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XDefiant M249 loadout best build and class setup

For a heavy-hitting LMG loadout with plenty of ammo, the best XDefiant M249 build is the one for you to dominate on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

XDefiant M249 loadout: The M249 build set against a blurred background of characters from the game.

The best XDefiant M249 loadout is able to volley lots of ammunition down range, dropping enemies fast so you can move on to the next. LMGs might not be the most nimble weapon type in the game, but their stopping power and large ammo counts more than make up for it.

Despite this XDefiant M249 build not quite reaching the top of XDefiant meta, in the right hands and on the right XDefiant maps, it’s a powerhouse. Pair that with the great utility offered by the XDefiant classes, especially the Phantoms’ focus on zone control, and you’ll be able to dominate the map.

XDefiant M249 loadout

The best XDefiant M249 loadout is:

  • Barrel – Stabilizing
  • Front Rail – Angled
  • Optics – Reflex
  • Rear Grip – Grip Tape
  • Stock – Padded

This M249 build looks to rein in the substantial kick of this beast of an LMG through several attachments to make it the king of zone control, though don’t expect it to be anywhere near nimble as the best XDefiant MP7 loadout or XDefiant ACR loadout. After all, the M249 is an LMG, naturally trading speed for a high ammo capacity and damage.

The first step to increasing the accuracy and stability of this rather unwieldy weapon is the Stabilizing Barrel. This attachment provides a small but noticeable improvement to both horizontal and vertical recoil control. However, this does come with a slight negative to sprint-shoot time and aim walking speed, making this weapon a little more sluggish, particularly in close range. You’ll definitely want to keep your distance from the likes of the XDefiant Vector loadout, which is devastating in close-range.

Next, the Angled Grip offers a further improvement to horizontal recoil, alongside a nice boost to aim stability, which can come in handy when holding down lanes. While it will also further reduce mobility through a -5% movement speed stat, it’s a perfect match for the LMG playstyle. With that said, if you’re adept at controlling the recoil or would rather a more nimble M249 build, then the Superlight Grip is the way to go, offering bonus ADS time and movement speed at the cost of recoil recovery.

We’ve also opted for the Reflex optic in this M249 build. Given the kick of the weapon and the generally obtrusive iron sights, the Reflex Sight gives us a clear view of enemies when chaos breaks out. However, if you don’t think you need an optic, then you can free this slot up for a muzzle attachment. We recommend either the Compensator to improve vertical recoil, or the Muzzle Brake to aid horizontal recoil, depending on which type you’re struggling with the most.

The Grip Tape rear grip is one of the most important attachments we’re using improving vertical recoil control and recoil recovery. Though it does make the ADS time worse, which can make it tricky to outmatch an SMG like the XDefiant MP5 loadout if you’re caught off guard, the trade-off is worth it. After all, LMGs like the M249 loadout excel at holding down zones over the more traditional run-and-gun playstyle of other weapon types.

And for our last attachment, we’ve got the Padded Stock, the most versatile stock option. This will significantly enhance recoil recovery, aim stability, and even ADS hit flinch. With an LMG, these are great stats to build upon, letting us stay on target much more comfortably. Unlike the other stock options, the Padded Stock also doesn’t have any drawbacks, making it an easy pick.

You can see a similar M249 loadout in action in the video below by ‘Destroyerfield51’:

YouTube Thumbnail

Now that you’ve got the best M249 build, you just need a great class setup and to get used to the rather unique playstyle of this hefty LMG. Once you have though, you can control the map and any objective in the variety of XDefiant game modes.

XDefiant M249 class setup

The best M249 class setup in XDefiant will use the D50 sidearm and an EMP Grenade to further our ability to dominate sight-lines and zones.

The M249 sits perfectly into mid-range engagements, so we need a versatile sidearm that can hold its own at both close and mid-range fights. Well, in comes the D50. The Desert Eagle is a powerful and dependable sidearm, and with the right attachments it only gets better. We’ve opted for the Barrel Extender, Reflex Sight, Quick Mag, and Quick Draw, as this improves how quickly it can be drawn, alongside its range, which could save your life just when you need it.

As for equipment, we recommend an EMP Grenade. This will let you shutdown enemy abilities, which is great for defending objectives or helping your team push in. However, just about any equipment works well with this M249 loadout. For example, a Flashbang will leave enemies vulnerable, while a Frag Grenade can flush enemies out of cover and into your line of sight before you unload a full ammo belt. You could even use a Proximity Mine to cover your back if you’re holding a specific angle.

And that covers the best XDefiant M249 loadout and class setup, with a complete build for the weapon. Despite it generally being hard for LMGS to rank among the best XDefiant guns due to their lack of mobility in a fast-paced shooter, the M249 is nonetheless great for controlling the map. If you’re looking for a new shooter, why not check out the best FPS games right now?