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Helldivers 2 servers continue to struggle despite new PS5 update

Helldivers 2's playercount is increasing fast, and despite a new PS5 update to improve matchmaking, server issues are still ongoing.

Helldivers 2 servers: An image of a Helldiver in Helldivers 2.

Liberating the galaxy is a team effort in Helldivers 2, but finding other Helldivers hasn’t been easy so far. Disconnecting or failing to join matches are two of the most prevalent issues the game is facing right now. Most live service games are prone to teething issues upon release and Helldivers 2 servers are no exception.

Since the launch of Helldivers 2, matchmaking has persisted as a major pain point for the new PS5 game. The game’s quickplay functionality struggles to work properly, while finding other players to join your solo adventures can be just as difficult. Developer Arrowhead Games Studios is working to squash these bugs, and now PS5 players can download a new PS5 update to aid the situation.

According to the developer, the latest Helldivers 2 patch notes focus on “resolving crashes” and “improving matchmaking functionality”, but it hasn’t managed to rectify this for a lot of players. Another obstacle has now emerged, as a message saying ‘Server Request Failed – Error Code -1’ is now affecting the game. While this issue appears to cropping up mainly for PC players, PS5 players are now also facing down severe frame rate drops to make matters worse.

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However, if you’re one of these players encountering these matchmaking-orientated problems, there is one suggestion that may help. This isn’t a guaranteed fix, but in our experience with the fresh multiplayer game, turning off Helldivers 2 crossplay has had positive results. Since turning it off, we have seen improvements in finding games by selecting missions at the War Table, as random players can join the battle.

Sadly, using the quickplay function still isn’t always viable option, though it may work for you. Regardless of its technical problems, once you start playing Helldivers 2, you’ll quickly find it is one of the best multiplayer games available on PS5. We’ve been having a blast ramping up the difficulty to take on more brutal objectives, and fighting not one, but two Bile Titans. The grind can be a little slow, but unlocking weapons like the Laser Canon and mowing down hordes of critters is so damn fun.

It’ll take you up to 100 hours to get everything Helldivers 2 has to offer cosmetic-wise, but we’re not scoffing at a free battle pass. Future updates to the game will also be free according to the studio, so expect plenty more to come as players liberate more sectors.