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FC 24 PlayStyles explained and the best PlayStyles to look out for

The FC 24 PlayStyles offer a major rework of FIFA's old trait system, so here's all the best PlayStyles and PlayStyle+ upgrades you can get for your players.

FC 24 PlayStyles: Cristiano Ronaldo in a yellow Al Nassr kit, surrounded by the icons of four different PlayStyles

The FC 24 PlayStyles system takes the old player traits system of past FIFA games and gives it a massive, meaningful facelift for the start of the EA Sports FC era. As well as all the usual stats and qualities you look for in a good player, you’ll want to pay extremely close attention to which players carry the best FC 24 PlayStyles, as they could give you the edge in a match – especially if they’re equipped with a boosted PlayStyles+ attribute.

PlayStyles are a much bigger deal in FC 24 than traits ever were in past FIFA games. With the ability to add new PlayStyles to players via the FC 24 Evolutions mechanic in Ultimate Team, it is definitely something you should be taking notice of if that’s the main game mode you play. While a player might be high up the FC 24 ratings, there could be better options out there if they don’t have useful PlayStyles. Outside of Ultimate Team, PlayStyles will also become part of your scouting or or your training regimes in Career Mode, and you can also stick them on your created player in Clubs. So, here’s everything you need to know about the FC 24 PlayStyles system, including a complete list.

FC 24 PlayStyles and PlayStyles+ explained

There are 34 individual FC 24 PlayStyles, and each one has a boosted PlayStyles+ version reserved for only the very best players. Each one focuses on a specific skill and enhances it – for example, players with the Intercept PlayStyle+ will be the best in the game at cutting out passes.

The decision as to which players get a certain PlayStyle is informed by actual, real-world data from Opta, one of the world’s leading companies for soccer statistics. PlayStyles are applied to real-world players in Kick Off, online modes using real teams like Co-op Seasons, Ultimate Team, and Career Mode. As mentioned, you can also add PlayStyles to the player you create in Clubs mode.

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It’s in FC 24 Ultimate Team though that PlayStyles are particularly interesting. For example, special promo cards or objective players can be released with different or extra PlayStyle and PlayStyle+ attributes to their regular card. During a developer showcase for media and influencers viewed by The Loadout, senior producer on Ultimate Team, Gareth Reeder, describes how real-world performances can affect things like Team of the Week. “Imagine Erling Haaland scoring a game-winning header in a match for Manchester City, and his Team of the Week item receives the Power Header PlayStyle+, making him even more deadly as a striker,” he explains.

With the new Evolutions upgrade mechanic in Ultimate Team, some upgrade paths will also let you add PlayStyles to a specific card, though we’ll go over this in more depth later on.

If an Ultimate Team player has any PlayStyle+ attributes, they will also be displayed on their actual Ultimate Team card design, which is a cool touch.

Best FC 24 PlayStyles

The best FC 24 PlayStyles are:

  • Rapid
  • Dead Ball
  • Slide Tackle
  • Relentless
  • Quick Step
  • Trivela
  • Technical

One of the biggest advantages you can have over your opponent is speed, and Rapid helps a player reach a higher sprint speed while dribbling. That’s not all though, you’ll even gain a reduced chance of error when sprinting or performing knock-ons. You really can’t argue with that, and that’s before considering the upgrade of Rapid+, which increases sprint speed further and greatly reduces the error chance.

Next up is Dead Ball, giving you more intel when performing set pieces like free kicks. With Dead Ball, not only will the player kick the ball with increased speed, curve, and accuracy, but you’ll also get a much better preview line to see where your shot will land. Dead Ball+ kicks this up yet another notch to become one of the best FC 24 PlayStyles.

The Slide Tackle is superb in stopping your opponent dead in their tracks. This grants the ability to stop the ball directly at the player’s feet when performing a slide tackle. With Slide Tackle+, you’ll get even greater range. The best part, however, is that you’ll be less likely to foul given how quick and clean this move it.

Relentless is the perfect PlayStyle for your CM players as it reduces fatigue loss during play and increases fatigue recovery during half time. If you’re fed up of your players getting tired, then Relentless will solve your issue. Relentless+ is even better, greatly reducing the long-term fatigue effects on attributes, reaction time, and defensive awareness.

Quick Step offers up explosive acceleration during sprint, which is tuned even higher with Quick Step+. While Rapid has a faster overall speed, Quick Step is highly effective in aggressive play, letting you break through enemy defenses with ease.

Trivela will massively improve ‘outside of the foot’ passes and shots with reduced error, which is great in the midfield and when pushing your opponent’s goalie. Trivela+ is even more powerful, providing exceptional accuracy.

The Technical PlayStyle is arguably the best in the game, especially for CAMs. While it will certainly take some time to master, Technical will let you channel your inner Messi to dribble and duke out your opponents with Controlled Sprint with much greater agility. If you’ve got the skill and awareness to pull it off, you can easily break through the defence.

FC 24 playstyles: Kylian Mbappe in a blue PSG kit surrounded by four floating icons of various PlayStyles

Full FC 24 PlayStyles list

The 34 FC 24 PlayStyles are:

Passing PlayStyles

  • Incisive Pass – faster direct passes
  • Long Ball Pass – lob and lofted passes are more accurate and fast
  • Whipped Pass – crosses have more speed, accuracy, and curve
  • Pinged Pass – more accurate through balls, curvier swerve passes, faster precision passes
  • Tiki Taka – more accuracy for first-time and short distance ground passes, better backheel passes

Shooting PlayStyles

  • Power Shot – perform shots faster, increased shot speed
  • Power Header – headers have increased power and accuracy
  • Chip Shot – perform chips faster, increased accuracy
  • Finesse Shot – perform finesses faster, better curve and accuracy
  • Dead Ball – improved speed, curve, and accuracy for set pieces, plus a longer ball trajectory line when aiming

Ball Control PlayStyles

  • Press Proven – better ball shielding, close ball control at jogging speed
  • First Touch – reduced error when trapping the ball, can transition to dribbling faster
  • Rapid – achieves higher sprint speed while dribbling, more accuracy with sprint dribbling and knock-ons
  • Trickster – more agile strafe dribbling, can perform unique flick skill moves
  • Flair – fancy passes and shots have greater accuracy, unique flair animations
  • Technical – reaches higher sprint speed in controlled sprint, wider turns have increased precision

Defending PlayStyles

  • Intercept – increased reach when lunging, better chances of retaining possession when intercepting
  • Block – increased reach when lunging to block, better blocks
  • Bruiser – increased strength when performing physical tackles
  • Jockey – increased speed of sprint jockeying, quicker transition from jockey to sprint
  • Anticipate – better standing tackles, grants the ability to stop the ball directly at their feet after a stand tackle
  • Slide Tackle – improved slide tackles, can stop the ball directly at their feet after a slide tackle

Physical PlayStyles

  • Trivela – contextually triggers outside of the foot passes
  • Quick Step – faster acceleration for Explosive sprinters
  • Relentless – reduces effects of fatigue, reduces overall fatigue, increases fatigue recovery during half time
  • Long Throw – increased power and distance on throw-ins
  • Acrobatic – improved volley accuracy, unique acrobatic animations such as overhead kicks
  • Aerial – higher jumping, improved aerial physicality

GK PlayStyles

  • Far Throw – GK can target players further away with thrown passes. BAG: increased reach and handling towards the end of a match
  • Footwork – perform saves with feet more frequently. BAG: increased reactions and speed in 1-on-1s
  • Cross Claimer – GK will try to intercept crosses before opponents. BAG: increased reflexes and reaction during opposition set pieces
  • Rush Out – GK is more aggressive when coming to collect through balls and long balls. BAG: increased running speed
  • Quick Reflexes – BAG exclusive: increased reflexes and reactions for shots inside the box
  • Far Reach – BAG exclusive: increased reach and jumping for saving shots outside the box

The 34 PlayStyles in FC 24, separated into the six categories: passing, shooting, ball control, defending, physical, and goalkeeping.

Note that some goalkeeping PlayStyles have additional exclusive effects if you’re controlling a goalkeeper in Be A Goalkeeper (BAG) mode. This is something those that enjoy playing in-net in FC 24 Clubs should take notice of.

These PlayStyle categories are used to specialize players and differentiate even those of the same rating and position, as they may have a PlayStyle that you prefer.

Of course, the effects of each of these PlayStyles will be cranked up to another level if a player has the PlayStyle+ variation of them. They will still have the same name, but will have a plus symbol next to them, and the icon will be gold in color, instead of white. PlayStyle+ versions will often gain an increased chance or increased strength of the listed effect, so don’t expect anything too wild. Though, if you’re seeking to have the best of the best, then players with PlayStyle+ effects will be just that.

FC 24 PlayStyles best players

Whether you’re looking for press-resistant players, or those who can blitz past defenses, here are some of the best FC 24 players for a selection of the PlayStyles.

FC 24 best Aerial PlayStyle players

  • Sam Kerr
  • Virgin van Dijk
  • Ada Hegerberg
  • Rúben Dias
  • Irene Paredes
  • Wendie Renard
  • Alexandra Popp
  • Marie-Antoinette Katoto
  • Antonio Rüdiger
  • Khadija Shaw

FC 24 best Press Proven PlayStyle players

  • Patri Guijarro
  • Marie-Antoinette Katoto
  • Joshua Kimmich
  • Frenkie De Jong
  • Lena Oberdorf
  • Ilkay Gündoğan
  • Kim Little
  • Marco Verratti
  • Jack Grealish
  • Daniëlle van de Donk

FC 24 best Rapid PlayStyle players

  • Kylian Mbappé
  • Sam Kerr
  • Mohamed Salah
  • Vinícius Jr.
  • Alex Morgan
  • Victor Osimhen
  • Ousmane Dembélé
  • Rafael Leão
  • Federico Chiesa
  • Lauren James

FC 24 best Relentless PlayStyle players

  • Aitana Bonmatí
  • Karim Benzema
  • Federico Valverde
  • Bernardo Silva
  • Guro Reiten
  • Jude Bellingham
  • Andrew Robertson
  • Grace Geyoro
  • Nicolò Barella
  • Fred

FC 24 best Tiki Taka PlayStyle players

  • Alexia Putellas
  • Aitana Bonmatí
  • Lionel Messi
  • Karim Benzema
  • Bernardo Silva
  • Patri Guijarro
  • Frenkie De Jong
  • Pedri
  • Julian Brandt
  • Paolo Guerrero

FC 24 PlayStyles: The Evolutions screen showing a PlayStyles upgrade challenge.

How to get extra PlayStyles in FC 24

There are three main ways to add PlayStyles to a player in FC 24:

  • Career Mode training
  • A special card in Ultimate Team
  • Evolutions upgrade paths can add a PlayStyle

For the most part, PlayStyles are assigned to each player by the developers and these are fairly set in stone, at least in Ultimate Team. This is because EA has chosen to use official statistics by Opta to determine how each player plays in the real sport, leaving little room for flexibility.

However, as we mentioned earlier, EA Sports has stated that a player’s performance can see special occasions where a PlayStyle will be altered or added in Team of the Week.

On the other hand, players can also use the Evolutions mechanic in Ultimate Team to upgrade players, including their skills, ratings, and even PlayStyles.

As for Career Mode, players can train their players to add and alter PlayStyles as they progress. Here, you will have to complete challenges and meet certain requirements to add specific PlayStyles and upgrade your cards.

FC 24 playstyles: Robert Lewandowski jogging in a black, blue, and red Barcelona kit

Are PlayStyles a good addition to FC 24?

Initially, PlayStyles sounded to us like a fancy rework of the old traits system that wouldn’t have too big an impact on gameplay. However, since learning more, we’ve definitely changed our opinion on that.

We think that the PlayStyles system leave a much bigger impression on EA Sports’ soccer games than FIFA’s traits ever did. The effects are clear and noticeable enough in a mode like Ultimate Team, which often feels different to other modes due to all the additional effects of Chemistry Styles, chemistry boosts to attributes, and other mechanics. They go a long way in differentiating every player, even between those with the same ratings.

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We also think that their integration with Ultimate Team is a great touch, particularly with how players can earn different PlayStyles through special cards or Evolutions upgrades.

It also plays a really big role in crafting your own player in Clubs or Player Career, and adds another level of intricacy to scouting, signing, and training talent in Manager Career too.

As well as all the usual in-game stats and other aspects like skill move rating, workrates, or height, you’ll definitely have to pay close attention to the PlayStyles attached to each player. Overall, we think this is a great new addition by EA Sports.

And that covers everything there is to know about the FC 24 PlayStyles system, including PlayStyles+ and the best PlayStyles you can get. For more on EA Sports’ new soccer game, check out our FC 24 leagues list to see which new competitions have been added this year, and tune into the FC 24 soundtrack. If you’re still on the fence about forking out full price for the game, check out the latest FC 24 Game Pass information to see if it will ever join the subscription service. See you on the pitch.