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Rumored PS6 specs sound great, if you can take advantage of them

New PS6 hardware rumors claim it'll boast 8K 120 FPS gaming experiences, but most PlayStation owners might not be able to see the benefits.

New PS6 specs: An image of Nathan Drake from Uncharted and an 8K TV.

Time flies fast in the gaming world, and we’re already four years into the PS5‘s life cycle. It won’t be long before Sony introduces a beefier PS5 Pro or even the PS6. Rumors are claiming that the next-gen console will continue Sony’s relationship with AMD, and it could boast graphical feats like 8K resolution at 60 frames-per-second. That sounds fantastic, but how many players will be able to experience it properly?

Sony’s rumored PS6 specs come from YouTuber ‘Moore Is Dead’ and ‘RedGamingTech’, who allege that Sony will continue to work with AMD on providing the hardware that can handle both 4K 120 FPS and 8K 60 FPS. The choice to continue with AMD is due to Sony’s already dedicated team that is familiar with AMD’s tech, rather than opting to use competitor products from companies like Nvidia. While it is possible it could be in preparation for a PS5 Pro model, there is a chance it could be the PS6.

Recent Xbox rumors claim Microsoft is skipping over a next-gen refresh completely, avoiding a more powerful version of the Xbox Series X|S consoles in favor of the purported Project Brooklyn. That makes it a prime opportunity for Sony to ramp up its efforts, too. Even if you have one of the best PS5 monitors around, it sounds like you won’t get to witness the full potential of Sony’s rumored next-gen refresh.

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Currently, the PS5 can boast 4K 120 FPS games, though new PS5 games with this included are few and far between. According to a report from Push Square, there are only 99 games that output 120 FPS specifically. So, if Sony is wanting to push the visual sheen of 8K goodness, it’ll require some serious cash to see the benefits.

Typically, the best gaming TVs around max out at 4K resolution, with pricier options giving you the refresh rate boost of 120Hz. Jumping up into the current 8K TV market means setting aside at least $1200, and that’s just for considering entry-level options. Beyond that, TVs like the Samsung QE75QN800CTXXU sell for $3500, with the top of the price ladder going as far as $18,000 with the LG OLED77Z19LA.

Similar price ranges apply to monitors too, and that’s on top of the ever-increasing focus on how much games cost. With developers like Ubisoft claiming to be in the “quadruple-A” gaming space with titles like Skull and Bones, expensive additions to your gaming setup could be the least of your worries.

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Of course, there is still plenty of time before Sony introduces another next-gen console, and the choice of more affordable 8K TVs and monitors might be vaster. Until then, you can check out some of the best PS5 games around like Helldivers 2if you can find a match, that is.