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The new PS5 slim model is here, but you may have trouble displaying it

Sony and PlayStation is finally detailing the new slim PS5 model, although it unusually doesn't come with a vertical stand, so displaying it could be an issue.

PS5 slim model: an image of Kratos from GOW Ragnarok and the new PS5

At long last, after what feels like a forever’s worth of rumors and leaks, PlayStation is debuting a new PS5 model for players to pick up ahead of the holiday season. This PS5 slim model is missing a few kilograms, you’ll be pleased to know, and it still boasts the same technological prowess as before. However, it’s also missing a few things the original console came with.

Ahead of its November 2023 release window, PlayStation is detailing everything you can expect from it’s brand new PS5 console – a slim model which cuts down on 30% of the original design’s volume and around 20% of the original design’s weight. Does this make it the best gaming console out there, now? Well, alongside all the best PS5 games available on the platform, it can’t hurt.

Featuring an attachable – and detachable – disc drive you can purchase separately, this new PlayStation 5 model is set to come with “four separate cover panels” and “a 1TB SSD for more internal storage” – according to this PlayStation Blog post.

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When you think about the main issues with the original PS5 model, namely that it was huge and weighed a ton, it’s hard to argue with the improvements PlayStation is making. The prices aren’t changing, you have the option to spread the cost by buying the detachable disc drive separately at a later date, and it’s still going to deliver high-resolution gameplay at fast speeds – because all the internal tech is largely the same.

However, unusually, unlike the original PS5 model, the new slimmer version doesn’t actually come with a vertical display stand. You’ll find a small horizontal display stand in the box, but – and we quote – “a new vertical stand compatible with all PS5 models will be sold separately at $29.99 [or] £24.99”. That’s right, if you want to stand your new PS5 up, you’re going to need to shell out an extra $30 for the privilege.

You can check it out below, separately, below:

PS5 slim model: an image of the vertical stand sold seperately

We know this isn’t too much extra money in the grand scheme of things, but it can add up – especially if you’re trying to pick up one of the best PS5 headsets or another one of the best PS5 accessories alongside your new console. Of course, there’s also the onslaught of new PS5 games to consider – most of which will set you back upwards of $65, at least.

That doesn’t even take into account anyone who wants to kick things off with improved internal storage; all the best PS5 SSD options will cost you around $100 – at least. You might get lucky with a deal when the PS5 releases in November, with Black Friday right around the corner, but these remain largely the same price beyond that. Oh, and this console also swaps out the front-mounted USB-A with another USB-C. So, while you have the same number of ports, you’re going to need adapters if you’re using any basic USB cables.

With the Spider-Man 2 release date, the Alan Wake 2 release date, the Modern Warfare 3 release date, and more all coming up, it’s never been a better time to pick up a new PS5. You’ll be able to play all the new PS5 games and new PS4 games with a much sleeker console. PS Plus Premium users now have 100 free movies to watch, too – if you needed more convincing. You just need to be prepared to spend a little more if you want to display it vertically – which is a shame.