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Four Destiny 2 The Final Shape emblem codes can be claimed right now

After the codes leaked months ahead of time, you can now claim the exclusive and stunning Destiny 2 The Final Shape emblem codes for yourself.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape emblem codes Collector's Edition: A diagonally split image with a close-up of the Witness on the left and an image of The Final Shape Collector's Edition on the right, featuring various books and papers, and a large silver statue of the Tower.

One of the most exciting parts of every Destiny 2 collector’s edition is finding all the sneaky details and hidden, exclusive emblems to unlock. What’s even better is that these emblem codes don’t require you to purchase the pricey premium package to claim them. With the delayed Destiny 2 The Final Shape now set for June 2024, there’s still quite a bit of waiting left to do until we can get our hands on the special edition. Well, that would have been the case had the four secret Destiny 2 The Final Shape emblem codes not leaked early.

While emblems aren’t quite the peak of fashion and personalization in Destiny 2, one of the best FPS games on PS5 and Xbox, there’s nothing a Guardian loves more than collecting things – and this applies to emblems as well. Thankfully, there are four new emblems that everyone can claim, as well as one emblem that is, unfortunately, exclusive to those who have purchased the expensive collector’s edition.

Nevertheless, it means you’re now able to get your hands on some exclusive The Final Shape goodies months ahead of time – and you can start flexing them in one of the best multiplayer games.

All you have to do to redeem them is head over to Bungie.net and sign in with your account and platform. Once you’ve signed in, enter the codes (or copy and paste them) and they’ll immediately be added to your account for use right away, even though the Destiny 2 The Final Shape release date is still months away.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape emblem codes collector's edition: An infographic showing the five collector's edition emblems stack vertically.

The Destiny 2 The Final Shape collector’s edition emblem codes are:

  • Archived: PTD-GKG-CVN
  • Myopia: FMM-44A-RKP
  • Gone Home: 3CV-D6K-RD4
  • Folding Space: 3J9-AMM-7MG
  • Gateway: Exclusive CE emblem

Our personal favorite is Folding Space, because its rustic style is as charming as it is unique when it comes to Destiny 2’s expansive emblem library. Thankfully, the collector’s exclusive Gateway emblem isn’t all that exciting, so you’re not missing out on much.

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It’s believed that a content creator leaked these codes early – rather than an eager (and lucky) fan receiving their package early. This comes from ‘BungieLeaks’ which claims that these codes “weren’t supposed to release until the general public got a hold of them around May.”

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