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EA FC 24 Pro Clubs details, Club Identity, and more

Football is better when you can play with friends and EA Sports looks to be embracing that with EA FC 24 Pro Clubs on PS5, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

EA FC 24 Pro Clubs: Mane

With EA Sports changing its tried and tested FIFA formula this year, football fans around the world have been left wondering what features might make it to the developer’s new series, and, more importantly, what EA FC 24 Pro Clubs will look like in the absence of a FIFA 24.

Let’s be honest, the very best football games are better enjoyed with friends, and FIFA’s Pro Club mode has enabled that and more. It’s easily one of the best ways to play soccer online with your pals, but how will it materialize in EA FC 24 when the EA FC 24 release date rolls around?

EA FC 24 Pro Clubs explained

EA has renamed Pro Clubs to just ‘Clubs’ for FC 24, adding to the long list of traditional FIFA elements that have had a facelift for this year’s game. Clubs mode allows you to create your own virtual pro to use in games. However, you can only control one player, with the rest controlled by real teammates or AI.

Whether as part of an established club or as a completely fresh creation of your own design, you and your compatriots will take on various teams, themselves kitted out with self-designed pros, in order to climb the leaderboards and reach the pinnacle of club soccer.

In FIFA 23, EA introduced Skill Games. These minigames allow players to level up their pros, even when their usual teammates are offline. The integration of Volta football created further opportunities for leveling up, while Seasonal Points were added to reward players with earnable cosmetics.

FIFA 23 further optimized elements of the Pro Clubs formula by including new player perks, post-match accolades, and quality-of-life tweaks for Drop-In games. EA FC 24 promises to go even further, with its own set of chops, changes, and additions ready for the new season – you can read about these below. All of these features are also back.

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EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs Club Identity

A major boon for those both flying solo and in full-fledged groups, EA FC 24 Pro Clubs Club Identity introduces a new reputation-based system that promises all sorts of upgrades for your club. This is done through Fans, which unlock reputation levels and expand the exposure of your club.

As your club gets more popular, you will be able to tailor your stadium, expand it, and improve your AI squad. You can also add even more personality to them with PlayStyles, unique signature abilities that make them stand out on the pitch. You can find a deeper dive into FC 24 PlayStyles here.

EA FC 24 Pro Clubs League Phases

This year, EA FC 24 Clubs will do away with promotions and relegations, shifting to League Phases split across divisions in the same vein as how Ultimate Team Division Rivals games were played in FIFA 23. These phases have divisions and you will progress from the lowest division to the highest, earning points, and pushing for promotions.

This means Pro Clubs teams will play five weeks of normal league matches, as well as a week of Playoff matches at the end of each phase. As a reward, you will earn additional end-of-season rewards in the form of Fans, reputation, and unique Clubs League trophies

EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs crossplay

FC 24 does have crossplay in Pro Clubs. PS4 and Xbox One players can play together, alongside PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC players within their own pool. Unified leaderboards are also included in that.

One of the biggest hindrances to Pro Clubs players has been the lack of cross-platform play in FIFA games. While players on the same console family have been able to play together, those across multiple platforms have not been able to join forces.

Fortunately, it being here is great and our EA FC 24 crossplay guide has all the details you need to know.

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And that’s everything new coming to EA FC 24 Pro Clubs. If you are looking to scratch that soccer itch while you wait for this year’s game, take a read through our best football games to play right now. See you on the pitch.