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The best Xbox One games 2024

Here's our extensive list of the best Xbox One games available, from platform exclusives to epic GOTY winners you can play right now.

What are the best Xbox One games? The Xbox One is getting older, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t amazing games to be found. Our picks for the best Xbox One games span multiple genres and a timeframe of well over a decade, showcasing just how many amazing titles there are. Want RPG adventures or swashbuckling chaos? The Xbox One still has it.

Though the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles are in the spotlight, there are still plenty of new Xbox games being released for its last-gen cousin. We’ll also be going over plenty of the best Xbox games of the Xbox One era, as there are some true classics and must-plays. We’ve even thrown in some live service and free multiplayer titles that, so if they take your fancy, be sure not to miss out on the best VPN for Xbox either.

The best Xbox One games are:

Best Xbox One games: A character on a horse next to a dragon at night in Elden Ring.

1. Elden Ring

With Elden Ring, FromSoftware has firmly cemented itself as the one and only master of the Soulslike genre – it did invent it, after all. As our Elden Ring review notes, the most impressive part of Elden Ring is how FromSoftware has managed to one-up itself to create what is arguably the best Soulslike ever. Not only has it crafted one of the most beautiful and twisted worlds in gaming, rivaled only by its past games, but it’s done so on such a monolithic scale.

It’s worth noting, though, that Elden Ring certainly won’t be for everyone. It’s impossible to deny the intentional challenge of the game, with Elden Ring bosses and even minor enemies presenting a significant hurdle. While the combat is exquisite and precise, it will definitely take some time to master if this is your first Souslike game. If that doesn’t put you off, though, then you’re in store for an adventure of a lifetime.

Journeying through the Lands Between, you’ll be met by towering landscapes, grotesque creatures, secrets galore, and a deeply intriguing narrative. With a rare 10/10 from us at The Loadout, Elden Ring is undoubtedly one of the best RPG games of all time.

Best Xbox One games: Basim overlooking a city at day in Assassin's Creed Mirage.

2. Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Ubisoft’s long-standing Assassin’s Creed series has had a rocky few years with the move away from small-scale, stealthy action-adventure games and into sprawling, 50-hour+ RPGs. While these new RPG titles have certainly found an audience, many old-school fans have been looking for something a bit more traditional. Well, that’s where Assassin’s Creed Mirage comes in.

As our Assassin’s Creed Mirage review explains, the intentionally smaller nature of Mirage is the key to its success. Journeying to 9th century Baghdad, you’ll get to explore a rich and dense location, packed full of detail. Even better though, is that this environment puts the focus back on parkour and stealth, which are much improved in Mirage. You’ll be sneaking across rooftops looking for the perfect opportunity to strike from the shadows, just like a Master Assassin would. Likewise, the narrative is similarly focused, choosing to tell a compact story about Basim, one of the series’ most interesting characters.

Long-time fans of the series will find much to love in this return to form for Ubisoft, while those new to the franchise will get to experience slick free-running, and complex assassination sandboxes. It’s one of the best Assassin’s Creed games in the storied series, and while it’ll look at its finest on next-gen consoles, it’s still a stunning experience on Xbox One.

Best Xbox One games: An Arc Hunter using a lightning staff against an enemy.

3. Destiny 2

While anything painted with the ‘live service’ brush is often scoffed at these days due to the amount of failed games there have been, Bungie proves with Destiny 2 that quality, surprise, and excitement don’t always have to be sacrificed with this model. Sure, it’s not perfect, but Destiny 2 stands as the live service game example, with years of seasonal content, expansions, and storylines under its belt. While the overarching Light and Dark Saga is soon to wrap up with the next expansion when The Final Shape release date arrives, Bungie still has plans to support Destiny 2 for years to come.

On combat alone, Destiny 2 stands out as one of the best FPS games. Add in an extremely deep class and loadout system, which is constantly added to and balanced with frequent updates, then you’ve got a combat loop and gear chase that is almost always engaging. Content-wise, Destiny 2 gets a yearly expansion, which includes a new campaign to playthrough, but every three months or so a fresh season will arrive with new activities, armor sets, weapons, and missions to push on the ongoing narrative.

The very basic elements of Destiny 2 and a limited amount of its content are free-to-play, so completely new players have a risk-free way to try it. Beginners should also check out our best Destiny 2 Titan build, Destiny 2 Warlock build, and Destiny 2 Hunter build guides. Then, if you agree that it’s one of the best Xbox One games, you can spend a bit of cash on expansions and season passes to enjoy more content.

Best Xbox One games: Cal blocking a storm trooper's attack with his lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

4. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is one of the best explorations of the universe to date, totally immersing you in the setting like never before.

Taking place five years after the events of Revenge of the Sith, you play as Cal Kestis, one of the few surviving Jedi after Order 66. You’ll soon embark on a galaxy-trotting adventure to solve a mystery, master the Force, and take the fight to the Empire. We’re glossing over a few details to avoid spoilers, but it’s an engrossing story that shouldn’t be missed, especially if you’re already a fan of Star Wars.

This stellar story is backed up by satisfying soulslike gameplay. Sure, it’s not quite as hard as the likes of Elden Ring, but you can expect rewarding lightsaber combat seasoned with Force powers, dodging, and blocking. There’s also lots of exploration, puzzle solving, and treasure hunting, so there’s lots to sink your teeth into.

Best Xbox One games: Lego versions of Rey and Kylo fight in Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

5. Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

If you’re after something a little less original on the story front when it comes to the best Star Wars games, then we’ve got you covered. Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga is the most complete way to experience all nine films in their full, Lego-y glory on Xbox One.

Once again, TT Games has popped off in the Lego-based space, pulling together a huge Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga character list in a wonderfully whimsical package. The Lego games – especially the Star Wars ones – have always had a distinctive style of humor, and it’s one that we absolutely adore.

In our glowing 9/10 Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga review we say it’s “everything you want it to be and more. Split-screen gameplay can be a bit troublesome at times, but these issues do little to sully one of the best Star Wars games available right now.”

Best Xbox One games: Crash Bandicoot being chased by bees

6. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

The Crash series is like a rite of passage for any gamer growing up – especially millennials. Fortunately, Vicarious Visions has been able to take Naughty Dog’s 90s classics, give them a fresh coat of paint, and lovingly remaster them for a new (or old!) generation to enjoy.

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy pulls together the original Crash Bandicoot, Cortex Strikes Back, and Warped into a neat, bow-tied package – a package which averaged a very respectable 80 among critics on Metacritic, with users rating it an 8.3.

So, if fun-filled platforming and spinny, jumpy combat is your bag, then treat yourself to the de facto way to enjoy some of the best games to grace our consoles.

Best Xbox One games: a giant muscular zombie lunging at the player in Dead Island 2

7. Dead Island 2

If you’re in the mood to mercilessly mow down legions of zombies, then few games offer a better outlet for undead destruction than Dead Island 2. Featuring a litany of different weapons, abilities, and finishers, what you’re looking at here is a certified sandbox of slaying.

The eagerly-anticipated sequel to 2011’s cult hit finally landed last year after huge delays. Despite spending much of the past decade in development hell, final developer Dambuster Studios managed to get it across the line in one piece – unlike the zombies you’ll soon be chopping up.

In our 7/10 Dead Island 2 review we have this to say: “Gross, gory, and gorgeous in equal measure, Dead Island 2 may not be one of 2023’s most exciting or innovative games, but it’s still a hell of a lot of fun and well worth the wait.”

Best Xbox One games: A player standing with a massive earthworm emerging from the earth behind them in No Man's Sky.

8. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is one of the most ambitious games ever made. It certainly had a rocky launch, but since then the developers have added so much content and new features that it’s virtually a different game altogether.

No Man’s Sky doesn’t place much importance on an over-arching narrative, but it does give you a sprawling, procedurally-generated universe to explore at your own pace. With light survival mechanics and so many interesting plants, creatures, landmarks, and resources to document while exploring, it’s hard not to get roped into exploring even a single planet for hours on end.

This is all supported by an ever-growing list of new content and fantastic features, such as mechs, spaceships, frigates, base building, and so much more. It really is astounding just how much fun you can have in NMS, especially with friends. It’s deserving of a mention among the best Xbox co-op games out there.

Best Xbox One games: A goalie at the ready in FC 24.

9. FC 24

Soccer fans have been feeling the burn over the past few years, with each new release offering only incremental updates if that. Well, as you’ll learn from our FC 24 review, it’s undoubtedly the best football game there is.

Following a split from FIFA, EA Sports took the opportunity to not only change the series’ name but to also improve a number of areas and implement several great features that make FC 24 well worth checking out.

Alongside the expected graphical improvements and overall feel of the game, the most important new addition is the FC 24 PlayStyles system. PlayStyles gives each player a diverse set of skills that help carve out their role in a team. Even players of the same ratings and positions will feel different based on these PlayStyles, reflecting the style of the real player.

Overall, it’s a great start to the new series, improving on FIFA in key ways that any soccer fan would appreciate. Before sliding onto the pitch, check out the best FC 24 starter pack to get the ball rolling. From there, use our guide to the best FC 24 formations and fast XP earning method to quickly rise to the top of the Ultimate Team.

Best Xbox One games: An ensemble of characters walking towards the camera in Gears 5.

10. Gears 5

The Gears of War series is known for its thrilling cooperative campaign and punishing multiplayer featuring the game’s signature chainsaw executions. Gears 5 expands on all the core pillars of the franchise to offer satisfying third-person cover-based action, a heartfelt story, and exhilarating multiplayer. Given the narrative expands on the character of Kait Diaz, we recommend playing Gears of War 4 first, however.

The campaign should keep you busy for a while, but if you smash through it – or you’re looking for a break from it – the game’s new Escape mode will give you and your friends a different challenge. Escape forces players to make their way through a Locust Hive armed with nothing but a pistol and combat knife, so expect to get sweaty.

In short, The Coalition has done an excellent job at evolving the Gears of War series, making it an easy pick for our best Xbox One games list. It’s even on Xbox Game Pass, so you can pick it up at no extra cost if you’re a subscriber.

Best Xbox One games: Two cowboys walking up a snowy mountain in Red Dead Redemption 2.

11. Red Dead Redemption 2

There are certain games that only a name as big as Rockstar can make, and Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of them. The Cowboy shoot ‘em up won multiple Game of the Year awards when it first dropped in 2018, making it another easy pick for our best Xbox One games list. This open-world adventure has players experience life just as Bon Jovi would have wanted you to – Wanted Dead or Alive.

As Arthur Morgan, you’ll be thrust into the Wild West’s decline in 1899, where you’ll rob, fight, and scrap your way to riches. Well, that’s the idea at least. Full of chilling moments of brutality and heartfelt moments of levity, RDR2 is certainly a rollercoaster of emotions deserving of a place among the best games of all time.

For those of you looking to sink into a world full of surprises, there’s no better game for that than Red Dead Redemption 2. With the best Xbox headsets, this world absolutely comes to life thanks to its superb ambient audio and dense environments. Although it’s the second game in the series, it’s actually a prequel. This makes it great for newcomers to the series, while also offering a unique perspective for those who played the original and know where the story ultimately ends.

Best Xbox One games: A boat sailing towards the sunset in Dredge.

12. Dredge

Dredge is a rather unassuming indie that found great success thanks to how “expertly it switches between wholesome and haunting”, as we explain in our Dredge review.

On the surface, it’s a cozy fishing game with simple mechanics in picturesque locations. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find a haunting mystery that pervades the gameplay loop. With a day-night cycle ticking at all times, you’ll have to decide when it’s time to call it quits so you can get back to the docks before nightfall. We don’t want to spoil the adventure, but this debut title from Black Salt Games, a New Zealand-based team of just four developers, is an indie gem worthy of a crown.

Dredge is also getting some long-term support, with new content updates and full-blown DLC. While we know bobbing around hauling in crab pots and reeling in a mackerel doesn’t sound quite as enthralling as some of the other games on this list, it really is a worthwhile play that also won’t demand dozens of hours of your time. 

Best Xbox One games: Agent 47 overlooking a compound at night in Hitman 3.

13. Hitman 3

Agent 47 has a long and bloody history, though the original series puttered out. Thankfully, Hitman was revived with the World of Assassination rebrand, and Hitman 3 took the successes of the previous two entries in this new line to make the ultimate stealth and assassination game.

As our Hitman 3 review discusses, the final entry in the World of Assassination trilogy is the biggest and best of the bunch. With one of the most extensive stealth sandboxes in gaming, complete with disguises, tools, and target routines, you’re able to plan and execute elaborate assassinations.

Even better is that Hitman 3 is available as part of the Hitman: World of Assassination package, which includes all three games. While Hitman 3 is undoubtedly the best, there are absolutely masterfully designed levels in both its predecessors.

Best Xbox One games: Two dolls holding joysticks controlling a game in It Takes Two.

14. It Takes Two

It Takes Two is one of, if not the best co-op game around thanks to it’s all-out approach to cooperative play. With a mandatory split-screen co-op, It Takes Two sees you and a friend embody a husband and wife that have been turned into dolls, accidentally, by the daughter distraught about their decision to divorce. The story certainly has heavy themes, but the gameplay balances it out with incredibly fun and inventive activities.

Each level introduces a brand-new mechanic that almost changes the genre of the game entirely. From third-person shooting to 3D platforming and puzzle solving, It Takes Two has it all.

If you still don’t believe us that It Takes Two is incredible and worth playing, it managed to fend off some extremely tough opposition to be crowned Game of the Year at the 2021 Game Awards. Yep, it’s that good.

Best Xbox One games: Master Chief aiming his weapon to the side in Halo The Master Chief Collection.

15. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo is synonymous with the Xbox brand – need we say more? The Master Chief Collection is a celebration of all things Halo, bringing together six games to tell the story of the series. If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years, The Master Chief Collection features remastered versions of all six games to play in HD at 60FPS – so there’s no excuse for picking this one up.

You’ll experience low-gravity space battles as you take on a variety of alien species in Halo’s campaigns, and you can even do it with a friend. All six games can be played cooperatively, both online and via local split-screen play. Given there’s a real absence of proper cooperative games these days, having six games in one big package is an easy win for any console gamer.

Best Xbox One games: Cars racing down a desert hillside in Forza Horizon 5.

16. Forza Horizon 5

When it comes to arcade racing games, there’s nothing better than the Forza Horizon series. And when it comes to the Forza Horizon series, there’s no game (in our opinion) better than Forza Horizon 5.

FH5 has players speeding through a gorgeous recreation of Mexico in some of the fastest cars on the planet. This is the perfect setting for an arcade racer, seeing players racing through jungles, historic towns, sprawling sand dunes, and even down a volcano.

Forza Horizon 5 also offers a variety of different styles of racing, from street racing to off-road and cross-country. You can either do it all or pick and choose which type of racing is for you. It helps that there are hundreds of great cars to choose from, all across the spectrum – not just hypercars. Check out our Forza Horizon 5 review to find out more about this exceptional racing game, which in our view is one of the best Xbox exclusives ever made. Oh, and because it’s a first-party exclusive, it’s also on Game Pass. How generous.

Best Xbox One games: Ori flying on a bird in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

17. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Moon Studios created one of the celebrated indie games with Ori and the Will of the Wisps, so there’s no way we could miss it off our best Xbox One games list. This heartfelt sequel takes players on an emotional journey supported by stellar action-platformer gameplay. Players make their way through the mysterious world of Niwen, a region filled with treacherous biomes that desperately need the help of a Guardian Spirit like Ori.

As you’d expect from one of the best Metroidvania games, you begin with no abilities and slowly build your arsenal of tools as you explore different areas of Niwen. Each region boasts a unique visual style and brand-new set of mechanics, guaranteeing players a unique experience at every given turn. This game is a sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest, but you won’t need to have played the original to enjoy this one.

Best Xbox One games: Geralt chasing a griffin on horseback in The Witcher 3.

18. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is unquestionably a must-play for any fans of fantasy open worlds, ranking high among the best open-world games ever made. You play as the infamous monster hunter Geralt of Rivia as he searches for his adopted daughter, Ciri. It’s a simple premise but various otherworldly creatures and factions threaten to get in his way. With profound darkness balanced with heart-warming scenes of comradery, this narrative will pull you in right away.

The gameplay is similarly strong, with both stylish melee combat and deadly magic at your disposal. Whether you’re hunting monsters or humans, it’s hard not to be immersed in the role of Geralt as he works his way through the Northern Kingdoms and Skellige.

Developer CD Projekt Red is renowned for its incredible open-world games, and this is arguably its greatest masterpiece. This is no quick in-and-out, and you should expect to sink in upwards of 50 hours to just clear the main story. However, if you’ve got the time to spend on it, you absolutely should.

Best Xbox One games: An armada of pirate ships in Sea of Thieves.

19. Sea of Thieves

Rare’s Sea of Thieves has to be in the running for one of the most improved games of all time. Released back in 2018, Sea of Thieves’ first-person open-world pirate adventure showed clear signs of promise, but it lacked enough content to keep players entertained. Fast forward to today and things really couldn’t be more different. With a group of four players, Sea of Thieves offers some of the best cooperative experiences available.

Sea of Thieves works well as a cooperative game thanks to its simple gameplay, allowing gamers of all ages to get in on the action. There are enough low-level missions to keep younger players entertained, but there are also end-game raids filled with vicious skeletons for the more experienced buccaneers.

While it sadly often flies under the radar, this is genuinely one of the most fun first-party games Microsoft has ever published for Xbox consoles. It’s also on Game Pass, so it’s definitely worth dropping into if you already have a sub, or picking up a subscription so you can play it alongside so many of the other games on this list.

Best Xbox One games: The main character of Sekiro leaping through the air, overlooking a village in the snow.

20. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Just when you thought FromSoftware couldn’t possibly top its magnum opus that is the Dark Souls series, it hit us with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. If you like hard but rewarding engagements, then this is the game for you. Whether it’s an epic one-on-one fight against a fellow samurai or a spectacular battle against a giant Guardian Ape, Sekiro features some of the best boss fights of all time making it worthy of our best Xbox One games list.

Where Dark Souls is known for its slow, methodical, and heavy-hitting combat, Sekiro takes the opposite approach by drastically ramping up the tempo. The combat you encounter in Sekiro might have you lobbing your controller at a wall, but it’ll always have you crawling back, just like Elden Ring.

Best Xbox One games: Two robot mechas fight a giant machine with rockets and glowing red lasers cutting through the air

21. Armored Core 6

FromSoftware appears once again on this list, but this time not for one of its more traditional Soulslike games. This time, we’re talking about Armored Core 6, an explosive and challenging mecha action game.

If it hadn’t launched in 2023 – a rather crowded year for critically acclaimed and massive new games – Armored Core 6 would’ve probably been shouted about and praised a lot more than it was. The game sees you pilot a highly-customizable mech and embark on dozens of missions on the planet Rubicon 3, where a multi-faction battle is taking place to either contain or exploit a substance found there known as Coral.

The Loadout’s Aaron Down loved his time with the game during his Armored Core 6 review playthrough and found an experience that was both challenging yet approachable for players who’ve maybe never played a FromSoft or mecha game before. With excellent movement for traversal and combat, a wide array of weapons to bolt onto your ‘bot, and a fairly strong narrative as well, AC6 is definitely worth your attention. 

Best Xbox One games: Trevor from GTA 5 aiming a weapon while surrounded by fire.

22. Grand Theft Auto 5

What can we say about one of the best-selling games of all time that hasn’t already been said? The Xbox One version of GTA 5 launched in 2014 but still looks and plays like any modern game. GTA 5’s campaign has you performing bank heists, breaking into military bases, and hijacking cargo planes. By the end, you’ll be heavily invested in the three protagonists you play through the story, despite their varying degrees of criminality and chequered pasts.

As if that wasn’t enough, GTA Online takes the mayhem up a notch by introducing up to 30 people on one multiplayer server. Did you like the bank heists and races in the campaign? GTA Online builds on this with online-exclusive heists and vehicles, as well as a host of stunt races unlike anything seen in GTA 5.

Even if you’ve played it way back when, it’s definitely worth jumping back in again for another playthrough with the GTA 6 release date getting ever closer. 

Best Xbox One games: Revenant holding Bloodhound up in the air against a space background in Apex Legends.

23. Apex Legends

There aren’t too many competitive titles on this list of the best Xbox One games, but we have to include Apex Legends, one of the best battle royale games ever made.

Building on the excellent gunplay and fluid movement of the Titanfall series, Apex Legends sees players drop into a large, detailed map to scrounge for loot and battle it out to be the last one standing. What sets Apex apart from other battle royales, however, is the diverse characters at your disposal, each with unique abilities that make teamwork a priority.

If you’re planning on diving in, check out our Apex Legends tier list to find out which Legend rules the meta right now. This will no doubt come in handy when you’re ready to take on the Apex Legends ranks in its competitive ranked mode.

Best Xbox One games: The main character of Devil May Cry 5 attacking a monster at night.

24. Devil May Cry 5

After eleven long years, Capcom finally resurrected the Devil May Cry series (we don’t talk about Ninja Theory’s DMC). Devil May Cry 5 brings players to the depths of Hell as they take down the Demon King, Urizen. Just like any good fighting game, the combat mechanics in Devil May Cry 5 may seem tricky to understand at first but you’ll slowly build your knowledge throughout the game’s 15-hour campaign.

Finishing the campaign introduces harder difficulties, but this time you get to bring all the upgrades with you. Unlike the previous games, you now have three characters to play: Nero, Dante, and the mysterious V. There’s so much replayability in this one game, it’s no surprise that Devil May Cry 5 makes our best Xbox One games list. You’d think fighting against the same demons would get boring, but Devil May Cry 5 constantly throws in new mechanics to ensure things never get stale.

Best Xbox One games: Leon looking down a dark hallway with his torch in Resident Evil 2.

25. Resident Evil 2

If you ever need to give an example of what the perfect remake looks like, Resident Evil 2 should be your go-to answer. Resident Evil 2 takes players back to a zombified Raccoon City, two months after the events of the original game. You may have access to an arsenal of weapons, but you will never feel truly safe as ammo is incredibly scarce. Zombies lurk around every corner, and it only takes one poorly-timed shot to have you on your last legs.

Resident Evil 2 defined the survival horror genre in 1998, and it continues that same legacy in the 2019 remake. The intense rush you get when scrambling towards a typewriter with barely any health and ammo becomes so common, yet it never gets old. To make matters worse, there’s also the relentless Mr. X to contend with just as you begin to find your bearings. Terrifying, right?

Best Xbox One games: A car designed to look like a blue and black shark boosts through the jaws of a dinosaur

26. Hot Wheels Unleashed 2

If setting new lap records around realistic circuits is what you look for in your racing games, then Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 isn’t for you. If pangs of childhood nostalgia, boost and drift-heavy racing, and having a massive smile on your face is what you look for instead, then it’s a must-play.

In our own Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 review, we were blown away by just how fun this sequel is. There are improvements and innovations across the board from the first game, and there’s a commendable amount of content on offer too.

As you may imagine, a lot of that content is largely targeted toward a much younger audience, but the addictive and satisfying racing means anyone can enjoy Unleashed’s loops, boosts, and jumps.

Best Xbox One games: Character jumping over a horde of OD in Sunset Overdrive

27. Sunset Overdrive

One of the best exclusives of the Xbox One generation, Sunset Overdrive takes you into an Awesomepocalypse after a corporation’s energy drink turns those who drink it into zombie-like drink-addicted creatures called OD.

Despite taking place inside the walls of a quarantined Sunset City, Sunset Overdrive is an exhilarating and joyful time with strange weaponry and a focus on parkouring across electric lines and bouncing off fans to survive the hordes.

While Sunset Overdrive has a minor multiplayer mode, the focus is on a solid and fun single-player action adventure that offers roughly 10 hours of gameplay.

Best Xbox One games: Characters standing around a car in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

28. Fortnite

A cultural phenomenon years after its launch, Fortnite has gone from being a simple battle royale game with a unique building mechanic to a range of game modes and different experiences that are suitable for anyone of any age.

The core is still the same – Fortnite is a battle royale title where you’ll gather loot and gear in an attempt to be the last one standing, but now there’s a Zero Build mode, Creative which offers various player-created experiences, and three new sub-games within Fortnite; LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival.

The best part? Fortnite is completely free to play, with the only monetization being skins and the battle pass, so if you want lots of fun without an upfront payment, Fortnite is a solid choice.

Best Xbox One games: Ghost in the campaign of Call of Duty MW3

29. Call of Duty MW3

Despite a disappointing campaign, which we go into detail in our Call of Duty MW3 review, the latest CoD’s multiplayer and Zombies offerings are exciting, engaging, and genuinely great times that make up for the campaign’s lackluster experience.

The MW3 multiplayer, whether you’re using the MW3 best guns or avoiding the MW3 meta entirely is the quick-paced arcade-like action you’ve come to expect from the series. And unlike 2022’s MW2, the TTK is a lot faster, making for some high-octane action.

As for the MW3 Zombies mode, this introduces a cooperative extraction shooter where you’ll gather loot and gear to exfil with while surviving hordes of the undead. You can choose to enter the more challenging areas of the quarantine zone or decide to stick to safety as you build up your arsenal. Watch out, though, as death means losing your progress.

If you’re aching for a fun arcade FPS that delivers a solid CoD experience, similar to the classic games, MW3 is a great game to play.

Best Xbox One Games: An image of Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox One.

30. Hogwarts Legacy 

If you’re a Potterhead, or even a passing fan of RPG titles, then you’ll find plenty to enjoy in Hogwarts Legacy. The standalone adventure takes players back hundreds of years before the tales of Harry Potter, unravelling a side to famous Wizardry school that has never been seen. Not only can you roam around Hogwarts as you please, but there’s a huge open world to explore with other iconic locations.

Levelling up your customized Wizard is a blast, especially when you’re using the best Hogwarts Legacy spells.

Best Xbox One Games: An image of Session Skate Sim on Xbox One.

31. Session Skate Sim 

We almost had a new era of skating games with the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater remaster, but Activision shut down those dreams quickly. However, hope for a skating revolution isn’t completely gone, as Session Skate Sim is a worthy entry into the genre. Unlike Tony Hawk games or even the beloved Skate franchise, the focus here is on near hyper-realistic skating, using each analogue to replicate your left and right foot movements. It can be pretty jarring at first, but the game’s suite of customization options make it easy to understand.

The game’s world is full of legendary skate spots too, giving you loads of choice when it comes to carving bowls or shredding rails. Oh, and you can play as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

Best Xbox One Games: An image of New York City swarmed by Zombies in World War Z.

32. World War Z

Movie tie-in games can either be complete duds or exceptional gems, and World War Z is the latter. Coming from developer Saber Interactive, who seem to have the magic touch for movie-focused games, World War Z delivers the action thrills that its big-screen cousin couldn’t quite deliver. With over 1,000 undead enemies on-screen at once, World War Z’s fully co-op campaign takes you across the globe, as you level up and fight for survival.

Combat is punchy and extremely satisfying, with an enormous suite of weapons at your disposal to do some serious damage with. Bring in your friends through the game’s multiplayer Horde mode, and you’ve got a hell of a time ahead of you. 

Best Xbox One Games: An image of four skaterboarders in Skater XL.

33. Skater XL

If think that Session Skate Sim seems a little intimidating, then you can also give Easy Day Studios’ Skater XL a try. Unlike Session Skate Sim, Skater XL supports 12-person multiplayer on consoles, as well as mod support. The latter adds a whole new batch of cosmetics, including clothing options, more board customization, and even maps to the game’s existing library of content.

Skater XL also uses a twin-stick approach to learning tricks, with the right and left sticks representing each foot that is placed on top of a skateboard. However, learning tricks is a touch easier, and offers a more arcade style feel that you may be used from other genre juggernauts like the acclaimed Skate series.

That covers all the best Xbox One games right now. Whether you’re planning to go it alone with a deep, dark single-player game or go all guns blazing in multiplayer, the Xbox’s extensive back catalog has got you covered. While we can’t list them all, this should give you a nudge in the right direction for picking your next game. We also have a list of all the best Xbox Series X games if you are looking to make the leap into next-gen.