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The best Xbox Series X games 2024

Our list of the best Xbox Series X games will keep you entertained for hours, and range from amazing open-world racers to trippy first-person shooters.

Best Xbox Series X Games: a young man with brunette hair and brown eyes, wearing a red, orange, and yellow outfit

What are the best Xbox Series X games? The Xbox Series X|S launch line-up might have left a lot to be desired, but Microsoft has made up for that. With triple-A games trickling through development and yet more incredible games being added to the Xbox Game Pass library, there’s no surprise really that our best Xbox Series X games list is getting longer.

In the early days, this list was pretty similar to our best Xbox One games, mostly due to the console’s extensive back catalog that spans multiple generations. But as time has passed, there’s been plenty of new Xbox games wowing us regularly. As a result, our list has changed to reflect the amazing third-party games and exclusives that have hit the Series X|S, making the most out of the consoles’ current-gen capabilities. If you’re looking for the best Xbox games or even the best games overall, we’ve got those too. Let’s dig in.

The best Xbox Series X games are:

Best Xbox Series X games: Eivor whips a chain to take out two Druids in a woodland setting

1. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Ubisoft is well known for its ability to craft gorgeous, accurate to history games, and that remains true with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. In this game, you’ll play as Eivor, a legendary Viking warrior on the quest for glory in England.

In between pillaging, drinking competitions, and Orlog, you’ll be able to explore true-to-life locations in glorious 4K resolution, while working your way through the long, but worthwhile campaign. It ranks highly on our list of best Assassin’s Creed games for a reason.

Best Xbox Series X games: A Tarnished jumps a gap on a horse in Elden Ring

2. Elden Ring

We can’t have a best Xbox Series X games list without including the game we crowned Game of the Year in 2022, can we? Elden Ring is an absolute masterpiece, and developer FromSoftware has won plaudits yet again for taking its intoxicating Soulslike formula and stretching it across a massive open world.

As well as crowning it our GOTY in 2022, we gave it our first ever ten in our Elden Ring review, so you know it’s good. If you’re looking for a sprawling open world that’ll keep you on your toes, then what are you waiting for?

Best Xbox Series X games: A Mercedes AMG car parked up on a dirt track in Forza Horizon 5

3. Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon is undoubtedly one of the best Xbox racing games of all time. With Xbox Series X|S and Forza Horizon 5, the series steps up a gear. It offers a vibrant open world set in Mexico to explore and hours of racing fun to keep you occupied.

Our Forza Horizon 5 review touched on why the game is one of the most polished experiences on Xbox Series X|S, so you would be crazy to not check out Playground Games’ best work yet.

Best Xbox Series X games: A Gears 5 soldier runs through a ring of fire

4. Gears 5

Gears 5 might be a couple of years old at this point, but the game was painstakingly remastered for the launch of Xbox Series X|S, and it shows. The game now boasts 4K resolution, improved graphics, and better lighting, making the single-player campaign an absolute must-play.

The game also has a popular multiplayer that’s relatively easy to get into – even as a latecomer.

Best Xbox Series X games: A plane flies high above a green forested landscape in Microsoft Flight Sim

5. Microsoft Flight Simulator

If you’ve ever dreamed of piloting a plane, this game is for you. Microsoft Flight Simulator has made the jump over to Xbox Series X|S after launching on PC, allowing you to reach the far corners of the globe from the safety of your sofa.

The world of this simulator is surprisingly realistic, so if you’ve missed out on a holiday this year, you can take to the skies with relative ease. Just don’t press the wrong button in the flight deck.

Best Xbox Series games: High on Life screenshot shows a player holding a talking gun

6. High on Life

High on Life is exactly the game that you’d expect from Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland. Featuring talking guns, a bizarre story, and plenty of crude jokes, High on Life is a rollercoaster of a ride that’ll give you a few laughs along the way. If you’re subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, you can also jump into it as part of your subscription.

While we labelled it as “gaming Marmite” in our High on Life review, its player count stats suggest more people love it than hate it at this point. Shortly after release, the game even surpassed Minecraft to be the top game on Xbox Game Pass, and well, you can’t argue with that, can you?

Best Xbox Series X games: Agent 47 in a white tuxedo points his silenced pistol in Hitman 3

7. Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is the final entry into the World of Assassination trilogy and it’s an absolute treat for the eyes. Hitman 3 takes all the best bits from the previous games and rolls them into one, with jaw-dropping settings that take the creativity of Agent 47 to new heights.

The Loadout gave it a 9/10 in our Hitman 3 review following its release due to its incredible level design, new-gen graphics, and an engaging story full of twists and turns.

Best Xbox Series X games: A Spartan runs through a battle, gun up, in Halo Infinite

8. Halo Infinite

We can’t have the best Xbox Series X games list without Halo, can we? Halo Infinite is the latest game in the historic FPS series, and while it has drawn fair criticism, it’s still incredible to play. Multiplayer boasts slick and fast-paced action, Infinite’s campaign is one of the best in the Halo series yet – something we talk about in our Halo Infinite review – and its Forge mode lets you play some amazing user-generated content, or make your own.

Halo Infinite is joined by the rest of the Halo back catalog on Game Pass as well, so there’s plenty of Master Chief action to go around.

Best Xbox Series X games: Raz dances in Psychonauts 2

9. Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 is Double Fine’s best game in years and a key step forward for the variety and diversity Xbox Games Studios offers. A true sequel to the original, but also a great entry point for newcomers, Psychonauts 2 charms with its clever and funny writing.

We gave it a nine out of ten in our Psychonauts 2 review, praising the creativity on offer in each of the levels and the excellent old-school 3D action platforming. Double Fine is at the top of its game with Psychonauts 2 and you would be mad to miss out on it, especially as it is on Game Pass.

Best Xbox Series X games: Captain Davy Jones points on a ship in Sea of Thieves

10. Sea of Thieves

An Xbox exclusive of sorts, Sea of Thieves is one of the most popular Xbox Game Pass games available right now – and for good reason. Rare’s pirate simulator will allow you to take to the seas with your friends in a co-op quest to pillage the high seas.

You’ll meet some strange characters, including Captain Jack Sparrow, and some pretty terrifying creatures of the deep along the way, all in glorious 4K resolution. Plus, with Rare committing to adding new content every couple of months, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into here.

best xbox series x games: Cal from Jedi Survivor in a brown poncho aiming a blaster

11. Star Wars Jedi Survivor

There are dozens of Star Wars games out there vying for your attention, but it’s Jedi Survivor that really steals the show.

Regarded as the best Xbox Star Wars game to date, Respawn Entertainment’s sequel to Fallen Order takes us to Coruscant where Cal Kestis is struggling to evade the Galactic Empire. Taking place five years on from the original game, Cal is a refined Jedi Knight and you can feel that in everything you do.

Our Star Wars Jedi Survivor review praises the traversal mechanics, the combat, and the combat stances, which make fighting with the Force, lightsabers, and blasters an absolute treat. As an added bonus, its predecessor, Fallen Order, is on Game Pass for anyone who wants to dive into both of these epic Star Wars adventures.

Best Xbox Series X games: A school of fish surround a Tetris Effects Connected board

12. Tetris Effect: Connected

So a Tetris game is perhaps not something you’d expect to see on a best Xbox Series X games list, but hear us out.

Tetris: Effect Connected is an incredibly addictive reinvention of the classic game. With stunning graphics, modes that match your mood, and an immersive single-player experience, you’ll be surprised at how many hours you can sink into this game.

Add in multiplayer, which allows you to join up to three other players online, and well, it’s an absolute must-play.

Best Xbox Series X games: Chai taking on a robot in Hi-Fi Rush

13. Hi-Fi Rush

A surprise release in early 2023, Hi-Fi Rush is an incredible blend of hack-and-slash and rhythm games that executes both of these extremely well. While the gameplay is solid on its own merits, thanks to a great range of Hi-Fi Rush combos during battles, the cast of Hi-Fi Rush characters, and a great narrative send it to greater heights.

Our full thoughts can be found on this amazing game in our Hi-Fi Rush review, where we praise the game numerous times. You won’t want to miss this one. Better yet, you can play it as part of an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Best Xbox Series X games Diablo 4: Lilith standing with her wings outstretched with an intimidating stare.

14. Diablo 4

If you’re a fan of top down RPG games with big open worlds, then Diablo 4 is the best Xbox Series X|S game for you. The latest instalment in Blizzard’s hit demon-infested franchise offers up a hellish amount of great content to work through as you journey across Sanctuary and experiment with the best Diablo 4 builds.

It won’t take long to be hooked once you dive into Diablo 4, though there are a lot of Diablo 4 classes and systems to get used to. Well, when it comes to which class to master first, our Diablo 4 tier list has got you covered. Most excitingly, Diablo 4 is supported by long-term seasonal content drops, so there’s always something new on the horizon.

Best Xbox Series X games: a bare-chested Jin Kazama

15. Tekken 8

Recording the highest Metacritic score (90) since 1998’s Tekken 3 (96), Tekken 8 is one of the best fighting games Bandai Namco has ever produced. Marking the thrilling conclusion to Jin and Kazuya’s years-long feud, the series has never looked or felt so good.

Featuring incredible new characters (looking at you, Reina) as well as fresh redesigns for classic fighters, Tekken 8 is every part the current-gen experience you’d expect at this point of the console lifecycle. It’s also the most approachable Tekken to date thanks to the new Special Style control scheme – now’s the time to jump in.

Best Xbox Series X games: a young boy in a black and red uniform with a metallic monster next to him

16. Persona 3 Reload

2024 marked the return of RPG royalty Persona 3, lovingly remade by developer Atlus for a new generation of players. Having scored a generally favorable 87 on Metacritic, Persona 3 Reload has managed to recreate the magic of the original.

Following high schooler Makoto, you accidentally awaken the power of the Persona – the physical manifestation of your soul. Shortly after you’re pulled into the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (S.E.E.S.) which is tasked with uncovering the mysteries of the ‘Dark Hour’ while fighting off Shadows.

If you’re after an expansive RPG game with immersive social sim elements and top-tier turn-based combat, this is one for you.

Best Xbox Series X games: Starfield

17. Starfield

One of the best Xbox RPG games of 2023, Starfield puts your created character into the care of the planetary exploration group, Constellation, as you seek to solve the mystery of an artifact you initially come into possession of.

If you’re looking for an expansive Xbox space game that will put you in control of your own destiny, then be sure to check Starfield out. If you’re not entirely sold, then be sure to check out our Starfield review for our thoughts.

And that’s it for our list of best Xbox Series X games, which should keep you busy while we wait for the next big game. Additionally, if you’re subscribed to the Game Pass service, check our guide on the latest new Xbox Game Pass games for even more inspo.

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