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The 10 best FC 24 CM players and top alternatives

From Alexia Putellas to Patri Guijarro, Kevin De Bruyne to Pedri, here are the best FC 24 CM ratings in EA's latest PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch game.

EA FC 24 best CM: De Bruyne and Bellingham

The middle of the pitch is a battleground on which the best FC 24 CM players fight to assert dominance over their opponents, and create the critical link between their defense and forwards. The ultimate jacks of all trades, center mids strike the perfect balance between offensive and defensive duties, snuffing out danger while looking for that killer pass.

Picking out the sports game’s brightest stars in the center midfield role from our FC 24 ratings list, this guide will give you the full rundown on who the best CMs to use in FC 24 are – be it in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team or even EA FC 24 Career Mode. We’ll also be offering up some top picks outside of the top 10 that can either dominate the opposition, or serve as more budget-friendly options if you don’t have the UT Coins or Career Mode dollars to stump up for the top talents.

Best FC 24 CM

The best FC 24 CM players are:

  • Alexia Putellas – 91
  • Kevin De Bruyne – 91
  • Aitana Bonmatí – 90
  • Bernardo Silva – 88
  • Federico Valverde – 88
  • Patri Guijarro – 88
  • Luka Modrić – 87
  • Frenkie De Jong – 87
  • Jude Bellingham – 86
  • Pedri – 86

Topping our list is none other than back-to-back Ballon d’Or Féminin winner and Barcelona star Alexia Putellas. Though she spent most of last season out with an ACL injury, Putellas is so phenomenal that it didn’t even blemish her record – hence that delightful 91 overall rating. While she missed the 2022 UEFA Women’s Euros, she thankfully returned to action in time to help Spain lift the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup trophy – yet another gong to add to the collection.

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It should come as no surprise that Kevin De Bruyne will once again be the best FC 24 CM in the men’s game. Manchester City’s maestro equalled his G/A contributions from 2021/22 (23) en route to winning the treble. Needless to say, it would’ve been shocking to see him downgraded from his overall rating in FIFA 23.

This season has also seen upward swings for a couple of the beautiful game’s youngest stars – Jude Bellingham and Pedri. Having recently completed a $100m+ move to Real Madrid, Bellingham is one of the hottest properties in world soccer right now, and the most expensive English player of all time. As such, a +2 from his FIFA 23 rating is more than merited.

Although Pedri hasn’t quite had the same level of hype as Bellingham, the Spaniard has once again proven why he’s a core part of Barcelona’s midfield. With the two 20-year-olds now facing off against each other in LALIGA, we can’t wait to see who’ll be the more impactful CM star by the end of the season.

While Bellingham getting a +2 marks a massive boost, it is only the second-largest upgrade given on this list. His new teammate in Federico Valverde entered the conversation for ‘world’s best CM’ this year, and while we don’t think he’s quite at the zenith of his game just yet, he has already landed on the same pedestal as Bernardo Silva.

EA FC 24 CM top alternatives

The top CM talents in FC 24 may be ridiculously good, but that’s not to say there aren’t other players out there that can light up the pitch. Below you’ll find some of our suggestions for CMs that you can either pick up for a bargain, or have the potential to grow into megastars over the course of the season.

  • Ryan Gravenberch – 79
  • Moleiro – 75
  • Alistair Smith – 63

This time around we’re starting off our list with a couple of FC 24 wonderkids: Liverpool’s Ryan Gravenberch and UD Las Palmas’ Moleiro. Having joined Jurgen Klopp’s side this summer, Gravenberch has a solid stat spread and a low price, making him a great pickup for a budget Premier League or Netherlands side in FUT. If his 88 FIFA 23 potential is anything to go by, he’ll also become a monster in FC 24 Career Mode, though you won’t be able to sign him in the first year of your career.

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Moleiro, meanwhile shares the same potential as Gravenberch, though he has the added bonus of being deployable not only in his native LM, but as a CM, CAM, and LW, too. While the youngster won’t be a must-have in FUT, his Career Mode value is sky-high.

Finally, there’s our pick for those looking to get the most value out of the Golden Glow Up FC 24 Evolutions path – Alistair Smith. When fully maxed, the Englishman will find himself near ‘Gullit Gang’ territory thanks to his delectable stat spread. As others have already spotted his potential, he will set you back a few-thousand coins, according to FUTWIZ, but he’s worth it.

The importance of CM players in EA FC 24

CM players are (quite literally) central to some of the best EA FC 24 formations, especially the classic 4-4-2. In fact, there are few formations in world soccer that don’t incorporate the role in some form – barring something like the 4-4-2 diamond which utilizes one of the best EA FC 24 CAMs, and one of the best EA FC 24 CDMs instead of two balanced CMs.

In soccer, games can be entirely won and lost through the difference in midfield strength. While you can simply ping a ball route one from the defense to a target striker up top, the playstyle is seldom seen in the modern game (though that’s not to say we haven’t seen a few goals like it in the big leagues this year). Indeed, CMs are pivotal to connecting the defense to the offense, and dictating the flow of the game.

And that’s our list of the best EA FC 24 CM ratings and predictions. There are certainly some movers and shakers expected in this year’s list, with young stars and players hitting their peak beginning to climb the ratings ranks.

Before you go, be sure to familiarize yourself with the FC 24 PlayStyles utilized by each of these players. When trying to snag a bargain on top FUT talent, make sure you’re using the FC 24 Web App to ensure you never miss out on the best players in one of the best soccer games. See you on the pitch.