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How to earn FC 24 XP fast in Ultimate Team

Earning XP is essential to unlocking all of the best seasonal rewards, so here's three ways to quickly grind some FC 24 XP in Ultimate Team.

FC 24 XP: Rashford in a red united kit surrounded by floating blue XP symbols

How do you earn quick and easy XP in FC 24 Ultimate Team? Not knowing how to maximize your FC 24 XP gains can lead to frustration come the end of each season. Some fantastic rewards are on offer, but if you’re unable to push over the finish line and reach level 40, it can feel like all the effort was for nothing.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as we can give you the inside track on the best and most efficient way to earn XP and complete your season rewards. For the most part, it’s all about objectives! If you can understand how objectives work, when they refresh, and t and how completing them will result in fast and easy XP in FC 24. This will help you blast through the season’s rewards, earning free FC 24 packs and special players as you go.

Here are the quickest and easiest ways to earn FC 24 XP in Ultimate Team:

  • Daily, Weekly, and Bi-Weekly objectives
  • Live objectives
  • Squad Battles and Division Rivals rewards

Daily, Weekly, and Bi-Weekly objectives

You’re more than likely playing FC 24 every day and completing some of these objectives naturally, which is great. There are, however, some specific tasks that you need to complete in order to gain maximum returns from these groups.

To earn your daily rewards, you simply need to score three goals and play one match. This earns you a total of 250XP.

For your weekly objectives you need to complete your dailies three times, play eight total matches, win five matches, get six assists, score 12 goals, buy two players on the transfer market, and earn three FUT Moments stars. Complete all of these and you earn 200 XP per task, with a 400 XP reward at the end, so that’s a whopping 1,800 XP in total.

FC 24 XP: An in-game menu showing a list of weekly objectives in FC 24

This brings us to the bi-weekly objectives. To complete these you must play matches and rewards are given once you complete five, ten, 20, 25, and 30 matches. Clearing this group of objectives will take the most time, but is also the most rewarding, with 500 XP given per objective and 500 XP for completing the group, meaning that 3,000XP is on offer in total.

While it will take some time to grind, getting all of these objectives cleared isn’t that hard a task in terms of difficulty, and ticking them all off your list can earn over 5,000 XP.

It’s also worth paying attention to reset times for each of these types of objectives. Your daily objectives reset at 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 6pm BST every day, while the weekly and bi-weekly objectives reset on a Friday at 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 6pm BST. Despite it seeming like a long rotation to wait for your objective to keep resetting, this is still the fastest and easiest way to earn FC 24 XP.

Live objectives

Another set of objectives that can yield big rewards is the one found in the Live Objectives tab. These rotate quite frequently and often tie in to whatever promo is currently live. The main difference between the Live objective sets and those in your daily, weekly, and bi-weekly lists is that XP isn’t the only reward on offer here.

Live objectives will also offer packs, promo cards, and items as part of their rewards. Some objectives will reward XP too, but sometimes this is hidden behind the pack that is on offer. The best way to see if a task has multiple rewards is to press Square or X while hovering over the objective.

FC 24 earn XP: An in-game menu showing the rewards for a Live Objective in FC 24

Due to Live objectives being a bit unpredictable with their timings, it’s hard to place an exact day of the week on when they’ll change, but we can tell you that they’ll change at the usual reset time of 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 6pm BST along with the rest of the objectives and the pack store. So if you want to check to see what’s new, make sure you log in at this time to scope out any big XP opportunities.

Squad Battles and Division Rivals rewards

While packs and coins are the primary focus of rewards in Squad Battles, you can also earn a bit of XP depending on where you finish in the rankings. 100 XP is given out as a reward at the Bronze 1 tier, and this increases up to the maximum reward of 700 XP if you finish in the top 100 players. It’s a similar situation over in Division Rivals, where you can earn 100 XP for finishing in Tier 10 each week, and this scales up to 700 XP if you make it all the way to Tier 1.

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These are by far the easiest and fastest ways to earn FC 24 XP in Ultimate Team mode, and they’ll see you crushing the season rewards in no time. Remember, to reach level 40 on the season’s rewards track, you need 40,000 XP, so this should help put our guidance into perspective given how often you can earn big returns for very little effort.

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