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The best FC 24 settings to enhance your gameplay

Swapping to the best FC 24 settings will give you an advantage over those using default options, so here are the gameplay and camera settings we recommend.

FC 24 best settings: Erling Haaland looking into the camera with a grey settings cog icon floating behind him

What are the best FC 24 settings? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a grizzled veteran or just starting out, it is crucial to know how the in-game settings can transform your experience in EA Sports FC 24. Don’t allow yourself to become too comfortable with the default options, because a whole new world awaits once you start tinkering with FC 24 settings for camera angles, in-game assists, and more.

We’ll take you through all the important settings in EA Sports FC 24 and give you an explainer on why it’s okay to move away from fully-assisted gameplay. FC 24 is one of the best sports games of the year, and one of the main reasons for this is that it does a great job at holding the hand of new players and making things accessible for everyone. However, if you’re searching for an experience that’s not only a bit more challenging but also far more rewarding, you’ll need to find a compromise. Finding the best settings will let you ping even more precise passes with the best FC 24 CMs, or hit more deadly strikes with the best FC 24 strikers. Tinkering with camera settings will also give you a better view of the pitch versus the default camera angle.

Best FC 24 settings

Here are the best FC 24 camera settings and gameplay settings:

  • Auto Shots: On
  • Assisted Headers: On
  • Shot Assistance: Precision
  • Timed Finishing: Off
  • Auto Pass Flair: Off
  • Through Pass Assistance: Semi
  • Lobbed Through Pass: Semi
  • Ground Pass Assistance: Semi
  • Cross Assistance: Semi
  • Lob Pass Assistance: Semi
  • Clearance Assistance: Directional
  • Jockey: Assisted
  • Defending: Advanced Defending
  • Pass Black Assistance: On
  • Single Player Camera: Tactical
  • Multiplayer Camera: Tactical

While there are plenty of other preferences you can tinker with, these are the FC 24 settings that will have the biggest impact on your moment-to-moment gameplay.

First up we have the attacking settings, and the biggest change for most players will be moving from assisted shots to precision. This is new in FC 24 and provides a middle ground between a fully manual aim and a partially guided option. Expect to miss a lot of simple shots when this setting is first changed, but as you grow accustomed to it, the level of control you now have over your shots can lead to less frustration when playing online. We recommend maybe hopping into a lower-stakes mode like Squad Battles in Ultimate Team to master this, before then unleashing your new precision shots on real opposition in a mode like Division Rivals.

FC 24 best settings: A screenshot of the in-game settings menu in FC 24

One big change to your passing settings should be to turn off auto flair. This prevents the game from triggering flair passes which can sometimes be less accurate and have slightly longer animations, which can be the difference between a successful pass or a defensive interception from your opponent. The rest of your passing mechanics are best brought down to semi-assisted. This allows you more control over power and direction, but won’t leave you constantly struggling to find an open teammate. Combine these settings with a player that has excellent passing stats or a relevant FC 24 PlayStyle, and you’ll be pinging unstoppable passes like there’s no tomorrow.

Defending is where the smallest changes are. In fact, there is only one setting we suggest changing and that’s turning off auto clearances. This is because you don’t risk the AI clearing the ball from a corner or free kick when you would rather play the ball out from the back like prime Barcelona.

FC 24 best settings: An in-game screenshot from the menus of FC 24

Finally, we come to the best FC 24 camera settings. This is always a hotly debated topic in EA Sports games, but especially so in FC 24. We recommend the tactical camera for both single-player and multiplayer. We think this offers the best view of the pitch without pulling the camera too far out, leaving the players looking small. The default camera just never looks right to us, and all of the other options always seem to have one or two blind spots that are hard to ignore, especially for online play. Tactical offers the best all-around setup that gives you a pretty wide view of the pitch while still keeping you close enough to the action so you can pick a precise pass or take on a defender in a one-on-one situation.

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That’s our rundown of the best FC 24 settings that you should be taking to the pitch. While you’re here, why not check out our best FC 24 starter team guide for some advice and inspiration on how to get your Ultimate Team journey started. If your club is looking a little low on players, you can also use some of our tried and tested methods for earning free FC 24 packs so you don’t break the bank on FC Points.