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PS5 players’ wait for Helldivers 2 crossplay info is finally over

A new PS5 Blog post from developer Arrowhead Game Studios confirms Helldiver 2 crossplay support, as well as its recommended PC specs.

Helldivers 2 crossplay: a Helldiver wearing a steely cobalt armor set

The launch of Helldivers 2 is just around the corner, but developer Arrowhead Game Studios has kept a suspiciously tight lip on one core component of its co-op shooter – crossplay. That is, until now, as we’ve finally had it confirmed that Helldivers 2 crossplay will be present at launch on PS5.

In a new PlayStation Blog post, Arrowhead social media and community manager Katherine Baskin gives us the lowdown on just how cooperative we’ll get to be when what could be one of 2024’s best multiplayer games finally lands on February 8. “We’re pleased to announce that Helldivers 2 supports crossplay,” Baskin states. “Community and teamwork are the most important pillars of Helldivers 2, and so it is essential to ensure players can work together regardless of the system they choose to use.”

Crossplay can be a sensitive subject for fans of some shooters, given the differences (both real and perceived) in keyboard and mouse inputs on PC and controller inputs on consoles. However, for a co-op shooter like Helldivers 2, where playing with pals and getting into games quickly is important, it’s a must. We’re relieved that it is now confirmed and, if the gameplay delivers, it’s a prime candidate for our best crossplay games list.

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Helldivers 2 is poised to take the twin-stick shooting carnage of its 2015 predecessor to lofty new heights on current-gen hardware, shifting from a top-down perspective to a fully-fledged third-person shooter. While we now know we can play with our buddies on PC, however, it’s still not entirely clear if we’ll be able to experience it in crispy 4K 60 fps on console.

Looking at the Helldivers 2 PC specs detailed elsewhere in the blog, Arrowhead Games Studios is recommending either an RTX 4070 Ti or RX 7900 XTX – far more powerful chips than what you’ll find in your PS5. While at first it looks like you won’t be getting the most out of your best gaming TV, taking into account the fact that console versions are typically better optimized, as well as existing gameplay footage, appears to paint a different picture.

Back in September fans were treated to a fresh look at one of the year’s most-anticipated new PS5 games as devs got hands-on with a Bile Titan takedown mission. The footage, uploaded in 4K, appears to have been captured from the PS5 itself, which is great news when it comes to gauging how well it’s going to perform at launch. Of course, we could be looking at 1080p footage upscaled to 4K, so we’ll have to see for ourselves when the Helldivers 2 release date arrives.

Regardless of how it performs on launch, we’re just glad to see that Helldivers 2 crossplay support is finally written in stone. The original Helldivers is one of the best twin-sticks we’ve had the pleasure of playing, so we can’t wait to see if Arrowhead can replicate its form and put out one of the best games of 2024.