EA FC 24 chemistry explained

If you want the best Ultimate Team possible, then you need to know all about EA FC 24 chemistry, how it works, and how to increase your chemistry.

FC 24 chemistry: Erling Haaland looking to the side. A chemistry set is over their right shoulder.

How does chemistry work in EA FC 24? FC 24 chemistry is key to your team’s success in Ultimate Team, influencing how each individual player performs in a match. It’s an intricate system that new players need to get clued up on, and there are even some changes in FC 24 that experienced FIFA fans need to be aware of. So, we’re here with everything you need to know about EA FC 24 chemistry, how team and individual chemistry works, and how to increase chemistry in EA Sports FC 24.

FC 24 continues the chemistry system you may be familiar with from FIFA, but it can be hard to get to grips with even if you’ve experienced it before. So, while we wait for the EA FC 24 release date and for our FC 24 pre-orders to arrive, it’s time to find out how to make your Ultimate Team the best of the best.

EA FC 24 chemistry explained

EA FC 24 chemistry boosts the performance of your players during a match in Ultimate Team, with the chemistry score rated on these factors:

  • Positioning
  • Nationality
  • League
  • Club
  • Manager nationality and league

Your goal is to increase each player’s chemistry to improve your team’s performance. The higher your chemistry, the better a player’s individual attributes are. If you’re really looking to make it in Ultimate Team, then building your team correctly will be necessary. This makes understanding each of the criteria crucial in determining your effectiveness in Ultimate Team.

Player chemistry is rated on a scale of zero to three points. To achieve a chemistry point, make sure there are players from the same club, country, or league in your team, and that players are in their preferred position. Then, you just need to have a suitable active manager to provide the cherry on top.

You can learn more about chemistry from 1:56 in the Ultimate Team Deep Dive Trailer below.

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The most basic element of EA FC 24 chemistry is player positioning, and it should always be your first step. Crucially, only players in their preferred positions benefit from chemistry and add chemistry to your team. If they’re out of position, then their chemistry will be zero and they will be unable to contribute bonus effects to your team. Instead, they will perform at their standard Ultimate Team attributes.

Always take note of your player’s preferred position (and their alternate positions) when building your team as if you get this step wrong, the rest of your team will be weaker. A player’s main position is displayed on their Ultimate Team card, but you can also check their alternate positions by looking at their player bio. While you used to have to use a consumable item to change their position, FC 24 lets you simply put a player in any of their compatible positions without needing to apply an item.

So, place players in one of their preferred positions to make them eligible for the chemistry bonuses and so that they can contribute chemistry to your team.

Relation to other players – club, league, and nation

The next step to increasing your EA FC 24 chemistry is to have player’s of the same club, country, and league in your starting 11 players. Following on from FIFA 23, the line-based chemistry system is no more, meaning players can link and build chemistry anywhere on the pitch, so long as they’re in their preferred position.

This makes building a high chemistry team much easier. So, pick your favorite players and try to build a team that has a high number of players from either the same club, country, or league to boost your chemistry even higher.

Chemistry points are awarded to players when you reach a certain threshold of players in your team that come from the same club, country, or league. The thresholds from FIFA 23 can be seen below, and they are expected to be the same for FC 24. The squad management screen in Ultimate Team will also show you how far away from a chemistry point you are for a given threshold as well.

FC 24 chemistry: A graphic showing chemistry thresholds in FIFA 23, and a gold player card for Kylian Mbappe

Relation to the manager

Much like the relationship between players, each player also receives bonuses if they share the same league or nationality as the team’s manager. While it’s not quite as impactful as the chemistry between players, it’s a nice bonus to have if you’re really looking to reach the best chemistry possible.

How to get the best EA FC 24 chemistry?

To increase your chemistry and get the best EA FC 24 chemistry, we recommend building a team around a single country or league. You will not only have to put players in the right positions, but also have them share either a club, nationality, or league, with the latter two being the easiest to achieve. To wrap it all up, select a manager that reflects this nationality or league for a final chemistry boost.

This could take you some time to achieve, especially if you want perfect chemistry, but it’s a target to set your sights on as you progress through FC 24 Ultimate Team.

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EA FC 24 chemistry changes

EA FC 24’s chemistry system remains largely unchanged from FIFA 23, though there are two notable additions that shake up the formula: women’s soccer and Icon chemistry.

Since all players from the same club, country, and league can link to build chemistry, this also applies to women’s soccer. You can also link women’s players to men’s players if they play for the same club – for example, Arsenal Women’s Leah Willamson and Arsenal’s Martin Odegaard will give each other a chemistry point, just as two players from the same club would before.

In FC 24 there’s more reason than ever to try and incorporate Icons into your Ultimate Team rosters. Now, adding in an Icon will apply a +1 League link to anybody in your squad, opening up more flexible avenues when it comes to building your perfect team.

And that’s all there is to know about EA FC 24 chemistry so far, including how it works and how to increase your chemistry in FC 24. There’s a lot of moving parts but we’re excited to see what’s possible using the updated chemistry system. It’s safe to say that this could be one of the best football games once it releases. See you on the pitch.