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FC 24 cheapest high-rated players for completing SBCs in Ultimate Team

If you want to save your coins, or bolster your squad with some talent, you can find all the cheapest FC 24 players on the FUT Transfer Market right now here.

FC 24 cheapest players: An image of Bruno Fernandes from Manchester United

October 4, 2023 We’ve updated our list of the cheapest FC 24 players to reflect current prices on the FUT Transfer Market.

Who are the cheapest FC 24 players? If you’re trying to bolster your squad or complete SBCs in EA Sports’ FC 24, you’re in the right place. Finding the cheapest FC 24 players will help you make the most of the coins you have – and, with any luck, pack some pretty good players. Scrolling through the FUT Transfer Market can be a pain, though, so here’s an update on players you should be looking out for.

We know free FC 24 packs are good, but they run out eventually. If you want to keep opening them and earning new players, you need to be completing SBCs in FC 24 – it’s that simple. This might be one of the best soccer games out there, but there’s so much more to do than just play (virtual) soccer. This list of the cheapest players, though, should help streamline that process somewhat and get you back on the pitch sooner.

Cheapest FC 24 players for SBCs

While the early days of the FC 24 Transfer Market are going to be very volatile, just like EA Sports’ older FIFA games, this can certainly be used to your advantage if you’re quick. As players are still trying to nail down their own synergies, this can be the perfect time to pick up players for SBCs – or to build the best FC 24 starter team for yourself.

So, let’s get stuck into all the cheapest FC 24 players right now – based on their overall rating – and each player’s nationality and league – to help you out if you’re doing SBCs.

FC 24 cheapest players: Casemiro

FC 24 cheap 82-rated players

At the bottom of the rather high-end barrel, we have all the cheapest 82 OVR players. As you may already know, these are quite common; so, an exhaustive list would be quite long. However, here’s a selection of them that you can get for around 600 coins. These prices will fluctuate, and if you want a Rare Gold player, you may have to spend upwards of 700 coins. It’s definitely not worth spending any more than that, though.

  • Bethany England (England, WSL) ~ 550 coins
  • Granit Xhaka (Switzerland, Bundesliga) ~ 550 coins
  • Gateane Thiney (France, Division 1 Feminine) ~ 600 coins
  • Melvine Malard (France, Division 1 Feminine) ~ 600 coins
  • Robin Le Normand (Spain, LALIGA) ~ 600 coins
  • Ramona Bachmann (Switzerland, Division 1 Feminine) ~ 600 coins
  • Damaris Egurrola (Netherlands, Division 1 Feminine) ~ 650 coins
  • Jeremias Conan Ledesma (Argentina, LALIGA) ~ 650 coins
  • Stefan Savic (Montenegro, LALIGA) ~ 650 coins
  • Rodrigo Bentancur (Argentina, Premier League) ~ 700 coins

FC 24 cheap 83-rated players

Now, moving up, onto the cheapest 83-rated FC 24 players at the moment. Here, you’re going to be looking at spending around 800 to 900 coins – on average. These are all Rare Gold players, though, so those extra coins are worthwile.

  • Alex Greenwood (England, WSL) ~ 850 coins
  • Erin Cuthbert (Scotland, WSL) ~ 850 coins
  • Giulia Gwinn (Germany, Frauen-Bundesliga) ~ 850 coins
  • Klara Buhl (Germany, Frauen-Bundesliga) ~ 850 coins
  • Karharina Naschenweng (Austria, Frauen-Bundesliga) ~ 850 coins
  • Lara Prasnikar (Slovenia, Frauen-Bundesliga) ~ 850 coins
  • Laura Freigang (Germany, Frauen-Bundesliga) ~ 850 coins
  • Magdalena Eriksson (Sweeden, Frauen-Bundesliga) ~ 850 coins
  • Marcelo Brozovic (Croatia, Saudi Pro League) ~ 850 coins
  • Marina Hegering (Germany, Frauen-Bundesliga) ~ 850 coins

FC 24 cheapest players: Lucy Bronze

FC 24 cheap 84-rated players

This is where things start to get a little expensive. Beyond the cheapest Fc 24 84-rated players, you’re looking at splashing out quite a few coins. For this selection of players, though, you’re looking at spending between 1,200 and 1,400 coins on average.

  • Caitlin Foord (Australia, WSL) ~ 1,200 coins
  • Matthias Ginter (Germany, Bundesliga) ~ 1,200 coins
  • Yuki Nagasato (Japan, NWSL) ~ 1,200 coins
  • Alessia Russo (England, WSL) ~ 1,300 coins
  • Caroline Weir (Scotland, Liga F) ~ 1,300 coins
  • Chris Smalling (England, Serie A) ~ 1,300 coins
  • Lisa Boattin (Italy, Serie A) ~ 1,300 coins
  • Marta (Brazil, NWSL) ~ 1,300 coins
  • Marta Torrejon (Spain, Liga F) ~ 1,300 coins
  • Amanda Ilestedt (Sweeden, WSL) ~ 1,400 coins

FC 24 cheap 85-rated players

Oh, this is where the fun begins – but, not for your coins. If you want to pick up any one of the cheapest FC 24 85-rated players, you’re going to be spending anywhere from 4,000 to 4,500 coins. These will be useful for SBCs, but you may need to build up your coin balance beforehand. We’ll specify any outliers price-wise below.

  • Aymeric Laporte (Spain, Saudi Pro League) ~ 4,000 coins
  • Khadija Shaw (Jamaica, WSL) ~ 4,200 coins
  • Megan Rapinoe (United States of America, NWSL) ~ 4,200 coins
  • Kailen Sheridan (Canada, NWSL) ~ 4,400 coins
  • Keira Walsh (England, Liga F) ~ 4,400 coins
  • Manuela Zinsberger (Austria, WSL) ~ 4,400 coins
  • Merle Frohms (Germany, Frauen-Bundesliga) ~ 4,400 coins
  • Millie Bright (England, WSL) ~ 4,400 coins
  • Ona Batlle (Spain, Liga F) ~ 4,400 coins
  • Rachel Daly (England, WSL) ~ 4,400 coins

FC 24 cheapest players: Riyad Mahrez

FC 24 cheap 86-rated players

Now, moving up into the upper-80s, the cheapest FC 24 86-rated players will set you back anywhere between 8,000 coins and 8,200 coins. However, there are some great options here, as  well as the odd outlier, so it’s worth exploring.

  • Kim Little (Scotland, WSL) ~ 6,700 coins
  • Cristina Girelli (Italy, Serie A) ~ 7,900 coins
  • Jill Roord (Netherlands, WSL) ~ 8,000 coins
  • Ilkay Gundogan (Germany, La Liga) ~ 8,000 coins
  • Parejo (Spain, La Liga) ~ 8,000 coins
  • Lea Schuller (Germany, Frauen-Bundesliga) ~ 8,000 coins
  • Mary Earps (England, Manchester United) ~ 8,100 coins
  • Wojech Szczesny (Poland, Serie A) ~ 8,100 coins
  • Toni Kroos (Germany, La Liga) ~ 8,200 coins
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold (England, Premier League) ~ 8,200 coins

FC 24 cheap 87-rated players

If you really need some of the cheapest FC 24 87-rated players, then you actually won’t need to stretch to spending too much more. All of these players are going to cost you around 11,500 to 13,000 coins – which, considering the upgrade, if you’re buying for your squad, isn’t that bad. You can even find some of the best FC 24 CM options in here.

  • Ewa Pajor (Poland, Frauen-Bundesliga) ~ 11,500 coins
  • Gregor Kobel (Switzerland, Bundesliga) ~ 11,800 coins
  • Rose Lavelle (United States of America, NWSL) ~ 11,800 coins
  • Sandra Panos (Spain, Liga F) ~ 11,800 coins
  • Lena Oberdorf (Germany, Frauen-Bundesliga) ~ 12,000 coins
  • Lina Magull (Germany, Frauen-Bundesliga) ~ 12,000 coins
  • Lucy Bronze (England, Liga F) ~ 12,000 coins
  • Luka Modric (Croatia, La Liga) ~ 12,000 coins
  • Beth Mead (England, WSL) ~ 12,300 coins
  • Martin Odegaard (Norway, Premier League) ~ 12,800 coins

FC 24 cheapest players: Bruno Fernandes

FC 24 cheap 88-rated players

Okay, this is where things start to get a bit more stretched price-wise. So, if you’re looking for the cheapest FC 24 88-rated players, we have all the players and their average prices below. You’re looking at anything from 15,000 coins to 18,000 coins.

  • Christiane Endler (Chile, Division 1 Feminine) ~ 15,300 coins
  • Wendie Renard (France, Division 1 Feminine) ~ 15,500 coins
  • Bernardo Silva (Portugal, Premier League) ~ 15,800 coins
  • Alexandra Popp (Germany, Frauen-Bundesliga) ~ 16,000 coins
  • Irene Paredes (Spain, Liga F) ~ 16,000 coins
  • Joshua Kimmich (Germany, Bundesliga) ~ 16,000 coins
  • Jan Oblak (Slovenia, La Liga) ~ 17,000 coins
  • Marie Katoto (France, Division 1 Feminine) ~ 17,000 coins
  • Leonardo Bonucci (Italy, Bundesliga) ~ 17,800 coins
  • Guro Reiten (Norway, WSL) ~ 18,000 coins

FC 24 cheap 89-rated players

Okay, now things are getting expensive. If you want some of the cheapest FC 24 89-rated players, you’re going to be spending a lot. In an effort to keep things relative, here’s all the players you can pick up for under 30,000 coins.

  • Ada Hegerberg (Norway, Division 1 Feminine) ~ 21,500 coins
  • Rodri (Spain, Premier League) – 21,500 coins
  • Casemiro (Brazil, Premier League) – 21,800 coins
  • Rúben Dias (Portugal, Premier League) – 22,000 coins

FC 24 cheapest players: Mapi Leon

FC 24 cheap 90-rated players

In a similar fashion to the previous category, there are only three players that fit into this category if you cap it at 60,000 coins – which is a lot. To say that these are the cheapest FC 24 90-rated players is just a formality, really. These players aren’t that cheap at all.

  • Karim Benzema (France, Saudi Pro League) ~ 38,300 coins
  • Harry Kane (England, Bayern Munich) ~ 41,500 coins
  • Robert Lewandowski (Poland, La Liga) ~ 42,000 coins

FC 24 cheap 91-rated players

Finally, we need to talk about the cheapest FC 24 91-rated players; or rather, the only 91-rated player that you can consider “cheap”. If you want to buy one of these cards for an SBC, you’re probably better off doing SBCs to earn packs – which then could get you some high-rated cards. If you do need one, though, Manchester City’s Kevin De Brunye is the only player under 100,000 coins at the moment.

  • Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium, Premier League) – 88,500 coins

And, there you have it, all the cheapest FC 24 players you can pick up in the FUT transfer market right now. Bookmark this guide and check back regularly, though, as we’re going to keep this updated as the market settles. So, you might find a deal or two pops up soon.

Before you go, make sure you check out the best FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions upgrades – players that you should be investing time into when you’re not wheeling and dealing. We know this is one of the best sports games out there, but this side of FC 24 can be a bit of a chore. So, make it easier for yourself by buying cheap.