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XDefiant Vector loadout best build and class setup

This XDefiant Vector build is a powerful close-range loadout on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC, pushing the SMG to its full potential in Ubisoft’s free FPS game.

XDefiant Vector loadout: An image of the Vector build against a blurred background of characters.

If you’re looking for a strong close-range weapon, then you can’t go wrong with the best XDefiant Vector loadout. SMGs are unmatched when you’re in the enemy’s face, and the rapid fire-rate of the Vector makes it a strong choice. To get the most out of this weapon though, you’ll need the best Vector build in XDefiant, and we’ve got that covered.

This XDefiant Vector build and loadout is a competitive option in the XDefiant meta, despite it perhaps not quite ranking as one of the best XDefiant guns at your disposal. Nevertheless, with the optimal attachments and class setup, you’ll have everything you need to dominate the enemy in any of the XDefiant game modes and XDefiant maps you’re playing on.

XDefiant Vector loadout

The best XDefiant Vector loadout is:

  • Muzzle – Barrel Extender
  • Front Rail – Superlight
  • Magazine – Quick Mag
  • Rear Grip – Quick Draw
  • Stock – Folded

This Vector build is optimized for maximum lethality in close range, boasting a high fire-rate and lightning-quick handling. No enemies will get the drop on you when you can quickly evade and get your weapon at the ready, letting you control the map and spawns very effectively.

XDefiant Vector loadout: A Vector build in the weapon customization screen.

The Barrel Extender muzzle is a must-pick for a strong Vector loadout since it adds much-needed short and medium range effectiveness. As an SMG, any bump to range values is a great start. With the added weight, however, comes a knock to recoil recovery and sprint-shoot time, the latter of which we’ll compensate for elsewhere.

Next up, the Superlight Grip gives this Vector build increased ADS time and movement speed at the cost of further reduced recoil recovery. For SMGs, recoil recovery isn’t all that important as we’ll often be in the enemy’s face. ADS time and movement speed, on the other hand, are crucial, increasing agility and overall handling.

For the magazine, we’ve opted for Quick Mag. From our experience, Quick Mag’s moderate increase to reload speed and ammo capacity, with zero drawbacks, is superior to Fast Mag. While Fast Mag does offer a massive 40% increased reload speed, it does so by reducing ADS time and ADS hit flinch. Again, SMGs crave mobility, so ADS time is too valuable to decrease. However, you can use it if you’d rather the further enhanced reload speed.

The Quick Draw rear grip, perhaps the most used rear grip of all, is the perfect follow-up. This greatly improves handling with bonus sprint-shoot time and ADS time. Like recoil recovery with the Superlight Grip, aim stability is not an important stat for SMGs, making the added handling a clear-cut upgrade.

For our final attachment, we’ve gone for the Folded Stock. This gives our Vector build improved movement speed, minimum spread, and maximum spread with no drawbacks. This is a great attachment to have when we’re dashing around and swiftly eliminating enemies.

You can see a similar Vector loadout being used by content creator ‘Dkoi MP’ below:

YouTube Thumbnail

With this loadout, the Vector is a close-range killing machine thanks to great handling and an unmatched fire-rate. It may not have the damage and consistency of the XDefiant MP7 loadout or the large magazine size of the XDefiant P90 loadout, but it will wipe out foes when you play to its strengths.

XDefiant Vector loadout: The Vector build class setup in customization screen.

XDefiant Vector class setup

To round off this Vector build, all you’ll need is the best Vector class setup to go along with it. That’s why we’ve chosen the 686 Magnum and a Flashbang Grenade.

The Vector can handle close-range engagements just fine, so the secondary slot is best used for a longer range, precision weapon like the 686 Magnum or the D50. For the 686 Magnum, experiment with the Barrel Extender muzzle, Red Dot optic, and Quick Draw rear grip. This is the best range setup, though if you’re having trouble controlling the weapon, then the Compensator and Reflex sight will be great alternatives.

Last but not least, the Flashbang Grenade is the perfect companion in a run-and-gun playstyle, letting us get the drop on our enemies while they’re dazed. With that said, just about any equipment will work, so you can pick your favorite. A Frag Grenade or EMP Grenade are particularly strong alternatives.

And that’s the best XDefiant Vector loadout, build, and class setup right now. Pick your favorite of the XDefiant classes and XDefiant Factions and dive in. The Libertad’s ability to self-heal makes it a particularly effective match-up.