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XDefiant P90 loadout best build and class setup

With tons of ammo at hand in this loadout, get ready to dominate at close-range with the best XDefiant P90 build and class setup on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

XDefiant P90 loadout: The P90 against a blurred background of characters.

Though it’s not without competition, the best XDefiant P90 loadout will have you covered in close-range engagements. Providing you can close the gap on your opponents, the high ammo count and damage you can achieve with the best P90 loadout in XDefiant is a sight to behold.

Don’t expect to go toe to toe against snipers with this XDefiant P90 build though, its place in the XDefiant meta is to crush the enemy at close-range. As one of the best XDefiant guns you can use right now, it certainly does the job in any of the XDefiant game modes.

XDefiant P90 loadout

The best XDefiant P90 loadout is:

  • Muzzle – Barrel Extender
  • Front Rail – Superlight
  • Optic – Reflex
  • Magazine – Quick Mag
  • Rear Grip – Quick Draw

While executive producer Mark Rubin has their own favorite setup, we’ve put together an even stronger P90 build that takes advantage of the agility of SMGs and the high damage potential of the P90 specifically. After a headshot multiplier buff over the course of the beta periods, this weapon is now more deadly than ever.

XDefiant P90 loadout: The weapon customization screen showing the P90.

As an SMG, the P90 can lack damage at range. That’s where the Barrel Extender comes in – the best muzzle attachment – amplifying both short and medium range effectiveness. It will, however, reduce our sprint-shoot time. This is an important stat that we’ll be improving with other attachments.

Thankfully, the Superlight front rail is the perfect follow up. The Superlight Grip will boost ADS time and movement speed, while hindering our recoil recovery. Since we’re often in close-range with this SMG, this negative is negligible, making it a great increase to mobility.

Next, we’ve opted for the Reflex sight, which provides a clean optic to make keeping track of targets in hectic gunfights easier. You could also use the Holo sight, though this is a more bulky optic that obscures more of the environment. However, if you’re a fan of the P90 iron sights, then you can also skip the Optic category and use the Padded Stock for extra recoil recovery, aim stability, and ADS hit flinch without any drawbacks.

As for the magazine, we’ve chosen Quick Mag. While Fast Mag does provide a staggering 40% increased reload speed, it does so at the cost of ADS time and ADS flinch. With an SMG, the ADS time comes in very handy, leaving Quick Mag to be our preferred choice. This offers +15% reload speed with no downsides, which is irresistible when we’re staying on the move and taking out groups of enemies.

Lastly, the Quick Draw grip – arguably the best rear grip attachment right now – boasts bonus sprint-shoot time and ADS time at the cost of aim stability. In close-range, aim stability doesn’t often factor in, leaving us with a great increase to our agility.

You can see a similar P90 build in action by ‘Itz Elusiive’ in the video below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Having such a large ammo count and accuracy, this P90 loadout is relatively easy to use. While the XDefiant MP7 loadout is arguably the stronger option in the meta right now, at least in terms of time-to-kill, don’t sleep on the P90.

XDefiant P90 loadout class setup: The class customization screen showing the P90 class.

XDefiant P90 class setup

As for a great XDefiant P90 class setup, you’re going to want the 686 Magnum and a Flashbang Grenade. With the P90 being all you’ll need in close-range, a longer range sidearm like the 686 Magnum is a great choice.

We’ve chosen the Barrel Extender muzzle, Red Dot optic, and Quick Draw rear grip for the 686 Magnum. However, the Compensator and Reflex sight will be great alternatives if you’re struggling to control the weapon’s kick.

To round out the class setup, pick your favorite equipment. We’ve opted for the Flashbang Grenade. Any equipment will be fine, though the Flashbang is great for aggressive playstyles, suiting the P90 well. With that said, If you’d rather have a more explosive option, then you can use a Frag Grenade to wipe out enemies or push them out of cover. The EMP Grenade is another great option if the enemy has lots of pesky abilities active.

That covers the best XDefiant P90 loadout, build, and class setup there is. The last thing to do is pick your favorite of the XDefiant classes and XDefiant Factions and give the build a spin against other players in the variety of XDefiant maps available. Try out the XDefiant ACR loadout if you’re looking for a more mid-range option.