast Mag gives you a whopping 40% increased reload speed, it will reduce our ADS time and ADS hit flinch. These are not stats we want to sacrifice, particularly ADS time, no matter how enticing that rapid reload speed is.

Quick Draw is by far the best rear grip attachment for this MP7 loadout, making up for the sprint-shoot time reduction of the Barrel Extender while also providing further increased ADS time. It does come at the cost of aim stability, but this isn’t a big deal in close range firefights with this deadly SMG.

Last but not least, the Collapsed stock boasts enhanced movement speed, along with minimum and maximum spread. This is a well-balanced attachment, improving all the aspects we want without any drawbacks. With that said, the Removed stock is another alternative, providing massively increased sprint-shoot time and a slight movement speed boost, though this will hinder minimum and maximum spread, and ADS hit flinch. If you’d like even more agility, then consider this option instead.

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With this loadout at the ready, the MP7 becomes a highly effective weapon at close range. It will outmatch any other weapon at close range, including shotguns outside of point blank range, and thanks to our attachments, it will also push further ranges than you might expect. If you can close the gap on enemies and avoid long sight-lines on the XDefiant maps, then the MP7 will serve you well.

XDefiant MP7 loadout class setup: The class customization screen showing the MP7 loadout.

XDefiant MP7 class setup

In terms of the best MP7 class setup, we’ve chosen the 686 Magnum and a Flashbang Grenade. Since the MP7 is more than enough for close range, the 686 Magnum is a great secondary weapon.

Packing a punch at longer ranges than all other sidearms, the 686 Magnum can come in handy when we’re picking off opponents at range. As such, we’ve gone for the Barrel Extender muzzle, Red Dot optic, and Quick Draw rear grip. However, if you’re having trouble controlling the weapon, then the Compensator and Reflex sight will be great alternatives. You could also swap to the D50 sidearm if you’d prefer, as this weapon also has strong range values.

And to finish off the class, we’ve gone for the Flashbang Grenade. Any equipment will serve you well, though the Flashbang is great for aggressive playstyles. Simply lob this into a group of enemies, and they’ll be primed for you to swoop in and clear them out with the MP7. If you’d rather, you can use a Frag Grenade or EMP Grenade instead.

That’s the best XDefiant MP7 loadout, build, and class setup you can make currently. Pick your favorite of the XDefiant classes, with the Libertad or Echelon being great picks in particular, though any of the XDefiant Factions will work just fine. If you also want a great sniper setup, then the best XDefiant TAC 50 loadout should be on your radar.