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Helldivers 2’s future PS5 updates will ‘always be free’

Helldivers 2 developer is learning the right lessons with live service, adding promising free new content “constantly” and removing frustrating FOMO features.

Helldivers 2 free updates live service Warbonds: A Helldiver dressed in white armor reloading a weapon. A colorful PlayStation icon is featured to the left of the character.

With the release of Helldivers 2 imminently approaching, there has been some concern from PS5 fans that the switch to live-service would prove disappointing. However, developer Arrowhead Games has recently clarified that all live-service updates are “always going to be free and expand the experience”.

As one of the most promising new PS5 games and PS5 exclusives, there are a lot more eyes on Helldivers 2 than its predecessor. However, the move towards live service has been a concern among the PS5 community – especially with the recent Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League failing to hit the mark with its grindy endgame and loot systems.

However, the developer has sought to assuage this worry by claiming in the official Discord that it is “constantly going to add more stuff to the game” and, thankfully, it is “always going to be free”. These post-launch additions will add new enemies to face off against, new objectives to tackle, and even new biomes to drop into that will “expand the experience”. In fact, the reveal of pilotable mechs in a recent trailer gives us an idea of what we can expect from the post-launch support going forward.

Alongside these free updates are Warbonds, Arrowhead’s take on a battle pass. Sagar Beroshi, Deputy Game Director on Helldivers 2, notes that it’s “trying to model a unique type of live service with the Warbonds”. Bringing new unlockable gear that gives you “different ways to approach problems within missions”, each Warbond sounds like a promising new addition that will get us orbitally dropping into any old bug-infested hellhole to get our grubby hands on new items.

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Like battle passes, Warbonds give access to “multiple pages” of items. While these are bought with real money – apart from the debut Helldivers Mobilize Warbond – they won’t disappear. Taking notes from the underappreciated feature in Halo Infinite, “Warbonds are NOT a pay-to-win, FOMO-driven system”. Beroshi goes on to explain that the game “will not retire earlier Warbonds as new ones are released – you can pick them up and complete them at any time”.

This is undoubtedly great news for Helldivers fans looking to get stuck into the action and fight for Super Earth for the long haul, with a promising balance of free gameplay updates and paid cosmetic content. After recent Helldivers 2 previews, it could very well be one of the best co-op games out there, so long as you can stomach hordes of hungry bugs stampeding towards you. If the long-term support pans out, it could even stand among the best PS5 games – it’s certainly caught our attention ever since the chaotic trailers first dropped.