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The best FC 24 starter team

Find out the best FC 24 starter team to use on PS5, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and the key players that makes up that squad.

FC 24 Starter Team: A playeer can be seen

What is the best FC 24 starter team? Depending on how you approach Ultimate Team in EA Sports FC, getting the best FC 24 starter team together is a task that either fills you with excitement or dread. Thankfully, we’ve decided to help you on your journey by giving you a peek at our starter team in FC 24.

This team has been built with limited resources, and buying all players from scratch would hopefully cost you no more than 15,000 EA Sports FC 24 coins. We’ll also provide insight on where to turn next to help elevate the team, based on players who we have identified as a good fit moving forward and what the best FC 24 ratings for players are for your money.

The best FC 24 starter team

The best FC 24 starter team is:

  • Ivan Provedel – 82 (Lazio) [GK]
  • Carson Pickett – 82 (Racing Louisville) [LB]
  • Rafael Toloi – 80 (Bergamo Calcio Atalanta) [LCB]
  • Giorgio Cheillini – 80 (LA Galaxy) [RCB]
  • Kelley O’Hara – 83 (NJ/NY Gotham) [RB]
  • Jessie Fleming – 80 (Chelsea) [LCM]
  • Jordan Knobbs – 81 (Aston Villa) [CM]
  • Jorginho – 83 (Arsenal) [RCM]
  • Caitlin Foorde – 84 (Arsenal) [LW]
  • Barbara Bonansea – 83 (Juventus) [RW]
  • Jessica McDonald – 79 (Racing Louisville) [ST]

FC 24 Starter Team: The Starter team can be seen

The first thing you may notice about this team is that the chemistry isn’t maxed, and that’s perfectly fine. The negative impact of chemistry only feels truly noticeable if you drop below 16 points, and even then, good players can overcome a chemistry deficit within their team.
When working on a budget, it was more important to look for players who were cheap or undervalued and had very little downside.

We’ve opted for a mix of chemistry opportunities which mainly consist of Italian, American, and WSL players. Without inflating the budget for the team, or bringing in players that we were lucky enough to pack, it would be hard to change just one player and massively improve this team. Let’s go more in-depth on some of the key players we chose and why they’re so important.

FC 24 Starter Team: Bonansea's card can be seen

Barbara Bonansea

Juventus winger Bonansea can play on both the left and right wings, but we felt she unlocked her true potential on the right. This is down to a five-star weak foot rating and four-star skill moves. She can use her pace to charge down the wing and swing in a cross or cut in onto her left foot and still find the top corner.

90-rated positioning also means she’ll put herself in the right places to launch a counter-attack, just don’t expect to be able to set up an aggressive press as her defensive skills are her only weakness. Finally, she has three FC 24 playstyles in her base card; technical, quick step, and flair. All of this helped her to become a truly dynamic winger and easily play like a card rated at least two points higher.

Giorgio Chiellini

Past his prime? Not even close. While Chielinni struggles with pace, he’s a defensive brick wall in every other aspect of his game. He comes stacked with five playstyles; power header, jockey, slide tackle, bruiser, and long throw. All of these combine to make him a nuisance to get past, especially when you play him as a cover defender.

Better yet, Chiellini is eligible for the Pacey Protector evolution, which will add 15 pace, completely transforming the card.

FC 24 Starter Team: Jorginho can be seen


Despite stuffing a ratings regression in FC 24, Jorginho is still a very capable card thanks in part to the way that stats and archetypes play into the game. His poor pace will be a problem until you throw a Catalyst chemistry card onto him, and then the issue is resolved, it really is that simple. His playstyles include; incisive pass, pinged pass, anticipate, first touch, and press proven.

Jorginho is a player who represents just how much playstyles change FC 24. He’s underrated and undervalued thanks to his pace, so capitalize early and snap him up for cheap on the transfer market.

FC 24 Starter Team: Mcdonald can be seen

Jessica McDonald

It’s hard to describe Jessie McDonald as anything other than a pure finisher. She’s no Erling Haaland, but beyond a three-star week foot rating, every other aspect of her attacking ratings screams 80+ rated. Yet, she sits at 79, mostly down to poor defensive ratings and a few physical weaknesses.

Fortunately, you’ll want McDonald playing on the shoulder of the last defender so she can use her pace and finishing to bring attacking phases of play to a quick and lethal end. Her weaknesses won’t come into play in these situations, but her finesse, chip shot, and trivela playstyles will keep your opponents guessing what your next move is.

Additional best FC 24 starting player options

Additionally, some of the other best FC 24 starting players are:

  • Leah Williamson – 85 (Arsenal)
  • Chloe Kelly – 84 – (Manchester City)
  • Alessia Russo – 84 – (Arsenal)
  • Kailen Sheridan – 85 – (San Diego Wave)
  • Trinity Rodman – 85 – (Washington Spirit)
  • Federico Chiesa – 84 – (Juventus)
  • Sandro Tonali – 86 – (Newcastle)
  • Sophia Smith – 88 – (Portland Thorns)
  • Lindsey Horan – 86 – (Lyon)
  • Becky Saurbrunn – 85 – (Portland Thorns)
  • Reece James – 84 – (Chelsea)
  • Fikayo Tomori – 84 – (AC Milan)

When looking for ways to improve this team, we’ve identified a few players that would help increase the chemistry while also raising the overall rating. It should be noted that these players aren’t capped by value so some of them may be a little pricey while the FC 24 Ultimate Team market settles down.

That covers the best FC 24 starter team. If you are still struggling with SBCs in FC 24 as you continue your ultimate team journey, check out our guides for the cheapest method to complete the FC 24 Puzzle Master SBC and FC 24 Around the World SBC in the game.