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Helldivers 2 update accidentally teases new gear with a “rogue item”

With the rogue addition of the Catalog Expansion, we’ve got a sneak peek into upcoming Helldivers 2 updates and gear that we’ll need to defend Super Earth.

Helldivers 2 Catalog Expansion update rogue item: A split image with the interior of the ship on the left, with the war table at the center, and a close-up of a Helldiver running on the right side.

The pace at which Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead Games has served up new content is simply astounding – especially as most of it is secretly added, just waiting for players to discover it for themselves after every new Helldivers 2 update. However, it doesn’t always go as planned. A new addition to your ship’s upgrade modules is the Helldivers 2 Catalog Expansion, a “rogue item” that gives us a look at future content well ahead of time.

Head on over to your ship management computer in Helldivers 2, one of the best co-op games on PS5, and you’ll find the Catalog Expansion module in the Bridge section. The description reads: “New stratagem permits added to the ship management terminal for purchase.” The upgrade also reduces the deployment time for Orbital stratagems by one second.

Arrowhead’s community manager ‘Baskinator’ has issued an in-universe warning to players over on the Discord server, instructing “all Helldivers to avoid this rogue item until further notice” because the “Ministry of Truth cannot confirm the reliability or safety of this item, nor can they confirm its origin.” In other words, it was added to one of the best multiplayer games by accident and claiming it could cause some issues for you until the developer can patch things up.

While the item is bugged and won’t actually do anything in-game right now, it does give us a hint about content coming in the near future. Since the Catalog Expansion looks to add new stratagems, while the upgrade effect focuses on Orbital stratagems, we can reasonably assume that Super Earth is gearing up to reinforce Helldivers with some new Orbital stratagems – and we’re not going to say no to that given the increasing strength of our enemies. Plus, calling in 500kg bombs on Terminids will never stop being a blast.

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The recent arsenal upgrades with the Democratic Detonation Warbond and the surprise drop of the LAS-99 and MG-101 certainly help, but the odds are becoming increasingly stacked against us – not that we’re losing faith, so please don’t alert Super Earth’s authorities. We’re still waiting for the terrifying Illuminate faction to show up and ruin our day with its high-tech firepower, while there are reports of Dune-like mega-worms burrowing under our very feet. Being a Helldiver isn’t an easy job…

We’re hoping the Catalog Expansion also brings along a minigun Stratagem that the developer has been debating with the community. Nevertheless, the near-constant surprise addition of content like this is one of the many reasons that Helldivers 2 has become one of the best PS5 games and PS5 exclusives in such a short time.