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Helldivers 2 wants to give you miniguns, but balancing them is tricky

Arrowhead's CEO agrees with you that a Helldivers 2 Gatling gun would be incredibly fun, but don't expect to see one in the PS5 shooter any time soon.

Helldivers 2 miniguns: A split image showing a Helldivers 2 player facing a massive explosion and a close up shot of a Helldivers 2 soldier in their iconic black helmet

From flamethrowers to rail guns, you can wield some pretty awesome weapons in Helldivers 2. But there’s one weapon missing that would be the ideal democracy-spreader in the PS5 shooter – a Gatling gun. ‘Divers have been suggesting that miniguns should be added to the game’s arsenal, and it sounds like Arrowhead Game Studios wants to make your dreams come true. However, it says there are some big gameplay obstacles it needs to figure out before it does.

In many shooters – from top-downs, to FPS games, to third-person experiences like Helldivers 2 – Gatling guns often appear as rare, desirable, and devastating weapons. Usually boasting enormous ammo capacity, a ridiculously-high rate of fire, and massive damage output, miniguns are guaranteed fun in multiplayer games. Just think of the Juggernaut killstreak in Call of Duty, or the chaingun from Doom, and the beautiful carnage they can create. So, what are your chances of getting that same carnage in Helldivers 2?

Well, in a thread on social media, Arrowhead’s CEO Johan Pilestedt suggests that it is definitely on the cards, but that some serious work would need to be done to balance them in one of this year’s best PS5 games.

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“Gatling guns as support weapons are cool, but only if they accurately represent the insane recoil,” Pilestedt says. “We may [add them], but it will require some real cool mechanics.”

We think a minigun would be an excellent addition to Helldivers 2, but we’re in total agreement with the game’s head honcho that it needs to feel authentic.

Following his comments, there has been a barrage of suggestions from both the community and Pilestedt himself on how to achieve this. These include a deployable tripod, a very limited ammo capacity, or mechanics that require teamwork, such as having a second Helldiver steadying you to improve recoil or having a teammate carry the ammo drum or belt.

Given how much recoil it would produce, we think there’s an excellent opportunity to add in some strategic layers, making this less of a solo shredder and more a weapon that requires teamwork from your squad to maximize its efficiency – this is one of the best co-op games, after all. It also goes without saying that a minigun would have to be a Strategem weapon, rather than a primary, due to the immense power it’d certainly bring.

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So, if like us you’re impatiently waiting for the day you finally hear a minigun spin up in Helldivers 2, your dreams sound like they might be answered. Just don’t expect it to be any time soon. The new Warbond recently added three new weapons and a new armor set that lets you turn yourself into an electrifying super weapon, so there’s plenty to be entertaining yourself with for the time being.

Although, a minigun would definitely come in handy for some of the rumored new enemies coming to Helldivers 2, including this massive Dune-like sandworm and a towering machine that looks a lot like the AT-ATs from Star Wars.