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Alleged PS5 Pro specs are impressive, but lack a key component

Sony is reportedly bringing the PS5 Pro model to players in 2024, but the allegedly PS5 Pro specs appear to lack an substantial upgrade.

PS5 Pro Specs: An image of the PlayStation 5 from the Deep Earth Collection.

Rumors surrounding the existence of the PS5 Pro have been heating up recently, and now new claims further purport its arrival in 2024. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a mid-gen refresh for Sony’s flagship console, but unlike the PS4 Pro, the supposed list of PS5 Pro specs is crucially lacking when it comes to SSD space – which is worrying.

Installing new PS5 games or many of the free PS Plus games available can be pretty brutal on your SSD space. Even with one of the best PS5 SSDs installed, you’ll quickly fill it up with acclaimed FPS games like The Finals. According to a report from Insider Gaming, the forthcoming refresh of the PlayStation 5 will boast 45% faster rendering times, 2-3x more Ray Tracing capabilities, and PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution upscaling.

The list of PS5 Pro specs also claims to support 8K resolution, a rumor that was previously attributed to the arrival of the PS6. While it all sounds impressive on paper, it’s all made redundant if the PS5 Pro still opts to stick with the standard 825GB SSD in the current model. As we know, some of that is taken up by mandatory software, reducing it down to around 670GB. These days, many of the best PS5 games out there consume space without hesitation, often clocking in beyond the 100GB mark.

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We still dread the annual installation of a new Call of Duty game. Sports games like NBA 2K24 tally up to a massive 160GB, making your decisions for filling your PS5 dashboard all the more important. If a PS5 Pro is on the cards, then Sony needs to supplement with a drastic upgrade to its minimum SSD space.

The PS4 Pro gave players a 1TB HDD to play around with, bumping it from the original size of 500GB. We’d be eager to see Sony take the PS5 Pro up to at least 2TB, but naturally, a price bump will likely come with that luxury.

It is understood that development kits, per Insider Gaming’s report, are already in the hands of studios. Furthermore, the PS5 Pro could be in the homes of players this holiday. However, these plans could change given that Sony is reducing its focus on existing IPs and has no major first-party releases on the agenda.

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Until then, here are some games to keep your eyes on. We recently spoke to Embark Studios about crafting The Finals Season 2, and Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League’s biggest update is almost here.