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The 10 best FC 24 CB players and top alternatives

From Mapi León to Wendie Renard, Rúben Dias to Virgil van Dijk, here are the best FC 24 CB players in EA's latest PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch game.

EA FC 24 best CB: Militao and Dias

As the stalwarts of the back line, the best FC 24 CB players form the backbone of any great defense. Typically renowned for their physical and aerial prowess, the ability to read and snuff out danger even before it materializes and, in the modern game, a knack for playing out from the back, center-backs shoulder possibly the greatest responsibility out of anyone on the pitch.

Picking out the sports game’s most imperious center-backs from our FC 24 ratings list, this guide will give you the full rundown on who the best CBs in the FC 24 era are – be it in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team or even EA FC 24 Career Mode. We’ll also be offering up some top picks outside of the top 10 that can either dominate the opposition, or serve as more budget-friendly options if you don’t have the UT Coins or Career Mode dollars to stump up for the top talents.

Best FC 24 CB

The best FC 24 CB ratings are: 

  • Mapi León – 89
  • Rúben Dias – 89
  • Virgil van Dijk – 89
  • Irene Paredes – 89
  • Wendie Renard – 88
  • Marquinhos – 87
  • Matthijs de Ligt – 86
  • Ronald Araujo – 86
  • Éder Militão – 86
  • Alessandro Bastoni – 85

Having been inducted into the 2022 FIFA FIFPRO Women’s World 11, Mapi León has more than proven why she’s not only the best defender in women’s soccer, but the best defender in FC 24. A complete, modern defender, León has mastered the art of playing out from the back and cutting formations apart with incisive passing, while making the basics look easy.

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Rúben Dias has consistently been hailed as one of the Premier League’s biggest stars, and has gone from being rated as the best CB in the league, to the best in the world by a number of fellow pros this season. Needless to say, we’re unsurprised that EA has bumped him up to 89 overall after his treble-winning season with Manchester City.

While Liverpool as a whole struggled to make an impact in the Prem last season, this fall from grace was perhaps epitomized best by the drop in form of the previously un-droppable Virgil van Dijk. Fortunately, EA Sports has shown the Dutchman mercy, only dropping him a single point overall.

The final two players in the top half of the ratings are journeywomen Irene Paredes and Wendie Renard. Having both played pivotal defensive roles in their respective domestic title-winning sides – Barcelona and Lyon – the pair continue to showcase why they’re still at the very top of the women’s game.

FC 24 CB top alternatives

The top center-backs in FC 24 have certainly earned their flowers through exemplary play and, for many, a slew of accolades. However, there are plenty of top players – some serving a different primary position, others flying under the radar – which should definitely be considered for your teams. They include:

  • Lena Oberdorf – 87
  • Joe Gomez – 79
  • Micky van de Ven – 78

While you won’t be able to sign her in FC 24 Career Mode, VfL Wolfsburg’s Lena Oberdorf is a versatile CDM with incredibly-impressive physical attributes which make her a perfect CB. Thanks to her solid Passing and Dribbling stats, she can also play a similar role to Mapi León, at a fraction of the price according to FUTWIZ.

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If picking up Kyle Walker for your England or Premier League team is going to break the bank, then let us introduce you to Liverpool’s Joe Gomez. While he certainly lacks in the stats department compared to his Man City counterpart, he can be deployed as both a traditional CB and as a right-back, as has been the case this season.

Finally, if you’re after a CB that can make powerful, driving runs, then Spurs’ Micky van de Ven is the man for you. Sporting 85 Pace, the Dutchman certainly isn’t lacking in the speed department. And with the ability to be played out as a left-back, like Gomez, he is a versatile pickup well worth your consideration.

The importance of CB players in EA FC 24

It’s quite literally impossible to have a soccer formation – let alone the best EA FC 24 formations – without a CB or two in the mix. While different configurations exist that may, for example, exclude a CM or out-and-out wingers, without a strong base even the best teams would fall apart.

The best center-backs possess an incredible soccer IQ, and an innate read on the game that allows them to intercept and muscle out even the wiliest of strikers. In the modern game, top CBs are able to play out from the back, and even send a decisive ball over the top when the opportunity arises. In fact, it’s becoming more common to see elite ball-playing CBs either occasionally played as, or converted into CDMs – Man City’s John Stones is a great example of this.

And that’s our list of the best EA FC 24 CB ratings and predictions. As some of the game’s most established stars begin to drop down the list, others are on the ascendancy as they reach their peaks.

Before you go, be sure to get up to speed with the FC 24 PlayStyles each of these players uses. When looking to pick up a bargain on top FUT talent, make sure you’re using the FC 24 Web App to ensure you never miss out on the best players in one of the best soccer games. See you pitchside.