Helldivers 2 release date window, developer, trailer

Find out what to expect from the return of PlayStation's long-dormant seires and how things are changing ahead of the Helldivers 2 release date on PS5.

Helldivers 2: A Helldiver can be seen

When is the Helldivers 2 release date? Yes, after a leak from Nvidia, and rumors for years, Helldivers 2 has finally been announced and is coming exclusively to PS5. But what exactly is Helldivers and what can you expect from this new shooter, which should fill a gap in Sony’s lineup now that Killzone has been retired?

Helldivers was a 2015 game from Arrowhead Game Studios, originally released on the PS3, PS4, and the PS Vita (yes the PS Vita). But the scale and size have been upped for the sequel and instead of a top-down game, Helldivers 2 is a fully-fledged shooter that will almost certainly end up on our top shooting games list, alongside our best PS5 FPS games list.

Helldivers 2 release date window

The Helldivers 2 release date is set for 2023 on PS5 and PC. The date was announced at the PlayStation Showcase alongside the reveal trailer and it will be one of the first PlayStation Studios games to launch simultaneously on PC and PS5.

Helldivers 2 developer

The developer of Helldivers 2 on PS5 is Arrowhead Game Studios, who originally developed the first game all the way back in 2015. The studio has also made Magicka, Gauntlet, and The Showdown Effect.

Helldivers 2 story

The setup of Helldivers 2 is that Super-Earth is under attack from alien civilizations and with its values threatened, you step in as one of the elite class of soldiers known as the Helldivers.

As a Helldiver you “take on the role of galactic peacekeepers in this Galactic War”, protecting your home planet and spreading democracy.

Helldivers 2 gameplay

The Helldivers 2 gameplay trailer shows off a wide variety of environments, aliens to kill, and resources to harvest. The game also looks to be a multiplayer co-op game where you join a group of peacekeepers to spread peace and democracy.

YouTube Thumbnail

The tone looks quite different from the first game, but the size and scale really show off the ambitions of the studio eight years after the original game. On the PlayStation Blog, Arrowhead details the massive onslaught of Teminids you will face off against, completing missions to upgrade your ship and building an impressive arsenal of gear and weapons.

As we mentioned, co-op is at the roots of the game and you can play in teams to strategize on missions and complete objectives together. But, you will have to aim carefully as friendly fire is on at all times, so stray bullets may be your downfall.

That covers what we know about the return of this series ahead of the Helldivers 2 release date. There are a number of the top shooting games like our list of the best FPS games already on PS5, but this could definitely make it onto the list and become one of the best PS5 games overall.