Does EA Sports FC have Ultimate Team?

FIFA 24 might be dead, but that’s not stopping EA from creating a new football game with FUT - here’s what we know about EA Sports FC Ultimate Team.

EA Sports FC Ultimate Team: Multiple players can be seen

It’s by far the biggest mode in FIFA, but what do we know about EA Sports FC Ultimate Team offerings? Well, actually quite a lot. After FIFA and EA Sport’s messy divorce, the developer has decided to go it alone and create EA Sports FC.

While it might not be the FIFA 24 game you were expecting, the series – which is expected to become one of the best football games of all time – is still going to have the hallmarks of a good FIFA game. And yes, it’ll include the modes you know and love. So what can we expect from the mode by the time the FC 24 release date rolls around? Here’s everything you need to know, from mixed teams to traits.

Does Sports FC have Ultimate Team?

EA Sports FC will have an Ultimate Team mode. The developer confirmed in a statement in July 2022 that all the game modes, leagues, tournaments, and clubs will be carried through from FIFA into EAS FC. “Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Pro Clubs, and Volta Football will all be there,” in FC.

However, FUT might look a little different from the one we’re used to from FIFA. Let’s not forget EA Sports is looking to create “fresh” new experiences and, as such, we’re probably going to see some sweeping changes.

What those will be, though, is anyone’s guess. We’ll have to wait until the official reveal in July to get our first look at the game and its offerings.

What we do know, though, is that EA has trademarked 11 new names in relation to the mode. These include ‘Football Ultimate Team’, ‘Futbol Ultimate Team’, and ‘Ultimate Team FC’. With that in mind, it’s likely that the mode will be renamed to further distance the mode away from its FIFA roots.

Among those trademarks are also mentions of ‘TOTW’ and ‘TOTY’ – so it’s likely the big end-of-season and end-of-year promos are going to continue.

EA Sports FC Ultimate Team: The logo can be seen

Will EA Sports FC Ultimate Team still have FUT Points?

We’re still waiting on confirmation as to how microtransactions are going to work, but it looks likely that EA Sports FC is going to have FUT Points – of sorts. According to leaks, FUT Points are going to be renamed FC Coins.

It’s likely these will allow you to buy packs and cosmetics in a similar fashion to FIFA games.

EA Sports FC Ultimate Team: multiple players can be seen

Will EA Sports FC Ultimate Team include women?

There’s been a long-standing rumour that the next iteration of Ultimate Team will include mixed teams for the first time. EA Sports hasn’t confirmed or denied this yet, but if leaks are to be believed, you’ll be able to bring the biggest stars from both the men’s and the women’s leagues together.

Can you imagine running riot with both Beth Mead and Kylian Mbappe in Divisions Rivals? The possibilities are endless.

EA Sports FC Ultimate Team traits

With every new iteration of Ultimate Team comes a whole host of new features and it looks like EA Sports FC is going to follow that trend with a new feature called Traits.

Traits will operate in a similar fashion to Badges in NBA 2K23 and X-Factor skills in NHL 23 and Madden 23. They will be split into seven categories: scoring, passing, defending, dribbling, physical, goalkeeping, and Ultimate Team-specific gameplay, and will be available on the Transfer Market, according to FUT Sheriff.

These will offer players specific skills and benefits, as well as unique animations. There will be some, however, that will boost all players on the pitch.

The leaked EA Sports FC Traits so far are:

  • Team Captain: Boosts low chemistry players (those on zero will be boosted to one and those on one will be boosted to three)
  • League Star: Boosts players by one in their league
  • Lone Wolf: Boosts players by two or three who do not share a nation or club with teammates
  • Team Spirit: All players are given a stamina boost
  • Super Sub: A benched player comes off the bench with full chemistry
  • Flexible: A player will automatically switch to the position in which they are placed

That’s all we know so far, but if we get any more EA Sports FC Ultimate Team leaks, we’ll be sure to break it down for you here. While you wait for more news, why not read all about why EA Sports FC 24 needs a claim all button or which heroes and icons are likely to make the cut this year?