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Hi-Fi Rush combos

Master the musical combat gameplay and find your groove by learning all there is to know about Hi-Fi Rush combos and Beat Hits to rack up high scores.

Hi-Fi Rush is oozing with style and flare, but it’s not all for show. Combat in Hi-Fi Rush is all about rhythm and nailing the beat. Everything in Hi-Fi Rush is built around the beat of the music; your attacks, footsteps, and even the world itself work in unison to create a powerful beat to work around and dictate the flow of the action. To truly excel in combat though, you’ll need to know all about Hi-Fi Rush combos and Beat Hits.

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Hi-Fi Rush combos: Chai performing a light attack combo against a training dummy.

Hi-Fi Rush combos

There are several types of Hi-Fi Rush combos and combat mechanics you need to know about, these are:

  • Humbucker light attack combo (X, X, X, X / LC, LC, LC, LC)
  • Grandslam heavy attack combo (Y, Y, Y, Y / RC, RC, RC, RC)
  • Breakdown (X, Y, Y / LC, RC, RC)
  • Tremolo (Y, X, X / RC, LC, LC)
  • Dash Attack (RB then X/ Shift followed by LC)
  • Air Launch (RB then Y/ Shift followed by RC)
  • Rise Up (X, wait a beat, X, X / LC, wait a beat, LC, LC)
  • Hammer-On (Press Y or RC in the air)
  • Air Countdown air light attack combo (X, X, X, X / LC, LC, LC, LC)
  • Beat Hits (X/Y at the end of a combo)
  • Rhythm Dodge (Dodge on the beat, up to a maximum of three consecutive dodges)
  • Power Chord Special Attack (Press L + R sticks in / R key)

We’ve included the relevant button inputs for each attack and combo using an Xbox controller and PC inputs. PC controls are labelled using ‘LC’ for left click and ‘RC’ for right click.

The rhythmic action demands precision and knowing all the Hi-Fi Rush combos and special attacks you have at your disposal to score high points and look good doing it.

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The most basic Hi-Fi Rush combo is a light attack chain known as Humbucker. Simply press the light attack button after each consecutive attack hits an opponent, up to a maximum of four hits, to chain a perfect light attack combo.

Similarly, you can also do a heavy attack chain, known as a Grandslam combo, by pressing the heavy attack button instead. Note that the first heavy attack takes two beats to land, but once that hit lands, you can attack consecutively up to a maximum of three hits.

While not necessarily a combo by itself, a light or heavy dodge attack is a great way to keep your Hi-Fi Rush combo streak going. To do a light or heavy dodge attack, press the dodge button and almost immediately press the light or heavy attack button to perform an agile combo attack.

There are also more complex combo attacks, such as Breakdown or Tremolo which require you to weave in both light and heavy attacks into a combo attack chain. Given they are more complex combos, they’re also more powerful so always keep them in mind during combat.

Another Hi-Fi Rush combo attack is known as a Beat Hit. Beat Hits are extra powerful attacks that can be used to finish combo attack chains if you get the correct timing. To help you with the timing will be a green and red ring; when the red ring meets the green ring, it’s time to press the relevant attack button. You can also hear a musical countdown with cymbals to indicate perfect timing. For instance, you can finish a light attack combo with a perfectly timed light attack Beat Hit to end the combo with even more damage. Likewise, you can end a heavy attack combo with a well-timed heavy attack Beat Hit to do the same.

Later in the game, you will also gain access to a grappling hook ability to further assist in keeping your combo going. Likewise, there’s also companions that can help out in combat to keep your combo and high score streak chugging upwards.

Now you know all about Hi-Fi Rush combos, including Beat Hits, you’re ready to defeat your enemies with your new-found mastery of musical combat. For more on this Game Pass debut hit, check out all Xbox Game Pass games available for even more great games to play right now.