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Hi-Fi Rush characters

There’s lots to love about this Game Pass hit, but the Hi-Fi Rush characters are particularly great, from the allies by your side to the villains in your way.

Hi-Fi Rush characters: Main character Chai looking at the camera with determination.

The incredibly stylish rhythm-based action game Hi-Fi Rush has a colourful and expressive cast of characters, from slacker but ambitious main character Chai, to the lovable tank Macaron. These characters will join you on your journey and help you out from time to time. Here are all the Hi-Fi Rush characters, including gameplay allies and villains, that you’ll meet along your action-packed adventure.

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Hi-Fi Rush characters

This is the full list of Hi-Fi Rush characters and their roles in the story:

  • Chai (main character)
  • Peppermint (ally)
  • Macaron (ally)
  • CNMN (ally – pronounced Cinnamon)
  • Rekka (villain)
  • Zanzo (villain)
  • Korsica (villain)
  • Mimosa (villain)
  • Roquefort (villain)
  • Kale (villain)

Chai, described as a ‘slacker with larger-than-life ambitions’, is the game’s main character. He’ll quickly wind up with a robotic arm and an MP3 player in his chest that gives him the musical powers that dictate the game’s flow.

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As for Chai’s allies, Peppermint is an expert roboticist (and also the mind behind 808, the robot cat), Macaron aims to take down the megacorp without violence by helping Chai, and CNMN is Macaron’s robotic psychological analyst. This ragtag group comes together to take down the evil Vandelay megacorp by taking advantage of their unique talents and specialities.

The Hi-Fi Rush villains are just as fun. Rekka is the Head of Production, taking up any issues in the fighting ring. Zanzo is the Head of Research & Development, with his projects often coming at the expense of the workers under him. Korsica is the Head of Security, so it’s fitting that she’s not someone you want to be on the bad side of.

Mimosa is the Head of Marketing, and she’s determined to make her latest launch perfect, a launch which Chai has interfered with. Roquefort is the Head of Finance, fervently protecting the company’s bottom line. Last but not least is Kale, the head honcho of the Vandelay megacorp who has a sinister plan up his sleeve.

That’s all the important Hi-Fi Rush characters you’ll meet throughout the game, including allies and villains. For more on this Game Pass debut hit, check out our Hi-Fi Rush walkthrough. Otherwise, you can find out all Xbox Game Pass games available right now to pick your next gaming experience.