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XDefiant MP5 loadout best build and class setup

If you want a close-range loadout, then it doesn’t get much better than the best XDefiant MP5 build in Ubisoft’s free-to-play FPS game.

With a lot of the focus being on close-range gunplay in Ubisoft’s free-to-play shooter, the best XDefiant MP5 loadout will do just the trick. Alongside assault rifles, SMGs are dominating the game right now, so you don’t want to miss out. However, the MP5A2 won’t be the strongest weapon right out of the box. You’ll need the best MP5 build in XDefiant to really see it shine.

This XDefiant MP5 build and loadout is a very strong option in the XDefiant meta, with many players heralding it among the best XDefiant guns you can choose from. While we’re partial to the XDefiant MP7 loadout, we’ve created the best MP5 to take top spot in any of the XDefiant game modes and XDefiant maps.

XDefiant MP5 loadout

The best XDefiant MP5 loadout is:

  • Muzzle – Barrel Extender
  • Front Rail – Superlight
  • Optics – Reflex
  • Magazine – Quick Mag
  • Rear Grip – Quick Draw

This MP5 build emphasizes mobility and accuracy above all else, making it a monster in close-range firefights. With great handling, it’s a very reliable and dependable weapon. You really can’t go wrong with the MP5A2.

XDefiant MP5 loadout: An MP5A2 build in the weapon customization screen.

For our first attachment, we’ve chosen the Barrel Extender muzzle. This is a must-pick for almost any MP5 loadout, and SMGs in general, since it offers invaluable short and medium range effectiveness. With SMGs dropping off at further ranges, this not only improves close-range efficacy but also medium range, letting us punch slightly above our weight. However, this will hurt recoil recovery and sprint-shoot time, though we’ll compensate for the latter with other attachments.

On that note, the Superlight Grip provides this MP5 build increased ADS time and movement speed at the cost of further reduced recoil recovery. This is vital in amplifying the agility and handling of the weapon, which is exactly what we need when you’re diving in and out of cover, right in the faces of our foes. Furthermore, recoil recovery isn’t all that important for SMGs, so the negative is negligible. Another option is the Pistol Grip, which grants massively improved sprint-shoot time, minimum spread, and maximum spread, with a slight negative impact on horizontal recoil. Hip-fire is rather inconsistent in XDefiant, making the Superlight Grip our preferred option, though you might find the Pistol Grip suits you better.

For our third attachment, we’ve chosen to go with the Reflex optic. From our experience, the MP5A2 iron sights can be fairly restrictive, making target acquisition more difficult in the heat of the moment. The Reflex Sight gives us greater visibility, which works wonders. However, if you don’t want an optic, then you can use this attachment slot for a stock. We recommend using the Folded or Removed stock options for a strong MP5 build. Folded is our preferred option, increasing movement speed, minimum spread, and maximum spread. On the other hand, Removed will increase sprint-shoot time drastically, alongside a small boost to movement speed. However, it does so by significantly hindering ADS hit flinch, minimum spread, and maximum spread, hurting hip-fire accuracy.

As for the magazine, Quick Mag is your best bet. While Fast Mag does offer a massive 40% increased reload speed, it does so by reducing ADS time and ADS hit flinch. This makes Quick Mag’s moderate increase to reload speed and ammo capacity with zero drawbacks an enticing option. From our experience, the trade-off with ADS time is too significant to make the 40% increased reload speed the stronger choice, though you may prefer the quicker reload.

The Quick Draw rear grip is our final attachment. Used in many loadouts, Quick Draw is the cherry on top of this already strong MP5 build. This greatly improves handling through enhanced sprint-shoot time and ADS time, with a small knock to aim stability which isn’t all that impactful of a decrease.

You can see a similar build being used by content creator ‘Wacke’ in the video below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Once you’ve got this MP5 loadout setup, you’ll have a devastating close-range weapon with superb handling. While the XDefiant Vector loadout will give it a run for its money in tight spaces, the MP5 will have the edge with better range overall.

XDefiant MP5 loadout: The MP5A2 class setup in the class customization screen.

XDefiant MP5 class setup

As for the rest of your kit, the best MP5 class setup will feature the D50 sidearm and a Frag Grenade.

The MP5 is a great all-round weapon, making the D50 a strong secondary weapon option that can compete in close and medium range for sidearms. We’ve opted for the Barrel Extender, Quick Mag, Reflex Sight, and Quick Draw to take full advantage of its strengths. A similar weapon you could use is the 686 Magnum, another sidearm that can compete at longer ranges and bolsters great damage.

And last but not least, the Frag Grenade is a great equipment choice. While just about any equipment will do, especially Flashbang Grenades and EMP Grenades, the Frag is perfect for pushing enemies out of cover and clearing objectives before we move in. Nevertheless, you can always pick your favorite equipment, as there’s not really a wrong way to go.

That covers the best XDefiant MP5 loadout, build, and class setup you can make. While there’s lots of XDefiant classes and XDefiant Factions to choose from, we’ve found Libertad’s ability to self-heal a potent combination, though it’s always best to pick the character that best fits your playstyle, as well as the map and mode you’re on. And if you want to change things up with a long-range build, give the XDefiant MK 20 loadout a spin.