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FC 24 chemistry system explained and how to get max chem in FUT

The new EA FC 24 Chemistry system might be causing you some squad-building headaches, so here's a full explainer to show you how it works.

How does chemistry work in FC 24? Well, things are a little different this time around, so you’re very right to be asking that question. When it comes to finding success in FC 24, there’s a lot to consider. Of course, the stats of the players you have makes a difference, but having a high FC 24 chemistry in your Ultimate Team squad also plays a huge factor. So, we’re here to explain everything and let you know how you can improve your chemistry ahead of your next Division Rivals game (or, Squad Battles, of course).

FC 24 is one of the best sports games out there right now, and part of the reason as to why that is comes down to the complex systems in play. For many of those crafting their best FC 24 starter team, the chemistry system is probably the main thing that will cause some confusion. You may have one of the best FC 24 strikers, but they’re going to be useless if they can’t link up with your midfield and work with your wide players to cut through your opponents defense, right?

FC 24 chemistry system explained

In FC 24, chemistry boosts the performance of your players during a match in Ultimate Team through a system that evaluates synergy in your squad based on these factors:

  • Player Position
  • Player Nationality
  • Player League
  • Player Club
  • Manager Nationality
  • Manager League

If you’re trying to max out your squad’s chemistry rating, you’re going to need to make sure you’re playing all your players in the right positions, for starters. This is, perhaps, the most important factor. If you have one of the best FC 24 CB options playing in LW, for example, they’re not going to earn any chemistry – no matter what.

From here, you need to focus on nationality and league to negotiate a three-point chemistry rating for all your players. If you have two or more players from the same nation, they’ll earn one chemistry point. This goes up to two per player when there’s five or more players and three per player when there’s more than eight players from the same nation.

FC 24 Chemistry: Jude Bellingham jogs in the middle of a match in the white kit of Real madrid

Similarly, you’ll earn one chemistry point per player when you have three or more from the same league. This goes up to two per player when you have five or more from the same league, then three when you have eight or more. When it comes to players from the same club, you’ll find that two or more nets you one chemistry point per player. Then, four or more for two chemistry points and seven or more for three chemistry points.

If you mix and match these values, such as having five French players where two of them play for PSG and three of them play in the Premier League, you should find it quite easy to hit three chemistry points for each of those five players.

If you need a little boost, both the nationality and assigned league of your Manager Item can come into play and improve this. Although, we recommend trying to hit max chemistry with your players before relying on this.

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One thing that’s worth noting is that all FC 24 Icons will give everyone one additional chemistry contribution – with two being applied for players of the same nationality. So, these can drastically improve your overall chemistry if you’re lucky enough to pack one. To put this into perspective, two icons will grant every player one chemistry point, no matter their league. They’re effectively players that contribute to all leagues.

Women’s players will also match up with male players if they play for the same team, and based on nationality. So, for example, Chelsea player Sam Kerr would count towards a club-based chemistry point when in a squad with Reece James or Enzo Fernandez, who play for the men’s team.

If you want a more visual example, let’s talk about the following screenshot and why certain chemistry values on the left are zero and why some are higher.

FC 24 chemistry changes: an example showing a full team

As you can see above, the fact that there are three Chelsea players mean Sam Kerr – the striker at the top – has one chemistry point. However, there’s only two WSL players in the squad – so, she’s not getting a point there. And, she’s the only Austrailian in the squad – so, no points there either. Meanwhile, the Kompany FC 24 Heroes card in CB has three because of all the “ENG 1” players – without a club, it doubles down on chemistry contributions when it comes to league and nationality.

How to get the best FC 24 chemistry?

If you want to make sure you’re getting the best chemistry in FC 24, we recommend picking a league or nation to build your squad around. This could mean it takes you a while, but you should find some good options when it comes to the cheapest FC 24 players out there for filling out any gaps you have.

And, we just want to reiterate, that you should make sure the Manager Item you’re using is matching up with players’ leagues or players’ nationalities. It’s easy to miss out on this easy way to boost your chemistry up to 33.

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If you’ve got an idea for a new team using some players you’ve pulled from packs or earned as rewards from SBCs, but aren’t sure if you’ll be able to get a high amount of chemistry, we recommend testing your lineups with the Futwiz EA FC 24 squad builder. It’s a great tool that will not only show you how much chemistry each player will have in-game, but give live Transfer Market prices too so you know how many coins it’ll cost you.

Well, that’s about it when it comes to discussing chemistry in FC 24. We know this system is a little confusing at first, but it should all make sense once you have a play around with it. Just try swapping in and out players, checking to see how it affects the total chemistry and the individual chemistry of the players.

If you want to prepare yourself further for FUT, though, you can check out the best FC 24 formations here. We also have a guide to the best FC 24 settings right here; we all know Tele Broadcast is the better camera angle, right?