Apex Legends ranked: ranks, splits, and Season 11 scoring explained

Will you grind the Apex Legends ranks to become an Apex Predator in Season 11?

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It’s safe to say that you can have a load of fun dossing around in Apex Legends. Whether you’re trying to nail Octane jump pad trick shots or indulging in a chaotic limited time mode, the battle royale has plenty on tap for the casual player. But that doesn’t mean that competitive players have been left in the dark, especially when it comes to Apex Legends ranks.

Apex Legends has its own dedicated ranked mode, which challenges you to git good with your favourite legend, rather than just mess around with their ultimates. As you emerge out of the lower Apex Legends ranks and shoot for the top title of Apex Predator, the grind gets harder, and the games get sweatier.

For those who fancy a more competitive Apex experience, but don’t know what it’s all about, then don’t worry because you’re in the right place. Our Apex Legends tier list will tell you which characters are the best for climbing the ranks, but what use is that when you don’t know where to start?

Well, here we’ll go through everything you need to know about Apex Legends ranked, including all the details on the current ranked season.

What are the Apex Legends ranks?

Apex Legends has seven ranking tiers, starting at Bronze and stretching all the way to Apex Predator. Each tier has a set amount of ranking points you need to achieve before you move into the next bracket.

These are the Apex Legends ranks:

Rank tier Logo
Bronze (base rank) Apex Legends Rank Bronze
Silver (1,200 RP) Apex Legends Rank silver
Gold (2,800 RP) Apex Legends Rank gold
Platinum (4,800 RP) Apex Legends Rank platinum
Diamond (7,200 RP) Apex Legends Rank Diamond
Master (10,000 RP) Apex Legends Rank Master
Apex Predator (Top 750 players) Apex Legends Rank Apex Predator

How much rp does it cost to play apex legends ranked?

Like in previous series, players will have to pay an RP cost for playing Apex Legends Ranked Season 11. This means you’ll automatically lose a set amount of RP if you crash out of your game early, so be careful if you want to stake a claim for Apex Predator.

Here are the Apex Legends Ranking Points costs for each tier:

  • Bronze matches: free
  • Silver matches: 12RP
  • Gold matches: 24RP
  • Platinum matches: 36RP
  • Diamond matches: 48RP
  • Master matches: 60RP
  • Apex Predator matches: 60RP

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Why do I keep losing my Apex Predator rank?

Respawn and EA have changed the way the ranking system in Apex Legends works because in past seasons too many players made it to the top rank, Apex Predator. To combat this, Master tier was added to the game and sits between Diamond and Apex Predator. The RP required to make it to Master will be 10,000RP – the amount previously required for Apex Predator.

But this also means Respawn has made some changes to the way Apex Predator works too. Now, only the top 750 players on each platform will have the title, so your rank is likely to shift in real time between Apex Predator and Master as other players gain and lose RP. However, this is an increase over Season 7, which saw just the top 500 players achieve the rank of Apex Predator.

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How does Apex Legends ranked RP work?

The way you earn Apex Legends RP in ranked is changing for Season 11. Previously, the max amount of RP you could earn was 250 – this is now been upped to 275, thanks to a new scoring system for kill-based RP.

There is now a sliding scale for how much RP you earn for each kill/assist in ranked. Killing someone that is the same rank tier as you (e.g. a Gold player killing a Gold player) will offer the standard 10 RP. However, killing someone at a lower rank will offer less RP, and killing someone who is higher ranked will give you more RP. For example, if a Gold player kills a Silver player, they receive 8 RP, but killing a Platinum player will give you 12 RP.

Tier Difference Kill Points Awarded
-3 3
-2 5
-1 8
0 10
1 12
2 15
3 20

Then, depending on your placement, a bonus score will be added to each kill you earned.

Final Placement Per Kill Bonus
1 15
2 10
3 10
4 5
5 5
6 2
7 2
8 2
9 2
10 2
11+ 0

The maximum kill-related RP you can earn in a match is 175.

Your placement will then also give you a flat placement bonus score. Finishing first offers the maximum 100 RP. That means, when combining your kill and placement RP, you can earn a maximum of 275 RP.

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What are Apex Legends ranked splits?

Each Ranked Season in Apex Legends is divided into two splits, which will each be played on a different map. Midway through the Season when the maps swap over for the new split, players’ ranks will be soft reset to encourage them to keep grinding to reach the top ranks once again.

Ranked Season 11’s first split is being played on Storm Point. The second split will be played on World’s Edge following the Apex Legends split on December 21.


When will the apex legends RESET happen?

The next Apex ranked reset will happen at the start of Ranked Season 12, which will be sometime in early 2022. This follows the last Apex Legends reset which took place during the last split on December 21.

Soft resets will set players back by 1.5 tiers. This means that if you ended Season 10 in Gold II, you’ll be reset to Silver IV for the first split of Season 11.

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How does loss forgiveness work in apex legends?

Loss forgiveness in Apex Legends is defined as a state where any RP losses you might have taken are zeroed out. Generally loss forgiveness in Apex Legends is applied if you have an unexpected quit, if you get to the start of the drop sequences and you don’t have teammates, or if your matchmade teammates (not friends) abandon the game.

There are, however, some caveats to loss forgiveness for unexpected quits. If, say your your internet goes down during a match and you leave the game, loss forgiveness will be automatically applied. However, when a second unexpected quit happens, Respawn will consider if it looks like a forced abandon or an accident. If it’s the former, loss forgiveness will be given but it will be treated as a used forgiveness abandon.

Players only get three used forgiveness abandons in a series. When the limit is hit, all further unexpected quits that look suspicious will be treated as abandons.

It is worth noting that you’ll be able to reconnect to matches this season though, so if your internet went down and you’d like to jump back into the game, you can do so now.

Why can’t I join my friend’s party in apex legends?

Respawn has restricted certain tiers from playing with one another to combat boosting in Apex Legends. So this season, players who are ranked Platinum and above can only party up with friends who are one tier different from them.

There is no way of getting around this.

what is the distribution of ranks in apex Legends?

With the cost of competing in Apex Legends, it can be difficult to achieve Apex Predator status. Don’t worry if you’re stuck in Gold though because, according to Respawn and EA, that’s the average rank most players achieved in previous seasons.

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This is the Apex Legends rank distribution for Split 2 of Season 8, according to Respawn:

Rank Distribution
Bronze 17.87%
Silver 17.86%
Gold 31.84%
Platinum 26.16%
Diamond 5.86%
Master & Apex Predator 0.4%

As you can see, reaching the top end of the Apex Legends ranking system is far from easy. However, Season 7 saw the number of players in the highest three ranks increase significantly.

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Who are the best legends to use in Apex Legends ranked?

We’ve got just the resource for you to inform your legend choice when it comes to ranked Apex. Check out our Apex Legends tier list, pick one of the top-rated legends, and you’re away. Simple.

What are the Apex Legends ranked rewards?

Apex Legends ranked rewards are dished out at the end of each ranked season. They include dive trails, charms, or badges, and will reflect the highest rank you managed to reach in that season.

That’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends’ ranked mode for Season 11. Whether you’re a Loba loyalist or a Seer specialist, ranked is the ultimate arena for competitive players.

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