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New leaks detail PS5 Pro hardware just days after ‘slim’ model reveal

If you want more power from your PlayStation console, you'll be pleased to learn that new PS5 Pro leaks are appearing online just days after Sony's slim reveal.

PS5 Pro leaks hardware: an image of Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4 with a PS5 Slim

If you think you might be in the market for a new PlayStation 5 console anytime soon, it might actually be worth holding off on your purchase – just for a little while. Just days after Sony’s new slimmer PS5 model reveal, new PS5 Pro leaks are appearing online; if true, they’re going to be worth waiting for.

The PS5 is already one of the best games consoles out there, if not the best, but PlayStation fans are still clamoring for more on the long-rumored PS5 Pro. Sure, there might not be anything concrete suggesting such a console is ever coming, but Sony’s track record and fans’ desire to get the absolute most from the best PS5 games has kept the conversations coming – and all the rumors and leaks you’d expect along with them.

Now, just under a week after Sony’s announcement that a new base PS5 model – that’s slimmer and smaller than the original – is going to be phased into the market from November 2023, new information about the hardware inside the as-yet-unannounced PS5 Pro model is appearing online. It’s all sounding fairly believable, too.

As the media outlet Wccftech reports, leaker ‘RedGamingTech‘ is claiming that the upcoming PS5 Pro model will be powered by an eight-core Zen 2 CPU – which is the same architecture system used by the PS5 at the moment, just better – with a GPU running at 2,500 to 2,800 MHz and 16 GB GDDR6 memory. We know that’s a lot of jargon, but it’s all an improvement on the current PS5 hardware and, importantly, not an outrageous improvement at that.

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Of course, though, it’s worth taking this all with a rather large pinch of salt. We know you might have trouble displaying your new PS5 slim model console, but the fact that this is coming out in a matter of weeks would suggest that any sort of PS5 Pro model is – at least – a couple of months away. That is, if it’s coming at all. The PS4 Pro launched November 2016, while the PS4 Slim launched September 2016. That’s only a two-month difference, sure, but we can imagine we would know a lot more about the PS5 Pro if it was dropping in January 2024 – as an example.

Still, there are a lot of new PS5 games that would benefit from the improved hardware possibly on the way and we can only imagine Sony would want to make sure it’s delivering the best experience available – especially without access to all the Xbox Game Pass games Microsoft can offer up.

For now, though, if you want to improve your PS5 experience, you can check out our picks for the best PS5 accessories and the best PS5 SSD options right now. Of course, upgrading to a PS5 Pro would be a fantastic way to improve your setup, if they were available, but these will all offer a more immediate difference – and, it’ll be a lot cheaper, too.