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Wuthering Waves PS5 port is coming, just don’t expect it any time soon

Wuthering Waves developer Kuro tells us at GDC that there is a plan for a console release, but it sounds like it will arrive much later down the line.

Wuthering Waves PS5 release date: A split image with Taoqi posing with her hand raised to her chin on the left side, and a white PlayStation logo against a blue background on the right side of the image.

The upcoming gacha RPG Wuthering Waves has attracted a great deal of attention for its Genshin Impact-like gameplay. While there’s plenty of conversation about it releasing on PC and mobile, talk of the game coming to console has been far quieter. However, developer Kuro Game Studio confirms to us at GDC that there is still a plan to bring the game to consoles, but it sounds like Wuthering Waves PS5 and PS4 versions will arrive much further down the line.

During our hands-on session with the game’s upcoming Closed Beta Test 2, Lennon Li, overseas marketing specialist, confirms to us that Kuro does intend to bring Wuthering Waves to console. “We do have a plan [to release] on console, but we’re still working on it,” Li reveals.

While Li doesn’t mention any platforms specifically, this supports news from Unreal Fest Shanghai at the end of 2023 which suggested Wuthering Waves would be a new PS5 game and new PS4 game, alongside PC and mobile. Translated from Chinese, this presentation claimed Wuthering Waves would be released on PS5 and PS4, with the PS5’s graphical settings being on par with ultra settings on PC.

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Looking to take on Genshin Impact, one of the best RPG games for gacha-heads, Wuthering Waves will certainly have some competition – especially as both are targeting the PlayStation crowd. Though the developer is yet to explicitly say that Xbox players won’t be able to join in on the action, like HoYoverse’s titles, Wuthering Waves is on track to be a PS4 and PS5 exclusive.

As for when the Wuthering Waves PS5 release date will be, it’s unlikely to be any time soon, judging by Li’s response. The open-world game is yet to get a release date on its headlining platforms, let alone console. If it’s anything like HoYoverse’s approach, don’t expect to be playing Wuthering Waves on PlayStation until several months after it hits PC and mobile.

Hopefully it will be worth the wait as Wuthering Waves could become one of the best PS5 games, provided it can nail the gameplay, live-service structure, and fair gacha mechanics. From the playtests so far, it’s clear the developer has paid close attention to this – with further improvements promised leading up to the full launch of Wuthering Waves. Keep your eyes peeled for our own thoughts on Wuthering Waves, and more insights from Li, over the coming days.

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Interview conducted by Aaron Down at GDC.